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(1) 考试时间60分钟;

(2) 试卷共8页;

(3) 录音听一遍;

(4) 第1至5小题答案写在答卷上;第6至80小题在答题卡上作答;第81至91小题答




6)A./ ' fr?greins/ B. / ' fl?gleins/ C./ ' freigr?ns/ D. / ' fleigl?ns/

7) A. /'hel?u/ B. / ' h?l?u/ C. / ' h?l au/ D. / ' hel au/

8) A. / dik'teis?n/ B. / di:]k't ai??n/ C. / dik'tei??n / D. / di:]k't ais?n /

9) A. / maiti?'ri?s/ B. / m?'sti?r?s/ C. / m?'sti?r?us / D. / mi'sti?ri?s /

10) A. / 'sent??ri/ B. / 'sen??r? / C. / 'seni??r? / D. / 's?nt??r? /


11)A. 87540339 B. 87450393 C. 87450339

12) A. Working at the hospital B. Visiting a friend at the hospital.

C. The man was feeling better lately(近来).

13) A. She needs more money. B. Some money is better than no money.

C. The boy has bad luck.

14) A. It is too large. B. It is too full. C. It took two hours to pack.

15) A. Nothing. B. Talking C. Singing.

16) A. He will get something to drink and wait for his friends.

B. He will get something to eat.

C. He will just sit there and wait.

17) A. In an old house. B. In a little shop. C. On a train.

18) A. Call her “Darling.” B. Water the plants. C. Talk to her.

19) A. The woman and her dog. B. The man and the woman’s dog.

C. The man, the woman, and their dog.

20)A. The man’s girl friend. B. The man’s mother C. the man’s wife.

4. 听段落,根据所听内容选择问题的答案,在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。(8%) Passage 1

21)What is the speaker worried about!

A. His mother B. His job. C. The weather.

22) What do we know about the speaker’s mother?

A. She died five years ago B. She is in her seventies. C. She does not like her son. Passage 2

23) How long does the speaker work each day?

A. Three hours. B. Nine hours. C. Twelve hours.

24) What is the speaker’s job?

A. A housewife. B. A writer. C. A bookshop assistant.


25) How many eyes does a starfish with five arms have?

A. Two B. Five C. Seven.

26) What will happen if you cut a starfish in two?

A. It will die. B. It will dry cup. C. It will become two starfish.


27) How many eggs did the White House prepare on Easter Monday 2009?

A. 3,000 B. 13,000 C. 30,000.

28) What did President Obama do on Easter 2009?

A. Read a book to the children. B. Picked vegetables in the garden.

C. Make salad for the visitors.

5. 听人物介绍,根据听到的内容判断下列陈述是正确、错误还是未提及。在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。(7%)

29)Daphne will be in a sports competition(比赛) on her birthday.

A. True. (正确) B. False. (错误) C. No given. (未提及)

30) Daphne is better at running than swimming.

A. True. B. False. C. No given.

31) Many 60-year-old people are as good at sports as Daphne.

A. True B. False C. No given.

32) Daphne was unhappy with how she looked ten years ago.

A. True B. False C. No given.

33) It was easy for Daphne to begin doing sport.

A. True B. False C. No given.

34) Daphne is angry with her parents because they stopped her dancing.

A. True B. False C. No given.

35) Daphne has got a lot of expensive clothes.

A. True B. False C. No given.


36)The writer’s grandfather thinks .

A. cars are like their drivers B. old people don’t drive C. cars are very expensive

37) What car does Mrs. Hill drive?

A. A new large car. B. An old small car C. A small fast car.

38) What is Mike’s car like?

A. It is has many colors. B. It has many pictures on it. C. It is black.

39) What is NOT true about Uncle Joe?

A. He has a large family. B. He has a big car. C. He has a dog. 根据) the speaker, who is very rich?

A. Mrs Hill. B. Mrs Bates. C. The grandfather.

7. 听体重器的故事。根据故事内容选择问题的答案。在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。(5%)

41) What can the machine(机器) do?

A. Make people laugh. B. Teach people languages. C. Weigh people and talk to them.

42) Where did the man put his first machine?

43) What did the machine told the Indian woman?

A. She was too thin. B. She was too heave. C. She should eat more.

44) What did the machine tell the Chinese girl?

A. She should eat more. B. She should eat less. C. She was just right.

45) What do we know about the American woman?

A. She was healthy. B. She was too heavy. C. The machine didn’t like her.


46)What is jacks?

A. A boy’s name. B. A kid’s game. C. A baby’s toy.

47) What do you need to play Jacks?

A. A small ball and some dolls. B. A small ball and some building blocks.

C. A rubber and some rulers.

48) How do you play Jacks?

A. Throw up the ball, pick up a jack, catch the ball.

B. Throw up a jack, pick up the ball, catch the jack.

C. Pick up the ball, throw up a jack, catch the jack.

49) You lose your turn when you 50) A good jack player needs to .

A. jump high B. have long arms C. be fast

9. 选出与所给句子意思最接近的句子,在答题卡上把相应的字母编号涂黑。(5%)

51)The children had a lot of nice and exciting things to do.

A. The children had fun.

B. The children were very excited.

C. The children learned something interesting.

D. The children were glad to see something.

52) The tortoise won the race at last.

A. The tortoise won the first game at the race.

B. Finally the tortoise was first in the race.

C. It was the first time the tortoise won the race.

D. At the race the tortoise won the last gold medal.

53) The child wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

A. The kid wants to put out the fire.

B. The kid wants to become a firefighter when he is an adult.

C. After the child grows up, he can be a fireman.

D. The kid became a firefighter when he was an adult.

54) My father likes drinking black coffee when he has dinner. So does my mother.

A. My father likes coffee with milk when he has dinner. My mother likes it, too.

B. Both my father and mother like milk with sugar when they have.

C. Both my parents like coffee without milk or sugar when they have supper.

D. My parents like strong coffee for dinner.

55) If there is no air, people and animals can’t live.

A. Air is very important. Both animals and plants need it.

B. Animals breathe, plants breathe too.

C. Plants and animals in a big bottle would die if we take the air away from the bottle.

D. Living things can’t live without air.


My grandpa lived in the countryside. He liked walking after dinner. During a summer weekend I stayed with him, and joined his evening walk. We saw a lot of people and my grandpa waved to them all and smiled at them. He said hello to them too. “”

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