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1. ---- We’ll spend the vacation in Hawaii. Don’t you think it is a wonderful idea? ---- ___ I have waited for it for a whole year. Now my dream has come true.

A. I don’t think so B. No, it isn’t.

2. ---- May I take your order now ?

---- We’d like three black and …

A.coffee B.coffees C.cups of coffees

3. ----How can I find Robert?

----Try telephoning him----he _____be home by now.

A. can’t B.shouldC.wouldD.mustn’t

4. I hope you don’t mind me asking,____where did you buy the pretty dress?

A. so B. and C. yet D. but

5. All these changes will lead to ____strong and powerful China,____country that can surprise and enrich our planet.

A. a /a B.the /a C. the /the D.a/the

6. -----Car 17 won the race.

-----Yes, but its driver came close to ______

A. being killed B .have been killed C. be killed D. was killed

7. In October the citizens of shanghai were always in high spirits, for pieces of exciting news came to the city ________.

A. one after another B. one by one C. hand in hand D. step by step

8. Little _______ at that time that the course of my life was about to change.

A. did I know B. I knew C. I didn’t know D. have I known

9. After the Anti-terrorist War , the American soldiers returned home ,______.

A. safe but tired B. safely but sad C. tiring but happy D. safely and terrified

10. I won’t go to the wedding dinner unless _______.

A. inviting B. invited C. having invited D. being inviting

11. You must have seen the film last night, _________ you?

A. haven’t B. mustn’t C. didn’t D. hadn’t

12. Every means __________ tried since then.

A. has been B. have been C. are D. is

13. He’d better not say so, ___________ he?

A. hadn’t B. had C. shouldn’t D. didn’t

14. The film brought the hours back to me __________ I was taken good care of in that far-away village.

A. until B. that C. when D. where

15. One ought _________ for what one hasn’t done.

A. not to be punished B. to not be punished

C. to not punish D. not be punished

16. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, __________ was very reasonable.

A. which price B. the price of which D.cup of coffees C. How wonderful! D. Just so-so

C. its price D. the price of whose

17.The teacher asked me to answer the question, but he asked another one I could answer it.

A. as B. before C. until D. since

18. ---- Have you bought any dress while shopping?

---- I am sorry to tell you when I tried on all the dresses in the shop and _____ satisfied me.

A. nothing


A. was B. were C. is D. are

20. After the war, a new school building was put up _______there once was a theatre.

A. that B. where C. which D. when

21. Recently quite a lot of experts ___________ that another law on wildlife protection ________

as soon as possible.

A. suggested; must be passed B. have suggested; be passed

C. were suggesting; was passed D. suggested; being passed

22. ---- _______________.

--- It’s nice of you. I certainly will.

A. Please remember me to your parents B. Let me help you with your lessons

C. Congratulations on your success D. Don’t forget to turn off the TV.

23. How beautifully she sings! I have never heard ______.

A. the better voice B. a good voice C. the best voice D. a better voice

24. -----Can I help you ,madam?

-----_________. I am being served.

A. Yes, please. B. That’s very kind of you.

D. That’s right. C. Thank you all the same. B. no one C. none D. some 19. The other day, Mr. Wang, together with his sons ______ warmly received by the students at

25. -----How about the price of these washing machines?

----They are at least equal in price to, if not cheaper than, _______at other stores.

A. others B. ones C. that D. those

they discovered the entrance to the underground palace?

---- Totally by chance.

A.How; that B.What; that

C.When; when D.Where; that

27. ---- Has your father finished his essay yet?

---- I don't know; he ________it this morning.

A. was writing B. has written C. had written D. wrote

28. — Would you like to go to the concert with me, Mary?

— I have got no interest in it; _________ , I have lots of work to do.

A. otherwise B. besides C. however D. therefore

29. ----________ do you find the talk this morning?

---- Very _________.

A. How, disappointment B. What, disappointing

C. How, disappointed D. How, disappointing

30.----I was so sure that our experiment was going to succeed, but something went wrong at the

last moment. ---- ______, but don’t give it up.

A. You don’t mean that. B. Find out the reason. C. Never mind. D. I’m sorry to hear that.


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从各题所给A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 In his retirement, one day was just like any other day for Elmer Cravitts. He woke up his jacket at six o’clock and poured ___a cup of hot coffee from the pot which his wife, Gladys, had filled and plugged in some fifteen different.

It was terrible. He dropped the newspaper and the cup. With closed eyes he swallowed and began to shout. ―Gladys!‖ Mrs. Cravitts was not ___hearing her husband say much of her important questions. She rushed back to the kitchen.

