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Unit 1 How do you go to shool ?

一 。重点单词短语。(要求能背写)

by foot bike bus train how traffic stop wait usually sometimes go to school traffic light traffic rule get to

二 。重点单词短语 。(要求能知道汉语)

plane ship subway by plane by ship by bike by bus by train by subway on foot

what about go to the park this afternoon bus stop which floor see you then Traffic light traffic rule on the right side of on the left side of in China have to by taxi

三 。重点句子。(要求能背写)

1. do you go to school ?

Usually I go to shool on foot .Sometimes I go by bike

3.How I get to Zhongshan Park ?

. You can go by the No .15 bus .

4. at a red light .

5. at a yellow light .

6. at a green light .

四 。重点对话 。

1. ?

I go there by plane .

2.How do you go to school ?


3.How can I get to your home ?

can go by the No.930 bus.

4Can I go by subway ?


5. Do you know the traffice trues ?


Unit 2 Where is the science museum ?

一 。重点单词短语。(要求能背写)

Library hospital cinema bookstore where please turn right left straight

then post office next to go straight turn right turn left


north south east west science museum excuse me post office next to far from You are welcome after school want to a pair of get off at the cinema walk straight on the left three minutes get on shoe store turn left turn right go straight east of the science museum happy birthday twelfth birthday

on Saturday in front of walk west look for live in

三 。重点句子(要求能背写)

1. is the hospital please ?

next to the bookstore .

2 .Turn left the cinema , then go .It’s on the right .

四 。重点对话

1. ,where is the shoe strore ?

It’s near the zoo .

2. a library ?

Yes ,there is .

3 . Is it far from here ?

No ,it’s not .

4 . Thank you .

5.What are you going to do after school ?

I want to buy a pair of shoes .

6. ?

It’s east of the library .

7. What’s the colour of the building ?


Unit 3 What are you going to do ?

一 。重点单词短语。(要求能背写)

buy newspaper post card comic book next week this morning this afternoon this evening take a trip read a magazine go to the cinema


tonight tomorrow magazine dictionary take a trip read a magazine

go to the cinema theme park the Great Wall fruit stand pet shop

the National Holiday on weekend visit my grandparents go home after lunch

in the evening buy an English book tomorrow morning Sunday afternoon plant trees plant shop what else in the future Come on wait a minute north gate

三 。重点句子(要求能背写)

1What are you going to do on the weekend ?

visit my grandparents this weekend ?

2. are you going ?

I’m going to the bookstore .

3.What are you going to buy?

I am going to buy a comic book .

四 。重点对话。

1. ?

I’m going to buy an English book.

2.Is it far ?

Yes ,it .

3. are you going ?

This afternoon .

4.where are you going this evening ?

I’m going to the .

5. ?

I am going to buy a comic book .

6. are you going ?

I’m going 3 o’clock .

7. Are you going to use any books ?

Yes I am .

8 .what do you want to be in the future ?

I want to be .

Unit 4 I have a pen pal

一 。重点单词短语。(要求能背写)

bobby dive lives teaches goes watches reads

ride a bike play the violin make kites collect stamps draw does pictures doesn’t listen to

music write emails teach English go to work


ride a bike play the violin make kites collect stamps pen pal TV reporter stamp show live in draw pictures look the same listen to music write emails teach English go to work at night every day goes to bed by car

watch cartoon every week

三 。重点句子。(要求能背写)

1. ?

I like collecting stamps .He likes stamps too .

2. Does she go to school ?

Yes , she . No , she .

四 。重点对话。

1What’s your hobby ? .

2. Can he go with us ? .

3.What’s your sister’s hobby ? .

4. your pen pal live in Shanghai ? Yes ,he does .

五 。动词的ing 变化 。

1. 直接加ing 。


watch----_____________read---_____________ listen---______________

2. 去e加ing 。

ride---_________- dive---_________ make---_________have---_______


3 。双些加ing.

run---______________ swim---___________

六. 三单加S


live---_________ read---_________ work---_______ make---_________

2.加es .

go---______ watch---_______ teach---_______

3.变y 为i加es .


Unit 5 What does she do ?

一 。重点单词短语。(要求能背写)

Singer writer actor actress artist engineer accountant policeman

cleaner where work TV reporter


Hong Kong motor cycle TV show clean streets air-conditioner company salesperson walk home

三 。重点句子(要求能背写)

1What ______ your mother do ? She is _____ actress .

2.Where does she work ? She works _____ a car company .

3.How does he go to work ? He ______ to work _____ foot

四 。重点对话。

1.__________________________________________________ ?

She is ______ TV reporter .

2.________ is she ?

She is my aunt .

3.__________ does he go to Hong Kong ?

He goes there by plane .

4.________ does she work ?

She ______- in a factory .

Unit 6 The story of rain

一 。重点单词短语。(要求能背写)

rain cloud sun stream seed soil sprout plant should then come


vapour come from wake up fall down come out make sure come on in the sun wait for in several days dig the soil so excited lots of once a day send letters twice a day belong to

三 。重点句子。(要求能背写)

1 Where does the rain come from ? It comes from the cloud

2 How do you do that ?

3. What should you do then ?

. 四 。重点对话。

1. where does the rain come from


2.__________________________________________________________ ?

First , put the seeds in the soil .

3.___________________________________________________________________ ?

Water them . from

4.Can you help me ?

_____________________ .

5.__________________________________________________________________ ? I’m going to the sky .

五.排序 。

( )add water often .

( ) put the pot in the sun .

( ) plant the seed in the soil .

( ) wait for a flower to grow

( ) wait for a spriut .

2. ( )water it .

( ) then put the plant in the soil .

( ) wait for it to grow .

( ) first ,dig the soil .


1.How do you go to school ?


2. Is your home far from here ?


3.Which side (哪一边)do you drive in England ?


4.What are you going to do this weekend ?


5.Where are you going to buy some fruit ?


6 What’s your hobby ?


7. Does your pen pal live in the USA ?


8.What does your father do ?


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