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一、选择与划线词的同义词或近义词的选项(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分) ( ) 1. There was a tag on his tie with his name on it . A. 标签 B.记号 C.尺寸 D.色彩

( ) 2. There were many fairy lights on the tree . A. 公正的 B. 优雅的 C. 漂亮的 D.天真的 ( ) 3. There were so many teddy bears on the narrow (狭窄的)shelf that he even didn't have room to move .

A. 房间 B. 房子 C. 公寓 D.空间

( ) 4. “Wolstencroft”the teacher would called out , “please recite the alphabet for us today ?”

A. 背诵 B. 复述 C. 默写 D.抄写

( ) 5. Rita stayed lost in thought for a very long time .

A. 认为 B.思考 C. 陷入沉思 D.迷路 ( ) 6. Rita looked disappointed

A. 高兴的 B. 生气的 C. 失望的 D.着急的


A. 返回 B. 归还 C. 转动 D.买 ( ) 8. A teer rolled down his cheek .

A. 检查 B. 鼻子 C. 面颊 D.嘴

( ) 9. Then Sten gave him a big hug(拥抱) . Wolstencroft couldn’t even breathe . A. 咳嗽 B. 呼吸 C. 流泪 D.移动

( ) 10. “Oh,Nikini,where are you going in the dark?”asked the rabbit and rubbed his eyes.

A. 睁开 B. 闭上 C. 揉 D.擦


The weather gets____1____, days get shorter and leaves change their colours and fall ___2____ the trees . Soon , winter is here . ____3____ covers the ground . People live in warm houses and wear ____4_____ coats outside . Our food comes from the stores. But what happens to ____5______ ?

Some birds fly south for the winter . We call this migration . They go to a warmer place to find ____6_____ .

Some animals stay active in winter . It is ____7____ for thme to find food . They may live in holes ____8_____ trees or under the ground to stay warm . Deer , swuirrels and rabbits stay active .

Some animals _____9____ all winter . it is a very deep sleep . We call it

hibernation . They need little ____10_____ no food . Bears hibernate . So do frogs , snakes and ever some bugs .

( ) 1. A. hot B. cold C. hotter D. colder ( ) 2. A. from B. away C. off D. left ( ) 3. A. Snow B. Rain C. Wind D. Fog ( ) 4. A. heavy B. light C. warm D. cold ( ) 5. A. people B. dogs C. cats D. animals ( ) 6. A. fish B. meat C. food D. water

( ) 7. A. easy B. important C. hard D. happy ( ) 8. A. in B. on C. beside D. in front of ( ) 9. A. play B. sleep C. asleep D. player ( ) 10. A. and B. but C. or D. so



Once upon a time there was a lovely little girl. You would love her at once if you saw her . Her grandmother loved her most . Her grandmother would give her anything in the world. Once she gave her a little red hat . The hat suited her very well and she wore it every day . So people called her “Little Red Hat”

One day her mother said to her , “Here is a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Take them to your grandmother . She is ill and weak and these are good for her . You should get to your grandmother’s house before the cake get cold . Remember to walk nicely and quietly and do not run off the road . If you fall and break the bottle , your grandmother can get nothing . And when you go in to her room, don’t forget to say ‘good morning’”

“I will take great care,” Little Red Hat said to her mother , and took a basket with the cake and the wine in it .

Her grandmother lived in the woods, about two miles from the village . Just as Little Red Hat entered the woods, a wolf came . Little Red Hat did not know the wolf and she did not know the wolf was bad , either . She was not afraid of him at all

“Good day , Little Red Hat” “Good day”

“Where are you going , Little Red Hat?” “To my grandmother’s house .” “What do you have in your basket?”

“My grandmother is sick and weak, and I am taking her some cake and wine . We baked the cake today. The cake and the wine can make her stronger.”

“Where does your grndmother live , Little Red Hat?”

“About two miles away in the woods . Her house stands under the three large trees .

There are also some small trees below . You may know it .