―Elmer, what is the matter? Oh, ___coffee all over yourself and the newspaper!‖ She was her husband’s behavior. She wondered what he had read that ___Recently their lives had become dull. Mrs. Cravitts was merely doing her best to change that. the bitter coffee. Suddenly, she realized something. Though she didn’t enjoy ___it was better than the silence had been. She immediately started to plan meal of favorite dishes for dinner that night! 31. A. on 32. A. with

B. from B. in B. ago

B. for him B. rose B. used in B. hardly

C. in

D. at D. dressed D. by himself D. advance D. rising D. used of D. merely

C. wore C. himself C. early C. raising C. used to C. ever

33. A. to him 34. A. earlier 35. A. raised 36. A. used

37. A. nearly

38. A. your spilling 39. A. with 41. A. to

B. you’ve spilled D. you’re pouring

C. on C. can C. at

C. you’re spreading 40. A. could have 42. A. too worse

B. upon B. has B. of

D. by D. may have D. about D. so bitter D. has to have

B. so bad

C. too bitter C. must have

43. A. should have B. would have

44. A. new a kind of coffee C. a new kind of a coffee 45. A. unless

B. a new kind of coffee D. a new kind coffee C. not till

D. not until

B. without

46.A. for

B. to C. of D. from D. what D. fighting him D. any D. his least 47. A. whom 49. A. a B. who B. the C. which C. some 48. A. to quarrel with him 50. A. the least B. quarrelling with him C. to fight him C. the his least B. his the least


阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中, 选出最佳选项。


With customers regularly switching mobile services and upgrading their phones, discarded cell phones are going to incinerator(焚化炉) and landfills in record numbers, as environmental pollution increases.

But now users can donate unwanted phones to charities or recycle them.

―A simple recycled cell phone can have great effects,‖ said Seth Haines, president of Atlanta-based Collective Good Inc.

―One phone donated to CARE (an international aid organization) can probably feed somebody for a month or save 1,000 square feet of rain forest forever.‖

―More than 128 million people in the US have a mobile, which they typically replace after 18 months, according to Inform. Inc, an environmental research organization in New York.‖ By 2005, the group predicts, about 65,000 tons will ―retire‖ every year in the US.

Not only do these phones add to the landfill waste but the toxin(霉素) they give out are damaging the environment.

The phones contain toxic chemicals that have been associated with cancer and neurological(神经的) disorder.

The toxin do not degrade(分解), but ―increase in large number in the environment and can damage the ecosystem, moving up the food chain as people eat plants, livestock and seafood,‖ said Eric Most, director of Inform’s Solid Waste Prevention program.

The situation is so bad that the US Environmental Protection Agency has given Inform Inc. a grant to study cell phone collection and donation programs.

51. According to the passage, if Americans don’t like their cell phones, the best way is to _______

A. put them in incinerators B. bury them under the ground

C. put them into the sea

A. cancer D. donate to charities 52. Which of the following doesn’t belong to the ill effect of toxins? B. damage of the ecosystem

D. neurological disorders C. less income

53. After reading the passage, we know________

A. toxic materials are easy to degrade

B. US Environmental Protection Agency paid more attention to the recycling of cell phones.

C. take-back plans for cell phones will be easy to carry out in the US.

D. cell phones have more disadvantages than advantages in our daily life


There is a sandy beach on the coast on Hawaii that is known as the world-famous Waikiki Beach. At some points on Waikiki Beach, however, the sand is only wide enough for two or three people to lie down between solid land and Pacific Ocean waters. ―It used to be big. Now it’s crowded, and everyone is bunched together,‖ a local person said. ―The water is too close.‖ The beach has Beach will eventually disappear entirely.

According to the scientists, the problem isn’t caused by heavy use by the 70,000 tourists who walk on the islands each day. The main reason is a sand shortage caused by shoreline development, including sea walls and other man-made structure.

Beach shrinking is common worldwide. The usual way to save it is to bring more sand, but that hasn’t been done at Waikiki since the 1970s. State officials are testing a sand –pumping project to repair the beach using offshore sand, which means that it won’t be necessary to import sand from other countries. The plan is to dredge 10,000 cubic yards of sand from about a half –mile offshore, then pump it back to the beach.

The $425,000 test program gives beach lovers hope that Waikiki could be returned to its original size, but it could cost as much as $25 million to repair the entire beach.

State officials say that the plan to dredge and pump sand is environmentally friendly, because it recycles the same sand that was originally part of the beach. If successfully, they say the project could become a model for repairing more of Waikiki and other fading Hawaiian beaches.

