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I 听力部分(25分)



1. How does Mary go to work when it rains?

A. By subway. B. By bus. C. By bike.

2. When did J.K Rowling start to write Harry Potter?

A. In 1998. B. In 1965. C. In 1990.

3. What did the man buy for his sister on the trip?

A. Nothing. B. Football. C. Watch.

4. What are they doing?

A. Doing shopping. B. Having sports. C. Making a telephone call.

5. How often does the man learn English by watching TV?

A. Once a week. B. Twice a week. C. Every day.



听下面一段对话, 回答第6至8三个小题。现在, 你有15秒钟的时间阅读这两题。

6.What is the weather like ?

A. It’s a rainy day. B. It’s so noisy. C. It’s a beautiful day.

7. Why doesn’t the man feel like going out for a walk with the woman?

A. There is too much noise and the air isn’t good. B. It’s a rainy day. C. It’s too hot.

8.What are they going to do in the end ?

A. They want to take a walk. B. They want to listen to music. C. They will do a lot of interesting things.

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