( ) 1. Little Red Hat lived __________

( ) 7. She ran over to the bookstore and returned with a book called What to Name


A. with her mother B. with her grandmother C. with her sister D. alone

( ) 2. Little Red Hat’s mother wanted her to __________

A. see her grandfather B.see her grandmother C. see her aunt D. see her uncle ( ) 3. Who did Red Hat meet on the way ?

A. her mother B.her grandmother C. her grandfather D. a wolf


The wolf thought to himself , “Now there is a tasty bite for me , Just where can I catch and eat her ? Here is not the good place .”then he got an idea and said ,”Listen , Little Red Hat , don’t you see the beautiful flowers in the woods ? Why don’t you go and take a look ? I don’t think you ever heard the beautiful songs of the birds before .”

Little Red Hat raised her head and saw the sunlight shining through the trees . She looked around and saw there were many beautuful flowers in the woods . She thought , “Some flowers may make my grandmother happy. And they may be good for her. Anyway, it is still early . I can go back home on time.” Then she ran off into the woods and looked for flowers Each time she picked one beautuful flower, she could see an even more beautuiful one out there . So she ran after it and went further and further into the woods . But the wolf ran straight to the grandmother’s house and knocked on the door.

“Who is there ?”

“Little Red Hat . I’m bringing you some cake and wine . Open the door for me, Gramdma.”

“Just push the latch ,” called out the Grandmother . “I’m too weak to get up.”

The wolf pushed the latch , and the door opened . He stepped inside , went straight to the Grandmother’s bed and ate her up. Then he put on her clothes and her hat . After that , the wolf got into her bed and pulled down the curtains

Little Red Hat ran after flowers for a long time . Finally she gathered lots of beautuful flowers and went to her grandmother’s house . ( ) 4. The wolf thought ______________ . A. there was a tasty bite for it

B. Little Red Hat hadn’t seen the flowers before

C. Little Red Hat had never heard the beautiful songs of the birds before D. it was a good chance to kill Little Red Hat ( ) 5. Little Red Hat thought __________ A. the wolf was kind

B. it was too late

C. some flowers might make her grandmother happy. D. her grandmother didn’t like flowers at all .

( ) 6. __________ opened the door .

A. Little Red Hat B. Little Red Hat’s grandmother

C. the wolf D. Little Red Hat’s mother


Little Red Hat arrived at her grandmother’s house . She was surprised . She found that the door was open . She walked into the house and found everything looked so strange . “Oh, my God , why an I so afraid ? I usully like to be at my grandmother’s home .” Then she went close to the bed and pulled up the curtains . The Grandmother lay there with her hat down over her face . The Grandmother looked very strange . “Oh, Grandma , What big ears you have !” “so that I can hear you .”

“Oh, Grandma, what big eyes you have !” “So that I can see you .”

“Oh, Gandma, what big hands you have !” “So that I can hold you !”

“Oh, Gramdma , what a big mouth you have !” “So that I can eat you !”

And with the words the wolf jumped out of the bed and ate up poor Little Red Hat . After that the wolf climbed back into bed, fell asleep , and began to snore very loudly .

Just them a hunter passed by . He thought the snore was strange . So he decided to take a look . He stepped inside the house and saw the wolf lie in bed . He wanted to hunt the wolf for a long time . Now he found it .

“It ate the Grandmother , but perhaps I can still save her . I can’t shoot it “ thought the hunter . So he took a knife and cut open the wolf’s belly .

He cut only a few inches and he saw a red hat in it . He cut more , and the girl jumped out and cried , “Oh, I was so frightened . it was so dark inside the wolf’s belly !”

And then the Grandmother came out . She was not dead , either . Little Red Hat took some large and heavy stones. They filled the wolf’s belly with them . The wolf woke up and tried to run away . The stones were heavy , so the wolf fell down and was dead .

The three of them were happy . The huntertook the wolf’s skin . Little Red hat brought out the cake and the wine . The grandmother ate the cake and drank the wine . Little Red Hat thought to herself , “ I shouldn’t leave the path and run off into the woods by myself . I should listen to moy mother .”

