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考场 考号 分 数


(一) 选出不同类的一项。

( )1.A. light B. notebook C. pass

( )2.A. pear B. appple C. dress

( )3.A. buy B. make C. job

( )4.A. milk B. juice C. jeans

( )5.A. colour B. blue C. green

(二)将下列单词换一个字母变成新单词。 fat pen boy new cut



1.smuci 2.bartbi 3.angore

4.hitgl 5.cetjak


(一) 短语连线。

( )1.起床 A. have a cold

( )2.中餐 B. do sports

( )3.坐在沙发上 C. good morning

( )4.摆桌子 D. play football ( )5.做运动 E. take a shower ( )6.关上窗子 F. get up

( )7.早上好 G. Chinese food

( )8.踢足球 H. close the window ( )9.感冒了 I. sit on the sofa ( )10.避雨 J. set the table


( ) 1.stop talking

A.禁止说话 B.停止说话 C.不会讲话

( ) 2. P.E class

A.美术课 B.音乐课 C.体育课

( ) 3.what for

A.什么 B.为什么 C.怎么了

( ) 4.have a picnic

A.休息 B.聚会 C.野炊

( ) 5.look like

A.看起来像 B.看着喜欢 C.喜欢


( )1. It’s time for bed now.


A. Please watch B. Please see C. Don’( )2.Come_______ , please..

t watch

A. here B. there C. the classroom D. my home ( )3.Thank you very much.


A. All right B. That’s right

C. That’s all right D. It’s ok.

( )4. ________ are my blue pants.

A. This B. That C. These

( )5.The girl is Beibei. Let’s go and help ______.

A. he B. she C. her D. hers ( )6.--- Jack’s mother is ill

--- ________.

A. I’m sorry B. Thank you C. I’m fine D. All right ( )7.---_______ is your skirt

--- It’s on the bed.

A. Where B. What C. Whose D. Who

( )8. Don’t walk _____ the grass_____ the garden.

A. at/ in B. on/in C. in/ on D. in/ at

( )9. You _____ terrible.

A. looks B. are C. looking D. look

( )10. It’s time______ English class.

A. at B. for C. to

( )11.---Look! These are my blue jeans.


A. Yes ,I am. B. Great!

C. Thank you. D. Sure

( )12. Do you have________ good time .

A. / B. a C. an D. a/an

( )13. ---Whose is this?

---Oh! It’s your baby_______!

A. sisters B. brother C. brother’s D brothers ( )14. It’s time______ have English class.

A. at B. for C. to D./

( )15. ______up your shorts.

A. Hang B. Take C. Fold



( )1. 他们太有趣了。 ---- They are so funny.

( )2.吃早饭的时间到了。 ---- Time for breakfast.

( )3.让我们回家吧。 ---- Let’s go home.

( )4.这是谁的杯子? ---- Whose is it cap?

( )5.你的学校很棒。 ---- You school is big.


1.put I new jacket on can my ?

2. have windows the I close to .

3. today they have show a .

4. me my please pass book .

5. sweater I with green like the white skirt the .


( )1.“欢迎来到我们学校”,该怎么说:

A. Welcome to my school.

B. Welcome our school.

C. Welcome to our school.

( )2.当你问“你准备好了没?”应该说:

A. Are you ready?

B. Do you ready?

C. You are ready?

( )3.当你觉得过的很愉快时,应该说:

A. Let’s play together.

B. What a lot of fun !

C. OK!

( )4.问“我能试试吗?”,应该说:

A. Can I have try?

B. Can I have a try?

C. Can I try?

( )5.当你想知道洗手间在哪儿时,应该说:

A. Where’s my washroom?

B. What’s this washroom?

C. Where’s the washroom?

(四) 选出下列问题正确的答语。

( )1.What colour are your jeans? A. It’s Zhangpeng’s. ( )2.What do you do ? B. Yes, I do .

( )3.How much are your shoes? C. They are blue. ( )4.Do you have lunch at school? D. I play football. ( )5.Whose is it? E. It’s sixty yuan .


(一)补全对话。(5分) Zoom: 1 Let’s play football.

Johnny: Great!

Zoom: Where are my shoes? Johnny’

Johnny: Come on, Zoom. 2

Zoom: Wait, Johnny. 3 .

Johnny: Oh, 4

Zoom: They are on your feet!

Johnny: 5


Today is Sunday. It’s hot and sunny. Jenny wants to go shopping in

the city. She wants to ride a bicycle to the city. But her father and mother want to drive a car. Her grandfather and grandmother don’t go shopping . They stay home. So Jenny goes shopping with her father and mother by car.

( ) 1. Jenny is a boy.

( ) 2.Jenny wants to go shopping by bus.

( ) 3.It is sunny.

( ) 4.Her grandfather and grandmother want to go shopping.

( ) 5.Jenny goes shopping by car.


I have a good friend in my home. It’s a cat. Its name is Mimi. It’s white and yellow. And it’s very beautiful. I play with it after school. It often plays with a ball or lines. My friends, Mary and Alice come to see it, but it is behind sofas or in a box. Our families sit in a sofa and it can go there with us. In the evening, I must study at my desk, but it is on the desk, too. At that time, I put it down. Is it my good friend? Guess, please. ( )1. Mimi is the name of a .

A. boy B. girl C. cat D. bird

( )2. Who is my friend in my home?

A. Mary B. Alice C. Mimi D. My brother

( )3. Can my friends see my cat in my home?

A. Yes, they can. B. No, they can’t.

C. Yes, they can’t. D. No, they can. ( )4. I often play with after school.

A. a ball B. the cat C. books D. lines ( )5. and I put the cat onto the floor.

A. The cat isn’t my good friend.

B. I don’t play with the cat.

C. I want to go to bed.

D. I must study in the evening.


( ) 1.Which letter comes next?

A C F J ?

A. H B. O C. N D. Q

( ) 2. _______ is the first day of a week in America.

A. Monday B. Sunday C. Saturday D. Friday

( ) 3.I don’t like Mr.Chen. He is an old woman.请给画线部分选出正确


A. 老太婆 B.喜欢啰唆的人

C.没妻子的老头 D. 女人气的男人

( ) 4.What number should replace(代替) the question mark(问号)? 1,3,4,7,11,18,19,?

A.23 B.36 C.47 D.38

( ) 5.Use all the letters of the word “shore” to make an animal._______

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