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小学六年级英语竞赛试题 范围:三至六年级 时间:60分钟 听 力 部 分(四大题 共45分) 一、听录音,选择正确的选项。(9分) A、从ABC三个选项中选出你所听到的句子中含有的单词。(5分) ( )1、A、5 B、15 C、50 ( )2、A、singing B、skating C、swimming ( )3、A、bigger B、bag C、matter ( )4、A、fishing B、hiking C、swimming ( )5、A、chair B、hair C、pear B、选择正确的图画把编号写在括号里。(4分) ( )1、 A B ( )2、 A B ( )3、 A B ( )4、A B 二、情景反应。根据你在录音里听到的情景,选出正确的答语。(5分) ( )1、A、Yes, I do. B、Yes, I did. C、I watched TV. ( )2、A、He read books. B、He is reading a book. C、He usually reads books. ( )3、A、He has a bad cold. B、He has a new friend. C、He is a student. ( )4、A、I’m 150 cm. B、I’m 46 kg. C、I’m 13. ( )5、A. 3 B. 6 C. 12 三、听音判断。(10分) A、句子理解,判断下列句子与你所听到的句子的意思是(T)否(F)相符。(5分) ( )1、I flly to Beijing with my parents on my holiday. ( )2、I went shopping with my mother last week. ( )3、Jim often reads books on the weekend. ( )4、I don’t like collecting stamps. ( )5、They are classmates. B、听录音,判断你所听到的内容与图意是(T)否(F)相符。(5分) 6、( ) 7、( ) 8、( ) 9、( ) 10、( )

小学六年级英语学科竞赛 第1页 共4页



( ) 1. A. A shirt. B. A jacket. C. It’s 45 yuan.

( ) 2. A. June 1st. B. July 1st. C. June 2nd.

( ) 3. A. She likes singing. B. She’s young and pretty. C. Miss Zhang.

( ) 4. A、It’s Thursday. B、It’s Wednesday. C、It’s Tuesday.

( ) 5. A、156 cm. B、153 cm. C、150 cm.

B)听短文,根据短文内容,判断下列句子正误,正确的写T, 错误的写F。

( ) 1 .Rose and her sister are having their holiday .

( ) 2 . They went to the library by bike .

( ) 3 . They ate lunch in the library .

( ) 4 . Alice bought a pair of shoes.

( ) 5 . Joe was very tired .


with Mike.

2 . Mike can’and__________ .

3 . Zhang Peng usually kites on weekends , but last weekend he English at home .

the floor ___________ ?

笔 试 部 分(五大题 共55分)


1、Don’t c________________ the big tree. It’s dangerous.(危险的)

2、There is a new supermarket. Let’s go s__________________.

3、How many_________________ (child)are there in the room?.

4、I like spring best. It means(含义)that spring is my f___________________ season.

5、She _______ (live) in China. But she’s not _______ (Chinese)

6. I often _______________ my homework in the evening. But I _______________the cartoons now.

7、School is over. Let ____________________(我们)go to the playground.

8、I am going to __________________(买)some story-books tomorrow.

9、Today is Mary’s third birthday. She is __________________ years old..

10、My father ____________________(做)dinner on Sundays.

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( )1、He feels sick. He _________ __________ fever.

A、have ; an B、has ; a C、have ; a

( )2、Amy played __________ piano well.

A、/ B、a C、the

( )3、Kate did housework __________ her mother.

A、of B、with C、and

( )4、I ____________ a new comic book this morning.

A、read B、buy C、have

( )5、Look! The birds __________ in the tree.

A、sing B、sang C、are singing

( )6、The mouse is ___________ than the elephant.

A、short B、smaller C、bigger

( )7、—_________ are you going to Guangzhou? —Next weekend.

A、When B、What C、Where

( )8、—____________________? —He’s a farmer.

A、What’s his name? B、How is he? C、What does your father do?


Amy, John and I were very happy yesterday, because it (1)_______________ Children’s Day. _______________. But John (4) _______________ go. He (5) _______________ the piano (6) _______________ home. In the afternoon, I (7) _______________ my (8) _______________. What (9) _______________ John? He (10) _______________ mountains. He was very happy.


A. On National Day ,we had a long holiday . It was seven days .I went to Hainan with my parents . My grandparents live in a beautiful village in Hainan . We visited them . We went to see the blue sea every day .We swam in it . We went fishing , too . My grandma cooked good food for us every day . The seafood is tasty . I like it . We took many pictures . I was excited .