54. What happened to Waikiki Beach?

A. It was ruined by the millions of tourists every year.

B. A sand –pumping project is being carried out on the beach.

C. At any points, it is only wide enough for two or three people to lie down.

D. A project to repair the beach is being tested now.

55. The underlined word ―shrink‖ probably means ―_______‖

A. be quick

B. be slow

C. become bigger

D. become smaller

56. According to the scientists, why does Waikiki Beach become smaller?

A. There are too many tourists walking on the beach every day.

B. The government isn’t paying much attention to this case.

C. There is a sand shortage caused by shoreline development.

D. The sand has been taken away by the strong wind.

57. What can we learn about the sand pumping project?

A. The project is harmless to the environment.

B. There used to be another similar project in Hawaii

C. The local government will pay for everything.

D. It will cost about $425,000 to repair the whole beach.


I was born in Tuckahoe, Talbot Country, Maryland. I have no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any record containing it. By far the largest part of the slaves know as little of their age as horses knows of theirs, and it is the wish of most masters within my knowledge to keep their slaves thus ignorant. I do not remember having ever met a slave who could tell of his birthday. They seldom come nearer tothan planting-time, harvesting, springtime, or fall time. A lack of information concerning my own was a source of unhappiness to me even during childhood. The white children could tell their ages, I could not tell why the same right ought to be taken away from me. I was not allowed to ask my master about it. He considered all such questions on the part of a slave improper and impolite. The nearest estimate I can give makes me now between 27 and 28 years of age. I come to this, from hearing my master say, some time during 1835, I was about to 17 years old. My mother was named Harriet Bailey. She was the daughter of Issac and Betsey Bailey, both colored, and quite dark.

My father was a white man. The opinion was also whispered that my master was my father; but of the correctness of this opinion, I know nothing and I had no means to know. My mother and I were separated when I was an infant—before I knew her as my mother. It is a common custom, in the part of Maryland from which I ran away, to part children from their mothers at a very early age. Frequently, before the child has reached its twelfth month, its mother is taken from it, and hired out on some farm a considerable distance off, and the child is placed under the care of an older woman, too old for field labor.

58. It can be learned form the text that________

A. the slaves forgot the exact time when they were born

B. the writer didn’t know whether his master was his father

C. the writer was about 27 in 1835

D. the writer’s mother left him as soon as he was born

59. The underlined word ―it‖ in paragraph 1 refer to_______

A. their birthday

A. curious


After many days of anxious waiting, the Olympic mascots(吉祥物)were finally chosen at eight p.m. on November 11,2005. This marks the start of the 1,000-day countdown to the 2008 Beijing, Olympic Games.

The Olympic mascots are the Olympic flame, the fish, the panda, the Tibetan antelope and the swallow. They are designed to express the playful qualities of five little children who form an intimate circle of friends.

Beijing officially started to select the mascots in August 2004. A range of animals and cartoon figures participated in the fierce competition. The lucky five won over other candidates such as the Chinese dragon and the Monkey King, which had been favorites along the way.

―I’ve always been confident in the whole process, because I’m the most precious animal in China. That means I got lots of votes,‖ said the panda, when Teens interviewed him.

He was right. Although some people said he should not have been chosen because he was the B. my age C. a record D. Maryland 60. How does the writer feel about not knowing his age? B. unhappy C. astonished D. excited

mascot of the 1990 Asian Games, he won the support of the majority. Named ―Jingjing‖, he was chosen because he makes children smile and brings the blessing of happiness wherever he goes. He was chosen to show China’s desire to protect nature.

Unlike the well-known panda, the Tibetan antelope is considered much more sporty than other chosen animals.

―I can run 70-100 km pre hour at a high altitude where the oxygen level is just half the plains. So you see, I’m a perfect symbol for the spirit of the Olympics——higher, faster and stronger,‖ claimed the ―athlete‖, whose name is ―Yingying‖.

The fish, ―Beibei‖ stands for prosperity. She will represent water sports. ―Nini‖, the swallow, stands for good luck and desire for a better life. She will represent gymnastics. The Olympic flame, ―Huanhuan‖, shows enthusiasm and best wishes for the Olympics. He will represent ball games.

Many teenagers are surprised that Beijing will have five mascots but very excited that they will have more choice when shopping for souvenirs.

―Stickers with pandas and Tibetan antelopes on them will be popular among girls. They will also raise teenagers’ awareness of animal protection,‖ said Jiang Juan, a Senior 2 girl from Hunan Province.

However, Zhang Zhang, 17, from Shanxi Taiyuan No.5 High School is hoping for more: ―I hope there will be a cartoon in which the five are the main characters, doing different sports. So the whole world will have a better understanding of the Chinese spirit.‖

61. _______ represents the sports, such as diving, surfing, swimming and so on.

A. Jingjing B. Nini C. Huanhuan D. Beibei

62. The underlined word ―that‖ (Para.7) refers to _______.

A. a high altitude B. 70-100 km per hour

C. the oxygen level D. the spirit of the Olympics

63. What does the passage center on?

A. The introduction made to the 2008 Olympic mascots.

B. Teenagers’ opinions released about the 2008 Olympic mascots.

C. The reason why the five are chosen as the 2008 Olympic mascots.

D. The mark of the start of the 1,000-day countdown to the 2008 Beijing, Olympic Games.


―What’s your English name?‖ I asked in my first oral class. ―Goat,‖ came the reply. I tried to keep myself from laughing, as I’m sure the poor boy had no idea of the other meanings associated with the word goat: ―a dirty old man‖ or ―a foolish person‖.