( ) 7. Little Red Hat ______________

A. was happy to see her grandmother B. was happy to see the wolf again

C. was surprised to see that the door was open


D. was surprised to see that the door was closed ( ) 8. Little Red Hat went in and found __________ A. her grandmother was lying in bed B. her grandmother was sleeping C. the wolf was dead

D. her grandmother looked very strange . ( )9. ____________ killed the wolf .

A. Little Red Hat B. A hunter C. Little Red Hat’s grandmother

D. Little Red Hat’s mother

( ) 10. _____________ was dead at last .

A. Little Red Hat B. A hunter

C. Little Red Hat’s grandmother D. the wolf 四、任务型阅读(满分10分)

Far away in the deep blue ocean(海洋) , there _____①_____a lttle blue whale (鲸). His name was Finbo. We called him “little”, but he was not little at all. The baby Finbo was very much bigger than all of his friends . His favourite pastime(娱乐) was playing “hide-and-seek”(捉迷藏) with his friends . They often played this game in and around the rocky area . But one thing made him unhappy all the time wnen they played “hide-and seek” Finbo always lost the game in the end . He tried hard to hide every time, but his frineds could find him in no time . ②

Finbo was too big . It was very easy for his friends to find him, because he couldn’t hide himself completely(完全) in any place . When it was his turn to “seek”, Finbo could never find his tiny(微小) friends . so were could they tiny ,.they anywhere hide.③ Sometimes they hid behind Finbo’s tail! But , Finbo could never see them , until they came out ____________④

So Finbo had to spend the whole day searching for them ⑤. This happened almost all the time . When Finbo got tired of searching , he gave up the game and went to his mother.

1. 选择正确的选项

Far away in the deep blue ocean(海洋) , there _____1_____a lttle blue

whale (鲸)( )

A. were B. live C. is D. lived

2. Here “in no time” means __________ ( )

A.没有时间 B. 及时 C. 很快 D. 最后

—————————————————————————————— t __________ 5. 给出同义句:

————————————————————————————————— 五、将下列段落译成中文(满分20分)

July 4 is a very important holiday n the US. We celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence (《独立宣言》) by the thirteen American Colonies .(殖民地) This statement (声明)declared(宣布) the independence of the thirteen American colonies from Great Britain . We consider this day the birthday of the United States of America. It is the greatest non-religious(非宗教的) holiday in the US. We celebrate this day with fireworks and parades





____________________________________________________________ 六、阅读《哈克贝利费恩历险记》第四章节,回答问题。(满分10分)

Two or three days and nights went by and nothing much happened. We travelled at night when it was dark and everybody was asleep. We didn’t want anyone to see Jim and ask questions about him.

Then, one morning, just after it was light, I found a little canoe, so I got into it and went over to the side of the river. I was looking round, when, suddenly, two men ran through the trees.

‘Help!’ they cried. ‘There are men and dogs trying to catch us. But we’ve done nothing wrong!’

One of the men was about seventy years old; the other was about thirty, and they both had very old, dirty clothes. I said they could come with me, and we ran quickly back to the canoe.

Back on the raft we talked for a time and then the young man said, ‘My friends, I think I can tell you my secret now. I’m really a duke. My grandfather was the son of the Duke of Bridgewater, but he left England and came to America. When the old Duke died, my grandfather’s younger brother stole everything and made himself the Duke of Bridgewater.’

Well, of course, we were all very unhappy for our friends the Duke, but he said, ‘I’ll be happier if you do things for me. Bring me my dinner!’

So we did things for him, and he liked it. But the old man spoke very little and he looked unhappy, too. After a time he said, ‘You know, Bridgewater, I, too, have a secret.’ And he began to cry.

‘What do you mean?’ the Duke asked. ‘What’s your secret?’



