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( )1. l __fe 生活 A. a B.i C. o

( )2. sh __w 出 示 A. a B.i C. o

( )3. ph __to 照片 A. a B.i C. o

( )4. r __dio 收音机 A. a B.i C. u

( )5. f __mily 家庭 A. a B.i C. u

二、将下列单词画线部分发音相同的打T,不同的打F。(12分) ( )1.young house ( )2.lunch bus ( )3.window now ( )4.clean bread

( )5.end bed ( )6.toys boiling

三.按要求写出词的形式. (每题1分,共11分)

1.can’t(完全形式)________ 2.sheep (复数)_____________ 3have(第三人称单数)_______ 4. peach(复数)_____________

5.do(第三人称单数)___________ 6.we宾格)___________


9.old(反义词)_______ 10.bad(反义词)_______.11.no(同音词四.选词填空. (每题3分,共12分)

badly fast well high

1) She’s a good footballer. 2) He’s a good basketball

She plays football very player. He can jumps

____________! very ___________!

3) He isn’t a good footballer 4) She’s a good runner.

He plays football very She can runs very

____________! ____________!


( ) 1. —_____do you want to go ?

- I want to go to Beijing.

A. What B. Where C. What time

( ) 2. —Do you go with your mother?


A. Yes, I does. B. No, I didn’t. C. Yes, I do.

( ) 3. —______ does he do ?

—He watches TV.

A. What B. When C. Who

( ) 4. —Can I use your pencil, please?

— _________

A. sure, here you are.

B. Yes, I can’t.

C. Thank you very much.

( ) 5. — Where are the books, please? —They’re _______ desk..

A.in B. on C. with

( ) 6–Where are you going to go?

—We______ to Xinjiang.

A. went B. are going to go C. Go ( )7. o How many oranges does she _____?

---She wants five.

A.wants B.want C.wanted

( )8. I ______some books .

A.has B.have C.having

( )9. Let’s _____ .

A .cook B. cooking C.cooks

( )10.we ____ need any glue.

A.doesn’t B.aren’t C.don’t

六,读 一 读,连一连(每题2分,共10分)

Where do you put the bags? She has six.

Can you play football well? I have a pencil .

What do you have? That’s OK.

I’m Sorry ,I’m late . In the car .

How many apples does Amy have ? Not very well.


1.you, Can ,use, computer a,( ?)


2. blackboard, please, look, the, at(.)


3.There, a, forest, is, my, in, village(.)


4.near, It's, door, the(.)


5.me, you, Can, help(?)


八、阅读短文,判断对错(对的打T,错的打F)。(每题2分,共10分) Father Mouse(老鼠) asked his baby(孩子), ― Can you speak a foreign language(外国语言)?‖ ―Foreign language? Sorry, I can’t,‖ answered Baby

Mouse. ―You should learn it. It’s very useful,‖ Father Mouse said to Baby Mouse. One day, Father Mouse wanted to take his baby in the park. When they came to the door, they were surprised by a big cat. Father Mouse jumped and said, ―Wow-wow(狗叫声)!‖ The cat ran away at once.

―What did you say?‖ asked Baby Mouse. ―Well, you know, it’s very useful to learn a foreign language!

( ) 1.Baby Mouse can speak a foreign language.

( ) 2.Father Mouse said it’s very useful to learn a foreign language.

( ) 3.One day, Father Mouse and Baby Mouse went to the park.

( ) 4.They met a cat at the door of the park.

( ) 5. Father Mouse can speak a foreign language.


请写一段话介绍你的家人的生日,最少写5句话,请注意书写的格式。 参考例句:My birthday is….

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