Later, my thoughts turned to why Chinese students take an English name. Obviously, for foreign teachers such as me, English names help us to learn names and recognize students more rapidly. And it’s a means of easily setting up communication with Westerners.

As Sharon, a student displays her knowledge of western culture and ideas. Once Sharon has graduated, if she is fortunate to find employment that involves regular communication across international boundaries, relationships will be smoothed if others can easily remember her name. child. For every parent who seeks to be truly creative by inventing a unique name, there will be nine others selecting from a recognized book of names. These books have been passed on from

generation to generation.

While English names do have meanings, this is rarely of great importance for parents in making their choice. Often, associations with heroes, pop idols will influence a decision.

There are a great many names to choose from, and at any one time some will be more fashionable than others. When our present Queen was crowned, many baby girls were christened Elizabeth, while Princess Diana’s marriage to Charles led to a generation of Dianas. Most parents seeking to be original or unique look through lists for names that haven’t been used regularly in recent years.

So, if you are thinking of taking an English name, stop and think. You have a unique opportunity to choose a new identity for your English speaking relationships in the future. Before you accept any old name, make sure you are happy with its sound, its meaning and its associations.

64. What would be the best title for this passage?

A. Be careful in Choosing English Names

B. English Names and Their Meanings

C. How English People Get Their Names

D. Chinese Names and English Names

65. The student named Sharon was mentioned in the third paragraph to show_________.

A. an unsuitable English name can cause trouble in communication.

B. a proper English name can help a person to find a job more easily.

C. English names are easy for foreigners to remember.

D. proper English names help to set up easy international communications.

66. The underlined phrase in the fourth paragraph probably means __________.

A. in a careful way

B. in a different way

C. in a careless way

D. with no meaning

67. We can conclude from the sixth paragraph that ____________.

A. English people admire power and heroes.

B. English people do not consider the meaning when choosing a name.

C. English people are easy to be influenced by fashion in choosing a name.

D. English people prefer to choose a special name.

31---35 DBCAA 36---40 CBBDA 41---45 CCCBA 46---50 ABBAD

三 阅读理解:(每小题2分,共40分)

51---55 DCBDD 56---60 CABAB 61---65 DCAAD 66---70 CCBBA


一、―T‖ or ―F‖,将答案填在题前括号内。(10分)

( )1.英语课程的出发点和归宿是学生的发展。

( )2.语言技能包括听、说、读、写四项语言基本技能。

( )3.终结性评价是检测学生综合语言运用能力发展的重要途径。

( )4.归纳总结语言知识或语言规则,对小学生的英语学习没有多大的帮助。 ( )5.情感态度是提高学习效率、发展自主学习能力的保证。

( )6.英语课程在目标设定、教学过程、课程评价和教学资源的开发等方面都突出以教师为主体的思想。

( )7.在英语起始学习阶段应通过扩大学生接触异国问过文化的范围,拓展视野,提高文化敏感性和鉴别力,提高跨文化交流的能力。

( )8.在小学英语语法目标中学生要知道主要人称代词的区别。

( )9.小学阶段英语教学评价的主要目的是激励学生的学习兴趣和积极性。 ( )10.语言知识是综合语言运用能力的基础,文化意识是得体运用语言的保证。


( )1.新课程课堂教学三维目标指的是知识与技能、情感态度与价值观及_____。

A.文本与课堂 B.教师与学生 C.过程与方法 D.课程与评价

( )2.课堂活动中话题类表演活动的目的是_______。

A.培养学生学习英语的兴趣 B 培养学生的语感和语音 C培养学生的语用能力和合作能力 D培养学生在特定环境中领悟和使用语言的能力,获得乐趣和成就感

( )3.有位教师在教―bus‖与―car‖这两个单词时,想到他的学生曾经问他―中巴‖用英语怎么说,于是他不仅准备了 ―bus, car‖ 的录像,而且准备了学生们天天看到的―mini-bus,truck‖等的录像,他的这一做法体现了以下哪种基本理念________。

A.突出学生主体,尊重个体差异 B.整体设计目标,体现灵活开放 C.面向全体学生,注重素质教育 D.采用活动途径,倡导体验参与

( )4.有位教师教―We can buy some ice-creams‖时,结合前面所学的内容,让每位学生准备了几种文具、水果、衣服、玩具等。首先由教师和学生扮演―售货员‖和―顾客‖进行购物示范,然后全班学生分成八组,分小组运用学过的语言进行―购物‖游戏。他的这一做法主要体现了________。

