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第一题 交际应答


( ) 1. A. I like to talk. B. I can do sports. C. I can play the violin.

( ) 2. A. I ride my bike. B. It’s 5 kilometers. C. It takes 15 minutes.

( ) 3. A. Sorry, Mr. Smith. B. Thank you. C. No, I can’t.

( ) 4. A. Because they are kind of boring. B. Because they are kind of cute.

C. Because they are beautiful.

( ) 5. A. He is not here. B. He likes watching TV. C. He is reading a newspaper. 第二题 对话理解


( ) 6. A. The sports club. B. The chess club. C. The English club.

( ) 7. A. At 6:30 B. At 6:45. C. At 7:15

( ) 8. A. By car. B. By bus C. By bike

( ) 9. A. She has to make her bed. B. She has to practice the guitar.

C. She has to clean her room.

( ) 10. A. He is shopping. B. He is eating. C. He is cooking.

第三题 语篇理解 请你根据听到的内容,填写下面的表格,每空一词。

II. 找出不同类的单词。(每小题1分,共5分)


) 1. A whale B. girraffe C. animals D. panda

( ) 2. A. mango B. sour C. grape D. peach

( ) 3. A. short B. shorts C. pants D. shoes

( ) 4. A. younger B. singer C. thinner D. heavier

( ) 5. A. go B. by C. take D. have

III. 看图,根据句意填写所缺单词或词组。(每空1分,共5分)

1. Can you__________ __________ with me?

2. She __________ the clothes yesterday.

3. She can __________ __________ well.

1 2 3

IV. 单项选择(每小题1分,共15分)


( )1. She spent _____hour doing her homework.

A.a B. an C. the D. \

( )2. What do you do ______ Thanksgiving Day?

A.on B.in C.at D. \

( )3. ------What do you want to drink? ------- _________.

A. A hamburger B. Some chicken and rice C. Noodles D. A cola

( )4. Look, my mum is busy. She is ________ a meal.

A. doing B. does C. cooking D. cooks

( )5.--------_____ you go to the farm? -------No. I went to the park.

A. Did B. Do C. Does D. Are

( )6. ------________ potatoes do you want? ------Nine, please.

A. How many B. How C. How much D. How old

( )7.------________ coat is red. How about________?

------__________is pink. It looks very warm.

A. My; yours; Your B. His; hers; Me C. Your; her; My D. Her; yours; Mine ( )8. The boys are from Tokyo. They are ______.

A. China B. English C. Japanese D. Chinese

( )9. I want to ________ a new computer.

A. to buy B. buy C. buying D. buys

( )10. What did you do last weekend? I_______..

A. play football B. played football C. plays football D. played the football

( ) 11. What’s the date today? It’s ____.

A. Sunday B. April fool’s day C. Oct. 1st D. sunny

( ) 12. We are in ______ schools, but we often meet each other.

A . some B. different C. new D. the same

( ) 13. The boy draws ________.

A. careful B. carefully C. be careful D. care

( ) 14.There are _____ on the table.

A. two bottles of milk B. two bottles milk

C. two bottles of milks D. two bottle of milk

( ) 15. There ______ some bread and some apples on the table.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

V. 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空。(每小题1分,共5分)

1. Where is Lucy? Lily is looking for ______ (she).

2. October is the ______ (ten) month of the year.

3. Nancy dances ______ (good).

4. Thank you for ________ (come) to my birthday party.

5. She is _____ (good) than Alice at swimming.

VI. 情景会话 (每小题2分,共10分)


( )1. 儿童节时小朋友们听到的祝贺语是:_________

A. Merry Christmas! B. Happy birthday!

C. Happy Teachers' Day! D. Happy Children's Day!

VII. 选词填空。 (其中有两个词是多余的) (每小题1分,共5分)

went, took, visited, walked, enjoyed, had , bought , Dear mum .

Last weekend we ________ the London Eye. We took a bus and then ________ to the London Eye. I ______ many photos at the London Eye. We ________ a picnic yesterday. We went to the supermarket and _______ 5 apples,1 kilo of noodles and 4 bottles of juice. Tom lost his cap in the picnic. He was very sad. Ms Smart bought a new cap for him. We enjoyed ourselves.

Love from. Lingling

VIII. 阅读理解 (每小题2分,共30分)


We can walk and run, work and play because we have energy, but do you know where our energy comes from? Our energy comes from the sun, but we don’t have to go outside to get it. It comes to us and it stored up (储存) in foods. The fruits and vegetables we eat received(收到)energy from sun light when they were growing. Our milk, eggs and meat come from animals, buy they got their energy from plants. So our energy really comes from the sun.


( ) 1. We can walk and run ,work and play because we have energy.

( ) 2. We have to go outside to get the energy .

( ) 3. The food can give us the energy.

( ) 4. The animals’ energy is from the sun.

( ) 5. The “energy” means 能量.


The students were having their science class. Miss Li was telling the children what water was like. After that, she asked her students, “What’s water?” No one answered. Miss Li asked again, “Why don’t you answer my questions? Didn’t I tell you what water is like?” Just then a boy put up his hand and said, “Miss Li, you told us that water has no colour and no smell(味道). But where to find such kind of water? The water in the river behind my house is always black and it has always a bad smell.” Most of the children agreed with him. “I’m sorry, children,” said the teacher, “Our water is getting dirtier and dirtier. That’s a problem.”

( )1.The students were having their ______ class .

A. English B. Chinese C. math D. science

( )2. Miss Li was telling the children what ____ was like.

A. water B. air C. earth D. weather

( )3.A boy said ,“The water in the river behind my house is always _________.”

A. white B. black C. clean D. clear

( )4.Most of the children _____the boy.

A. agreed with B. wrote to C. heard from D. sent for

( )5.The water in the river has colour and smell because it is getting _______.

A. cleaner and cleaner B. dirtier and dirtier

C. more and more D. clearer and clearer


Once(从前)a man stole(偷)one of Washington’s horses. Washington went with a policeman to get back the horse. But the man didn’t give the horse to Washington. He said it was his horse. Washington put his hands on the eyes of the horse and said t the man, “If(如果)this is your horse, you must tell us in which eye he is blind(瞎的).” “In the right eye!” the man said. Washington took his hand from the right eye of the horse and showed the policeman that the horse was not

blind. “Oh, I made a mistake(弄错了),” said the man. “He is blind in the left eye.” Washington then took his hand from the left eye of the horse. It was not blind in the left eye, either(也不). “I made another mistake(又弄错了),” said the man. “Yes,” said the policeman, “and you know the horse is not yours. You must give it back to Washington.”

( ) 1. A man stole Washington’s ________.

A. money B. horse C. monkey D. rabbit

( ) 2. Washington went to get back the horse with ________.

A. a policeman B. a woman C. his son D. his father

( ) 3. Washington put his ________ on the horse’s eyes.

A. one hand B. two hands C. one foot D. two feet

( ) 4. The horse was ________ .

A. blind in left eye B. blind in right eye C. blind in two eyes

( ) 5. The horse was ________ .

A. the other’s(其他人的) B. Washington’s C. the policeman’s

VIIII. 小作文 ( 10分


题目:A Happy Day


要求:1. 请用第三人称对图片进行描写,可做适当想象和发挥;

D. the thief’s D. not blind

2. 条理清晰,意思明确、连贯,句子通顺,标点正确,书写工整、规范;

3. 不少于5句话;

提示词: rowing a boat fishing

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