And then the old man told us that he was really the first son of the King of France. He asked us all to go down on one knee when we spoke to him. We could call him ‘Your Majesty’, too. So that was what we did, and they were both happy. Of course, I knew that they weren’t really a duke and a king, but I didn’t tell Jim. It’s best if everybody is happy when you’re living together on a raft.

The King and the Duke were very interested in Jim. ‘Is he a slave?’ they wanted to know. ‘Is he running away?’

I had to tell them something, so I said that Jim belonged to my uncle and was taking me to my family in New Orleans.

‘Well, we’ll travel down river with you, then, ’ said the King. ‘We’ll have a fine time together.’

So the four of us went on down the river, but Jim and I didn’t like those two men. They were always getting drunk and making plans to get money out of people in every town. It’s all right to take a chicken or something if you’re hungry, but these men were really bad! Jim and I decided to get away from them as soon as we could. It wasn’t easy because they wanted to be with us all the time.

Then one morning the King went off into a town and told us to wait for him. We waited all morning and he didn’t come back, so the Duke and I went into town to look for him. We looked all afternoon and in the end we found him in a bar, drunk, and then he and the Duke began to fight about some money.

‘Now we can get away from them,’ I thought. I turned and ran back to the river. ‘Quick, Jim!’ I shouted. ‘It’s time to go!’ But there was no answer. Jim wasn’t there!

I ran into the woods, crying and shouting Jim’s name. But there was still no answer.

Just then a boy came along. ‘Have you seen a slave?’ I asked him, and I described Jim.

‘Why, yes,’ the boy replied. ‘He’s a runaway slave. I heard all about it in town. A family called the Phelps have got him now. An old man in a bar told Mr Phelps that there was a runaway slave on a raft down by the river. He said he hadn’t got time to take the slave back himself. So Mr Phelps gave him forty dollars and they went down and caught the slave this afternoon. The Phelpses are going to take him back to his owner, and they’ll get three hundred dollars for him!’

I knew those two men were bad! I asked the boy where the Phelpses lived and he said it was a big white house a little way down the river.

I began to make plans to get Jim back. First, I took the raft and went down to a little island. I hid the raft under the trees and lay down to sleep. Before it was light, I went off down the riverin the canoe. When I thought I was near the Phelpses’ place, I stopped, got out of the canoe and went up to the house. Suddenly, a lot of dogs ran out. They came from everywhere and they made a terrible noise.

A woman about fifty years old ran out of the house, with some little children behind her. She was smiling all over her face and she took me by the hands and cried, ‘It’s you, at last, isn’t it?’

I didn’t stop to think. ‘Yes, ma’am,’ I said.

‘Well, what took you so long? We thought you were coming two days ago. Your Uncle Silas goes to town every day to meet you. He’s there now, but he’ll he back soon.’ She didn’t stop talking and I couldn’t tell her that she was making a mistake. ‘Tell us all about them,’ she cried. ‘Tell me everything.’

I knew then that I had to tell her?but just then she cried, ‘Here he is! Quick, hide!’ and she pushed me inside the house and behind the front door. Then her husband came in and she asked him, ‘Has he come?’ ‘No, ’ her husband replied.

‘Look!’ she shouted, and then she pulled me out from behind the door. ‘Why, who’s that?’ Mr Phelps cried, surprised. ‘It’s Tom Sawyer!’ she laughed. 1、Who was the old man?

_______________________________________________________________ 2、Why didn’t Huck and Jim like the two men?

________________________________________________________________ 3、How did Mr Phelps learn about Jim?

________________________________________________________________ 4、Who will get three hundred dollars and why?

________________________________________________________________ 5、Who did the Phelpses think Huck was?





一、选择与划线词的同义词或近义词的选项(满分10分) 1~5 ACDAC 6~10 CACBD

二、完形填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分20分) 1~5 DCAAD 6~10 CCABC

三、阅读理解(共15小题;每小题2分,满分30分) A: ABD




1.D 2. C 3. They were so tiny . They could hide anywhere

5.It took Finbo the whole day to search for them .



4. themselves 5

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