A.突出学生主体,尊重个体差异B.整体设计目标,体现灵活开放 C.面向全体学生,注重素质教育D.采用活动途径,倡导体验参与

( )5.以下哪项不属于二级基本学习策略

A.尝试阅读英语故事和其他英语课外读物 B.对所学内容能主动联系和实践 C.能观察生活中的简单英语 D.在学习中善于运用图画等非语言信息理解主题

( )6小学英语教学的重点是__________。

A. 组织课堂教学活动 B. 培养学生自学英语的能力 C. 帮助学生模仿

D. 培养学生用英语进行交流的能力和兴趣

( )7.小学英语教材有利于培养学生的学习兴趣与语感,了解英语国家的文化、习俗,学生对异国文化的正确态度。教材还要培养学生______和做事的能力,提高他们思维能力和认识世界的能力。

A.学习能力 B. 自我管理能力 C. 用英语进行交流 D. 创新能力

( )8.《英语课程标准》(实验稿)规定小学英语的终点目标是_________,二级目标在词汇方面要求____________。

A. 一级 学多少算多少B. 二级 1000-1200个单词C. 一级 500个左右单词

D. 二级 学习有关本级话题范围的600-700个单词50个左右的习惯用语。

( )9.小学英语语言技能一级的读写目标,除了能看图识字,能在指认物体的前提下认读所写词语和能在图片的帮助下读懂简单的小故事之外,还有一条是__________。

A. 读懂所唱的歌词 B. 读懂所表演的简单童话

C. 写出角色表演的内容 D. 能正确书写字母和单词

( )10.小学英语教学要从模仿性的唱歌游戏着手,通过1-2年的语感积累,再通过多种活动训练,培养用英语听、说、读、写进行交流的能力。所以小学英语教学的主线应是___________。

A. 活动 B玩演 C. 培养语感 D. 学习用英语做事

( )11.小学生处于人生发展的起点,小学英语教学必须诱导他们逐步形成正确的价值观。因此,在教学中__________。

A. 只专注宣传英语国家的科学成就 B. 只专注介绍英美人民的生活

C. 侧重鼓励学生去追求到国外学习与生活

D. 在介绍外国文化的活动中引导学生认识与理解伟大的中华文化

( )12.小学英语教学活动的组织,主要应考虑_______________。

A. 活动教学的经验 B. 本班学生的特点

C. 活动是否方便 D. 活动是否生动有趣

( )13.教育部之所以在《小学开设英语课程的指导意见》和《英语课程标准》(实验稿)中强调现代化教学手段是因为它具有许多功能,比如________。

A.提高学习兴趣 B.与国际英语教学手段接轨 C. 消除感官疲劳

D. 能活化所学英语的情境、语境,便于在用中学。

( )14.创设情境既要接近学生生活,又要新颖离奇,还要简而易行。但最重要的一点是________。

A. 能激发兴趣 .能反映所学英语材料用于交流的社会环境

C. 能宣传英语民族的文化 D. 能帮助学生理解所学英语教材的内容

( )15.小学英语语言技能二级目标关于听说的要求,除了要求能听懂常用指令并做出适当反应,以及能就所熟悉的个人和家庭情况进行简短对话等要求之外,还要求____________。

A. 能较快的听说速度 B. 能在口头表达中做到发音清晰、语调达意

C. 能在说话中不带汉语强调 D. 能在听音中不进行英-汉翻译


按照基础教育阶段英语课程分级总体目标的要求,《英语课程标准》(实验稿)对_______________ 、_________________、________________、______________和文化意识等五个方面分别提出了相应的具体内容标准。其中对语言技能中的听、说、读、写四项技能提出了_____ 个级别的目标要求;对语言知识、情感态度、学习策略和文化意识方面也提出了二级、五级和八级的目标要求。《英语课程标准》的第_______级为小学六年级结束时应达到的基本要求。课程标准倡导__________的教学途径;建议3—6年级的英语教学评价以_____________评价为主。英语课程要面向__________________,注重素质教育。学生是学习的主体,无论是教学还是评价都应以学生的_______________发展为出发点。










