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听力部分(20分) 一.听录音,选出你所听到的选项(5分)

1. A. size 16 B. size 60 C. size 66

2. A. last Sunday B. next Sunday C. last Saturday

3. A. visit B. visiting C. visited

4.A. June 1st B. June 3rd C. July 1st

5. A. sunny day B. windy day C. rainy day


( )1)Tom and Jane are friends.

( )2)John’s room is clean but not tidy.

( )3)There are no windows in John’s room.

( )4)There is a chair and a table in John’s room.

( )5)A lamp and some books are on the desk.

( )6)There is a photo of John’s family in the room.


( )1. A. I’m from China. B. I’m a Chinese teacher. C . I’m not Chinese.

( )2.A. I’m nine. B. I’m fine. C. I’m a pupil.

( )3.A. It’s in the book. B. They’re in the book.

C. They are Japanese stamps.

( )4.A. Yes, there are. B. No, there isn’t C. There are five.

( )5.A. I’m sorry. B. No, thanks. C. No, you can’t.


There are students in our class . There are also two American boys . They are Jack and Mike .They are our good friends . They like watching TV ,but they don’t like playing .They often go to school by bike . And I often go to school . There is one girl in our class . Her name is Lucy . She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming . She usually does her in the evening . She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons . She is my good friend . All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneers .



( )1.- ________do you go on Sundays?

-I go to the supermarket.

A.How B.What C.Where

( )2.I’m going to the fruit shop ________ my mother.

A.with B.and C.of ( )3.I’m going to visit my grandparents ________

A.on Saturdays B.this weekend C.last weekend ( )4.________your aunt teach science now?

A.Does B.Do C.Did

( )5.Sarah ________going to buy a book this afternoon.

A.is B.am C.are ( )6.The book is not mine.it’s .

A.you B.hers C.his ( )7.Is these crayons ?

A.you B.your C.yous ( )8.Get on the cinema.

A.at B.in C.on

( )9.I live ShangHai 108 ZhongShan Road

A.at,in B.on,in C.in,at

( )10.Do you want apples?

A.many B.some C.any


1.My friend sometimes_______ (watch) TV in the morning.

2.I’m _______ (go) to play the computer games this afternoon.

3.What_______ (be) you going to do?

4.Mary_______ (have)a pen pal. 5.What’s _______ (he) favourite foo

三.按要求变化下列句型: (5分)

1.Does she teach your English?(做肯定回答)


2.she is my aunt. (对画线部分提问)


3.he can go with us.(变为一般疑问句)


4.I’m going to buy an english book tomorrow.(对画线部分提问) ______________________________________________________

5.it is far from our school.(变为否定句)


Tomorrow is Lina's birthday .Her parents and Lina are going to the zoo in the morning .Lina likes animals very much and her favourite is monkeys. At noon ,they are going to a restaurant and have lunch there .Lina's father is going to buy a cake for Lina before going to the cinema .Tomorrow Snow White will be on.They all like it very much. Tomorrow is going to be a fine day.

1.Where are they going in the morning?


2.What's Lina's favourite animals?


3.Where are they going at noon ?


4.What is her father going to buy for Lina?


5.Is it going to be rainy tomorrow ?


Many parts of the world have four seasons. They are spring, summer, fall and winter.Spring follows winter. It becomes warmer and the days become longer. Plants begin to grow and many animals have babies. Summer is the hottest season. It does not get dark until late. Plants grow fast. In fall the days get shorter. The weather turns cooler. Trees may lose their leaves. Some birds fly to warmer places. Winter is the coldest season. It gets dark early in the evening. Plants stop growing and many trees are bare(光秃) 。

( )1. All parts of the world have four seasons.

( )2. Many animals have babies in spring.

( )3. Summer is the hottest season.

( )4. The day become longer in fall.

( )5. Winter comes. The plants stop growing.


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