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(本试卷满分为100分 考试时间40分钟)

一、语音测试。选出下列每组词中划线部分发音不同的那一个词。(5分) ( )1. A.bird B.worker C.doctor D.sister ( )2. A.near B.pear C.year D.dear ( )3. A.food B.cook C.room D.school ( )4. A.who B.where C.what D.when ( )1. A.seat B.read C.bread D.meat 二、 选出能替代划线部分的选项,保持句意不变。(5分) ( A.bad B.best C.tall

( ) 2.---Thank you very much A.No thank. B.It doesn’t matter. C.That’s all right. ( )3.Is this pen broken?No, it’A.right B.nice C. all right ( ’s hurry to school.

A.seven past thirty B.half past eight C.half past seven ( A.A few B.any C.a little

三、情景匹配,从下面答语中找出合适上述问题的应答。(5分) ( )1.How do you usually come to school? ( )2.What’s the weather like today? ( )3.What day is it today?

( )4.WHat’s the matter with you? ( )5.Where is my English book?

A.It’s under the desk. B.It is very hot. C.By school bus. D.It’s Saturday. E.My nose hurts.

四、语法测试:选出最佳答案,把编号写在括号里。(15分) ( )1.This bag isn’t mine.___________,I think. A.Mary B.Marys C.Mary’s

( )2.________the girls often _______to school on foot? A.Does--go BDo--go C.Are---going ( )3.There_____much food on the table. A.is Bare Chave ( )4.How many_______are there in the zoo? A.sheep B.monkey C.fish

( )5.Jack likes music very much,be can play ______piano very much. A.a Bthe C./

( )6.What_____you______do this Sunday,Nancy? A.do---goingto B.are---going to C.do---want

( )7.-You have a beautiful voice.I love your songs. ---____________________

A.Sorry,you don’t. B.Thank you C.It’s OK.

( )8.Which is _______,an elephant or a sharp? A.big B.biger C.bigger

( )9.She had a stomachache _________she ate something bad. A.so B.because C.but

( )10.The smile on the boy’s face showed that he was _______. A.sad B.angry C.excited ( )11.What would you like_________,sir? Adrink B.to drink C.drinking

( )12.When I ________5 years old,I came to this city. A.am Bwas Cwere

( )13.Listen,many people_________over there. A.sing Bare singing C.is singing ( )14.Children’s Day is in __________. A.June B.July C.May

( )15.Miss Jane is your English teacher,you must listen to ________. A.she B.her C.him 五、完形填空。(10分)

sea and the beautiful beach. Last two weeks. During our holiday, we (摩托艇) with me. We also the island again next summer holiday.

( )1. A.city B.county C.island ( )2. A.white B.blue C.red ( )3. A.my B.mine C. I ( )4. A.played B.talked C.stayed ( )5. A.was B.is C.were ( )6. A.have B.has C.had ( )7. A.flew B.rode C.rided ( )8. A.ate B.drank C.played

( )9. A.so B.and C.but ( )10 A.visit B.am visiting C.am going to visit 六、 阅读理解:根据短文内容选择正确答案。(每题2分,共20分)



( ) 1. Where is the swimming lesson?

A: Guangzhou Stadium B: Great Swimming Pool C: People Cinema D: Great Garden ( ) 2. When is the concert?

A: On Thursday (18:00-20:00) B: On Saturday (10:00)

C: On Wednesday (10:30-12:00) D: On Wednesday (10:00-11:30)

( ) 3. If you want to ask something about the basketball match, you can call ____. A: 62603941 B: 70504266 C: 56786324 D: 9968724 ( ) 4. On Saturday, you can _________.

A: watch the basketball match and have the swimming lesson. B: see the film Superman and go to the concert.

C: having the swimming lesson and go to the concert. D: watch the basketball match and see the film Superman.

( ) 5. Two adults and one child will spend ____ seeing the film Superman. A: 87.5 Yuan B: 40 Yuan C: 8 Yuan D: 16 Yuan


Ann lives in New York. Her father has a shop there and her mother is a doctor. She is six years old and begins to school this autumn. It’s a little far from the shop and her father drives a car to take her to school every day. So she is never late for class and her teachers like her.

It is Monday today. Miss Green is teaching them to count from one to ten. Ann is study hard, and soon she can count them. Miss Green is happy and she asks, “How many people are there in your family, Ann?” Ann stands up and says, “Two, Miss Green.” “Who are they?” “My father and my

mother.” “Oh?” Miss Green is surprised, she says, “There are three people in your family.” “But now I am not at home. I am at school, you know.” ( ) 1. Where is Ann from?

A: America B: China C: England D: Canada ( ) 2. What grade is Ann in?

A: In Grade Three B: in Grade Two C: In Grade One D: In Grade Six ( ) 3. How does Ann go to school every day?

A: By car B: By bike C: By bus D: On foot ( ) 4. Why is Miss Green happy?

A: Ann is late for class B: Ann studies Chinese

C: Ann can count from one to ten D: The children are listening to her ( ) 5. How many people are there in Ann’s family?

A: four B: three C: five D: ten 七、根据中文写出正确的英语单词(10分)。 1. Lu xun was a famous_________________(作家) 2. The ____________(第五) lesson is about animals. 3. We are going to the cinema_____________(今晚). 4. Both of my ____________(父母)are teachers.

5. Dongguan is in the _____________(南)of Guang Dong Province. 6. He often_____________(走路) to school.

7. I am two years ___________(小) than my brother. 8. _________(可以) I come in, sir?

9. People can’t live ____________(没有) water.

10. He ______________(买了) a lot of food yesterday. 八、句型转换。按照要求改写句子,每个空限填一词。(10分) 1. There are some apples on the table. (改成否定句)

There _________ _________apples on the table.

2. He studies very hard at English.(改成一般疑问)

___________he_________ very hard at English?

3. 对画线部分提问,改成特殊疑问句)

___________did he _________to school yesterday?

4. He is 163cm tall, and I am 160 cm tall.( 合并成一句话,句子意思不变)。

I am 3 cm ________ __________he.

5. Can you speak good English?( 给肯定回答)。

Yes, ________ _________. 九、翻译句子。(10分) 1. 他每天放学后都打篮球。

He plays basketball every day_________________. 2. 我很喜欢集邮。

I like ___________________very much. 3.他在找什么呢?

What is he _____________________________________________? 4.他怎么了? 他感冒了.

What is wrong with him? He ________________________________. 5. 我们上周末去参观博物馆了。

We __________________ visit the museum last weekend. 十、 书面表达(10分).

假设你叫Jack, 通过因特网认识了一位美国的笔友Tommy.用不少于5句话向你笔友介绍一下你自己,必须用上所给的提示词.数字可以用阿拉伯数字.开头与结尾已为你写好.

12岁 on foot, near school favourite subject hobby Dear Tommy,

My name is jack, ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


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