A.采用长短课相结合 B.安排课内外相结合

C.保证至少每一周有两次教学勾当 D.哄骗远距离教学


A.不允许将学生的测验成绩排队 B.五、六年级也不允许进行口笔试

C.终结性评价不消百分制 D.不允许将测验成绩作为各种评比和选拔的根据


A.单位或小我私家都可编写教材 B.编出来的新教材必须经过国家审定之后才能使用




A.能用英语做游戏并在游戏中应用英语进行简单的交流 B.能做简单的角色表演

C.能表演英语歌曲和简单的童话剧 D.可以或许用英语―我说我‖


A.能看懂英文动画片儿 B.能看懂程度相当的英语教学节目

C.能看懂学过的英语诗歌或歌谣的表演 D.能看懂英语国家小学生的表演


A.多表扬 B.少改错

C.比力进修成绩以激发竞争意识 D.安排好唱游所练习的英语材料


A.培养他们对英语进修的不错信念 B.在英语进修上不要在乎发挥学生主体性的问题

C.引导他们在勾当中记忆和运用英语 D.对英语用法及知识性材料适当归纳


A.互相促进的 B.由非偏重点衬托重点的 C.各自独立的 D.具有先后秩序序的


A.帮学生准备好到场勾当必须用到的英语材料 B.设计勾当中反复运用的英语材料

C.不要使勾当与所学的英语材料脱节 D主要使活动生动有趣,学生参与或观赏会记住英语



这是三年级下册Unit 3 How Many? Part A Let’s learn的新授课,教学内容是学习数字11--15的英语单词。授课老师主要开展了以下四个层次的教学活动:1、呈现一堆实物气球,让学生用英语数数,以教学表示数字1--15的英语单词。然后,授课教师用阿拉伯数字和英文字母板书1--15,1--10为一列,11--15为一列,领读两遍这些数词;之后,同桌学生再朗读两遍;接着,学生自由朗读约3分钟,之后开展朗读比赛,老师指单词卡片,看谁读得又对又快。2、看屏幕,听录音,选出听到的数词。3、老师随意报数(课前老师把班上学生分成三组为1-15号的学生),报到哪一号,相应号码的三位学生就站起来。4、学生按照一定的规律进行报数活动(先顺着报数,再分奇数和偶数报数),以此锻炼学生思维的敏捷性。



I. 单项选择题(选择正确答案)(共5小题,计5分)







A、第二级;第五级;第八级 B、第三级;第六级;第八级

C、第一级;第四级;第七级 D、第二级;第六级;第八级







A、打下良好的听、说、读、写基础 B、保持积极的学习态度

C、每天背诵一篇经典课文 D、课前准备、课后复习






II. 多项选择题。(凡多选、少选、不选或错选均不给分)(共5小题,计5分)












A、保护学生的自尊心和积极性 B、创设各种合作学习的活动

C、特别关注学习有困难的学生 D、让学习好的学生成为其他学生的榜样







A、发展性和拓展性 B.学性和思想性

C、趣味性和人文性 D、灵活性和开放性


II. 单项选择(共15小题,计15分)从A、B、C三个选项中选择正确的答案填空。

21. Jack ______ the book Harry Porter. It’s funny.

A. have B. don’t have C. has

22. You look much ______ than before.

A. fine B. better C. best

23. The boy is good ______ making kites silk.

A. in, for B. on, by C. at, with

24. — Sally, where are you? ____ friends are here.

— I’m at the study. I’m coming.

A. Your B. Their C. Mine

25. My grandparents are ______ .

A. Australia B. Australian C. Australians

26. Stop ________, please. I have some good news for you.

A. talk B. to talk C. talking

27. — Which sweater do you want?

—I want _______.

A. it B. the green one C. one

28. — ______ you answer me these questions in English?

— Sorry. I’m afraid they are too difficult for me.

A. Can B. May C. Must

29. The box is too heavy. Please come and help me ______ it to the classroom.

A. take B. bring C. get

30. — ________do you go to Beijing?

— By plane.

A. How B. What C. Why

31. Think hard, ______ you’ll have a good idea.

A. and B. but C. so

32. — It’s too warm in the room.

— You’d better______ your coat.

A. take off B. put on C. pick up

33. There______ a football game between Italy and China tomorrow.

A. will have B. is going to be C. is having

34. —______ , Bill?

— It’s June, 22nd.

A. What day is it today

B. What’s the time now

C. What’s the date today

35. — ______ they visit the museum last Friday?

— No. They had to have classes.

A. Were B. Had C. Did

1-5 DACBA 6.BD 7.AD 8. ABC 9.ACD 10. ABCD


1-5 CAEBD 6-10 TFTFF 11-15 CBCBB 16-20 CBBCB

21-25 CBCAC 26-30 CBAAA 31-35 AABCC

11.《英语课程标准》(实验稿)对小学毕业生的英语词汇要求是( C ) A. 学习800—900个单词和70个左右的习惯用语

B. 学习有关本级话题范围的约700—800个单词和60个左右的习惯用语

C. 学习有关本级话题范围的600—700个单词和50个左右的习惯用语

D. 词汇不作硬性要求,以培养学生的学习兴趣为主

12.小学英语教学的重点应是 ( D ) A. 培养学生自学英语的能力

B. 组织有趣的课堂教学活动

C. 帮助学生提高英语口语能力

D. 培养学生运用英语的能力和兴趣 13.小学英语课堂中常常采用唱英语歌曲的教学形式,其目的是 ( D )

A. 营造活跃的课堂氛围,减轻学习压力

B. 培养学生的综合素质

C. 进行学科整合 D. 通过唱会歌词,产生背诵英语材料的作用 14.采用现代化教学手段最重要的作用是 ( B )

A. 与国际英语教学手段接轨

B. 活化情境与语境,便于学生在运用中学习

C. 提高学生的学习兴趣

D. 消除学生的感官疲劳

15.创设情境要考虑贴近学生生活,形式新颖,简而易行。但最重要的一点是应能( C )