小学六年级英语学科竞赛 第3页 共4页

( ) 1 . National Day is on ________ . A . October 1st B.September 1st

( ) 2 . I went to _______ on National Day . A . Haikou B .Hainan

( ) 3 . I __________ in the sea . A . went swimming B .swim

( ) 4 . The seafood is _________ . A .yummy B . dirty

( ) 5 . My parents ’___________ live in Hainan . A . father B . parents


I have six baskets. Three are big. Three are small. I have some pears and oranges. I put three pears in each small basket, and I put three oranges in each big basket and one orange in each small basket. The number of oranges is my age.


( ) 6. I have nine pears. ( ) 7. I have ten oranges.

( ) 8. I have three big baskets and three small baskets.

( ) 9. There are three pears in each big basket. ( ) 10. I’m four years old. 十一、根据答句写问句 。(10分)

A : ?

B : Sarah often cleans her room on the weekend .

A : ?

B : She went shopping last weekend .

A : ?

B : She bought a birthday card for her mother .

A : ?

B :Yes,her mother was so excited .

十二、写一篇小短文。(5分)题目: My Weekend

要求1. 说说你上个周末干了些什么? 2. 字数不少于50个词。

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

小学六年级英语学科竞赛 第4页 共4页




1、There are 50 students in our class.

2、Jim swam in the lake yesterday.

3、The sun is bigger than the moon.

4、I went hiking with my friends last week.

5、My chair is near the window.


1、A:What are you going to do next Sunday?

B:I’m going to row a boat.

2、Lily is 38 kg. Lucy is 32 kg. Who is heavier?

3、A:What did you do yesterday afternoon?

B:I played football with my friends.

4、A:Where did you go on your holiday?

B:I went to Kunming.

A:How did you go there?

B:I went by train.


1、Did you watch TV yesterday?

2、What does your father do on the weekend?

3、What’s the matter with Mike?

4、How heavy are you?

5、How many months are there in two seasons?



1、I went to Beijing by plane with my parents on my holiday.

2、I went swimming with my friends last week.

3、Jim often reads books on Saturday and Sunday.

4、My hobby is collecting stamps.

5、They are in the same class.


6、The dog is smaller than the cat.

7、The boy isn’t sad. He’s happy.

8、The sign means “No fishing.”

9、The girl had Chinese class yesterday.

10、It’s morning. They are saying, “Good morning.”


小学六年级英语学科竞赛 第5页 共4页



1. M: How much is that jacket?

W: It’s 45 yuan.

M: It’s cheap. I want to buy it.

Question: What does the man want to buy?

2. W: Is July 1st your birthday, Ken?

M: No, my birthday is on Children’s Day.

Question: When is Ken’s birthday?

3. A: Who’s your English teacher, Jack?

B: Miss Zhang. She’s young and pretty.

Question: What’s Jack’s English teacher like?

4. A: What day is it today, Li Lei?

B: It’s Wednesday. .

Question: What day was yesterday?

5. A:Hi , Kate! How tall are you?

B:Hi, Tom! I’m 153 cm tall. And you?

A:I’m 3 cm shorter than you?

Question:How tall is Tom?

B)、短文理解。听读短文,判断下列句子是(T)否(F)与短文内容相符,短文念两遍。 Dear Mary ,

How are you ? My sister and I are having our holiday . Yesterday we went to the library . We got there by bus . We read story-books and have lunch there . The food was delicious . It was cheap , too . We went shopping in the afternoon .I bought a pair of slippers . I was very tired . We are planning to learn skating and do many other things during the holiday . We are sure we’ll have a good time .

How about your holiday ? Please write to me soon .



1 . 1. Tom is angry with Mike.

2 . Mike can’t sing and dance.

3 . Zhang Peng usually flies kites on weekends , but last weekend he learned English at home . 4 . Did you sweep the floor yesterday ?

小学六年级英语学科竞赛 第6页 共4页







五、1.angry 2.sing dance 3.flies learned 4.sweep tomorrow 笔试部分

七、1.climb 2.shopping 3.children 4.favourite 5.lives Chinese

6.do watch 7.us 8.buy 9. three 10.does


九、is go Amy didn’t played at visited grandparents about climbed


十一、What does Sarsh do on the weekend?

What did she do last weekend?

What did she buy?

Was her mother excited?

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