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班级 姓名 得分


1. When is Christmas?

2. What do you call your grand-father’s mother?

3. When is the mid-autumn day?

4. What does the moon always go around?

5. What does “SARS” stand for(代表) in Chinese?


( )1. Which of following is NOT a multiple(倍数) of 7?

A .35 B.21 C.16 D. 56

( )2. What is the remainder(余数) when 27 is divided(除) by 5?

A. 0 B. 1 C. 3 D. 2

( )3. Find one third of 18

A. 9 B. 6 C. 3 D. 2

( )4. Solve the following problem: (7 x 8) – 4 = ?

A 45 B 50 C 59 D 52

( )5. Which is the next number in the sequence(序列)?

49, 38, 27, ??

A 16 B 17 C 7 D 6

( )6. Lily is Mr. Black’s girl Friday. She gives him a lot of help. What’s the meaning of “girl Friday”?

A 女仆人 B 得力的助手 C 女儿 D 女上司

( )7.“Bruce always runs slowly in the class, but today he wins the race. He is a dark horse.” What does the “dark horse” mean in Chinese?

A.黑色的马 B.黑马 C.暗房 D.瞎马

( )8. What’s the Chinese for “talk big”?

A. 吹牛 B. 说谎话 C.骂人 D.很大


1. He likes to drink black tea. What does the” black tea” mean in Chinese?


2.Take five letters from the word "sweater”, and make a drink. What is the word? It’s __________

3. which province(省)is "Tanya haijiao"in?


4. What number should replace the question mark? (什么数字能代替问号?)



1. Lily is 156 cm tall, Tom’s height is 1.52 meters, how much is Lily higher than Tom?

2.A fruit seller had some fruits .3/5 of the fruits were apples and the rest(剩下的) were oranges. He sold(卖) 2/3 of the apples and 1/4 of the oranges. He had 40 apples and oranges left.

(a)How many apples did he sell altogether?

(b)How many fruits did he have at first?

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