A. 宣传英语民族文化

B. 反映所学材料的社会环境

C. 帮助学生理解和巩固所学材料的内容

D. 使学生在愉快的氛围中学有所获

16.在英语课堂上,学生出现口语表达错误时,教师应( D )

A. 予以忽略,以保证教学的顺利进行

B. 即刻纠正,并帮助学生明白错误所在

C. 耐心等学生讲完后再予以纠正

D. 在能沟通达意的情况下,不必凡错必纠 17.你认为在一个英语学习分化比较大的班级中,最好的处理方法是( D )

A. 适当放低要求以鼓励差生

B. 满足优生需要,对其他学生适当放低要求

C. 按全班多数学生的接受水平选教部分材料,其它部分则在以后适当进行补充

D. 关注优生和差生的需求,采用多种方法让每个学生都能在课堂上学有所得

18. 小学英语教学应听力先行,这要求教师必须 ( C )

A. 具备标准的英式英语语音语调

B. 具有较快的听说速度

C. 提高自身的辨音能力和听力教学修养

D. 进行大量的听力自我练习 Ⅱ. 排除错误的选项(共8小题,每小题1分,满分8分)

19.在小学英语语言技能二级目标中,对学生“读”方面的要求是 ( C )

A. 能认读所学词语;并能根据拼读规律,读出简单的单词

B. 能借助图片读懂简单的故事或小短文,并养成按意群阅读的习惯

C. 能借助工具书读懂老师推荐的课外短篇读物

D. 能读懂教材中简短的要求或指令;能看懂贺卡等所表达的简单信息

20.基础教育阶段英语课程的任务是 ( C )

A. 激发和培养学生学习英语的兴趣

B. 培养学生的观察、记忆、思维、想像能力和创新精神

C. 为培养高素质的外语人才打下良好的基础

D. 使学生形成一定的综合语言运用能力

21.小学英语教学中,教师应 ( B ) A. 采用听、做、说、唱、玩、演等形式进行教学;

B. 忽略读写能力的培养

C. 重视训练对英语的直接感受

D. 鼓励学生积极参与,大胆表达

22.小组活动或竞争性活动的目的是帮助学生在运用中记住英语材料。因此,老师在组织这 些活动时必须做到 ( D )

A. 帮学生准备好参加活动必须用到的英语材料

B. 不使活动与所学的英语材料脱节

C. 设计好活动的各个步骤

D. 以活跃气氛为主,学生在轻松的氛围中自然能够记住英语材料

23.《英语课程标准》学习策略二级目标中要求学生能够 ( C )


B. 尝试阅读英语故事及其他英语课外读物

C. 能较熟练地使用学生英汉词典


24.在进行教学设计时,教师应考虑 ( D )

A. 各层次学生在英语学习中的差异

B. 设计有效的活动形式

C. 按英语课程标准选取教学重点

D.如何讲清楚教材中的各项语言要点 25.小学英语的听音会意活动应让学生 ( A )

A. 将词语逐个地听准确

B. 整句听,以便沟通信息

C. 在相应的情境中听

D. 听程度相当但没有读过的句子(盲听) 26.在《英语课程标准》中,关于文化意识的二级目标要求学生能 ( A )


B. 了解英语国家中重要的节假日

C. 了解世界上主要国家的重要标志物


52. 填空(6小题,满分6分)

53. 教学设计(满分12分)

教材: 5年级课本

课型: 阅读课教学

I’m a baby rabbit . I have three brothers and two sisters. We live together with our father and mother. We have a new flat now. It’s on the third floor. There are three bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room . All the rooms are nice and clean .

Look, this is my own room . It’s small but nice. There is a mirror, a bed and a big closet in it . There are green curtains and two end tables. There is a new air-conditioner on the wall . It’s cool in summer . I love my new room very much . 内容

要求: 请根据实际学情和所提供的教学内容—— (1)设计4—8个问句(形式不限),帮助学生充分阅读和正确理解短文。 (满分4分)


(3)简要说明所设计的“任务型”活动的意图。(满分4分) 二、学科专业知识(40小题,每小题1分,满分40分。)

11——20 C. D. D. B. C. D. D. C. C. C.

21——30 B. D. C. D. A. A. D. C. B. C.

31——40 B. B. C. C. B. B. A. C. B. D.

41——50 E. C. A. B. D. A. D. C. C. D.


52. 填空(6小题,每小题1分,满分6分。)

(1) 九 (2)二 (3)任务型 (4)形成性 (5)全体学生 6)综合语言运用能力

53. 教学设计(满分12分)












一、判断对错(下列说法,你认为正确的打对号;反之,打错号。共10分) ( )1、“读书、实践、思考、总结、写作”表达了名师成长的基本方式。 ( )2、学生的学业成绩等于教育质量,因为学生成绩所反映的是学生发展的一部分。

( )3、要严格控制考试与考查的门类,对考查学科不能随意进行书面闭卷考试。 ( )4、阅读经典,能给教师提供一条直抵自由的精神通道与破译幸福的心灵密码。

( )5,教师成长都一样要进行反思,但不一样的是,名师给反思以特有的深刻性,并形成习惯,努力成为“批判性继承者”。


( )1、______是教师成长的主要场所。

①学校图书室 ②办公室

③课堂 ④家庭

( )2、_______是教师永远的目标,也是提高学科教学质量的最主要途径。 ①追求课堂教学的最大效益 ②深厚的业务功底

③鲜明独特的教学个性 ④精当的课堂教学评价

( )3、名师成长的方式实质上是________.

①( )个性的形成与发展 ②共性基础上的独特性

③ 心智的丰富与开放 ④追求崇高感

( )4、教师的任务就是要不断的发展儿童从学习中得到满足的良好情感,以便从这种情感中产生和形成一种情绪状态——即。

①对幸福的追求 ②坚定的信念 ③强烈的自尊心 ④强烈的学习愿望

( )5、“只有书籍,能把辽阔的时间浇灌给你,能把一切高贵生命早已飘散的信号传递给你,能把无数的智慧和美好对比着愚昧和丑陋一起呈现给你。区区五尺之躯,短短几十年光阴,居然能驰骋古今,经天纬地,这种奇迹的产生,至少有一半要归功于阅读。”这句话出自_________之口。

①王老咪 ②易中天 ③陶继新 ④余秋雨

( )6、教师形成专业成长意识,获得专业成长的最佳途径是______

①专业培训 ②参加优质课评比

③校本教研 ④深化课改

( )7、激起学生学习热情的动因是_________.

①教师的热情 ②教师渊博的知识

③教师对学生的期望 ④教师对学生的信任

( )8、学校办学过程中,每一个管理者、每位教师都要始终坚持“三个还给”的理念,即:_______

①把自信还给学生 ②把能力还给学生

③把健康还给学生 ④把时间还给学生

( )9、关于小学生的家庭作业,下列说法中正确的是_____。





( )10、《临沂市小学教学工作指导意见》中提出的小学教学工作要突出的三个重点是_____。






三、“T” or “F”,将答案填在题前括号内。(10分)




()4.归纳总结语言知识或语言规则,对小学生的英语学习没有多大的帮助。 ()5.情感态度是提高学习效率、发展自主学习能力的保证。




()9.小学阶段英语教学评价的主要目的是激励学生的学习兴趣和积极性。 ()10.语言知识是综合语言运用能力的基础,文化意识是得体运用语言的保证。



A.文本与课堂 B.教师与学生 C.过程与方法 D.课程与评价

( )2.课堂活动中话题类表演活动的目的是_______。

A.培养学生学习英语的兴趣 B 培养学生的语感和语音 C培养学生的语用能力和合作能力 D培养学生在特定环境中领悟和使用语言的能力,获得乐趣和成就感

()3.有位教师在教“bus”与“car”这两个单词时,想到他的学生曾经问他“中巴”用英语怎么说,于是他不仅准备了 “bus, car” 的录像,而且准备了学生们天天看到的“mini-bus,truck”等的录像,他的这一做法体现了以下哪种基本理念________。

A.突出学生主体,尊重个体差异 B.整体设计目标,体现灵活开放 C.面向全体学生,注重素质教育 D.采用活动途径,倡导体验参与

()4.有位教师教“We can buy some ice-creams”时,结合前面所学的内容,让每位学生准备了几种文具、水果、衣服、玩具等。首先由教师和学生扮演“售


A.突出学生主体,尊重个体差异B.整体设计目标,体现灵活开放 C.面向全体学生,注重素质教育D.采用活动途径,倡导体验参与


A.尝试阅读英语故事和其他英语课外读物 B.对所学内容能主动联系和实践

C.能观察生活中的简单英语 D.在学习中善于运用图画等非语言信息理解主题




情感态度:__________________________________祖国意识____________ 学习策略:____________________________________________资源策略_ 语言技能:____________________________________________________ 语言知识:_____________________________________________________ 文化意识:_____________________________________________________


同学们要学习PEP五下Unit3 A部分的词汇12月份的名称,请根据要求设计相应的课堂活动。









1、( √ )2、( × )3、( √ )4、( √ )5、( × )


1、( ③)2、( ①)3、( ③ )4、( ④ )5、( ④ )

6、( ③ )7、(①③④)8、(②③④)9、(①②③ )。10、(①②④) 学科部分(70分)

三、“T” or “F” 1T 2F 3T 4F 5 F 6F 7F8T9T 10F(10分)

四、选择题:1C 2C 3A 4 D 5D(10分)







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