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三河市小学英语2011-2012学年度第二学期六年级智力抽测样题 学校 姓名 指导教师 考场 考号 分 数



( ) 1. A. hand B. than C. arm D. head

( ) 2. A. tired B. cooked C. bored D. excited

( ) 3. A. fever B.headache C. earache D. toothache

( ) 4. A. meter B. wear C.ton D. lilogram

( ) 5. A. angry B. sad C. play D. happy


1. kg_________(汉语意思) 2.tall_________(反义词)

3. heavy________(比较级) 4.left_________(原形)

5. buy___________(过去式) 6. take __________ (动词的-ing形式)


1、snreetp 2、tenapelh

3、sudty 4、teramt


sick---( )---( )---( )---( )---( )---heavy


1、We (read )funny tongue twisters together yesterday.

2、He likes (dive)

3、Uncle Wang can (draw) pictures..

4、My sister usually (play)the violin on Saturday.

5、I am (go) to take a trip next weekend.


( ) 1. Wu Yifan is 164 ____tall.

A. mm B. km C. cm

( ) 2. I'm _____than you.

A. thin B. thiner C. thinner

( ) 3. ---- _____does Amy feel?

---- She is tired.

A. What B. How C. Where

( ) 4. I'm two years _____ than my sister.

A. older B. oldder C. old

( ) 5. What ______you do last weekend?

A. do B. did C. does

( ) 6. Did you ___________?

A. go fishing B. went fishing C. going fishing ( )7. On ______day,I went to a park.

A. first B. the first C. the one

( )8.I was grateful ______ him.

A. for B. at C. to

( )9.---- Did you ______ a good time?

----Yes, I ______

A. have;did B. had;did C. have;have

( )10.----I have a bad cold.



B. I’m sorry to hear that

C.That’s all right.

三、短语集锦 (共15分)


1、照相 6、laugh at 2、钓鱼 7、get the flu

3、去远足 8、jump out of water

4、发烧 9、good swimmer 5、喉咙疼 10、line up (二)根据汉语提示,填写词组,完成下列句子 1.On my holiday,every day I _______________with them.(玩得很开心)。

2. I _______________(去公园) by bike yesterday.

3. I am going to _______________(看大象) in the zoo.

4. Did you ______________ (读书) yesterday evening?

5. What did you do

__________(上个周末) ?


(一)、读句子,判断下列句子与图片是否相符,相符的打 “√”,不符的打 “×”

( )1. They are flying kites..

( )2. She prepared many presents for her friends..

( )3. John went skiing on his holiday.

( )4. The smowman ate good food.

( )5. John sang and danced last night.


1、How big are your feet ? (根据实际情况回答)

2、你比我重5公斤? (汉译英)

3、have, do, a, throat, you,sore ( ? )(连词成句)

4、Tom did his homework yesterday. (变成否定句)

5、Take some medicine and drink hot drinks. (英译汉)


( ) 1. How are you feeing now? A. He is 130cm tall.

( ) 2. How tall is your brother? B. last night.

( ) 3. Did you help them clean the room? C. Very well.

( )4. When did you go home? D. I went by train.

( ) 5. How did you go there? E. Yes,I did.



I’m Wu Yifan. I was busy last weekend. On Saturday morning, I washed my clothes. Then I cooked noodles. In the afternoon, I stayed at home and did my homework. In the evening, I visited my grandparents. We had a big dinner together, I set the table and did the dishes after dinner. On Sunday morning, I played sports with my friend. On Sunday afternoon, I planted trees. In the evening, I played computer games, watched TV and listened to music. I had a good time.


( ) 1. On Saturday evening, I _____.

A. played sports B. did my homework C. visited my grandparents

( ) 2. I didn't _____ on Sunday evening.

A. do my homework B. play computer games C. watch TV

( ) 3. I listened to music on _____.

A. Saturday B. Sunday C. Friday evening

( ) 4. I had a _____ weekend.

A. happy B. sad C. angry


( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

二、 根据短文,判断句子正误

Mike ran home from school.He was hungry. He had much homework to do. He wanted to play baskedball,too.But he didn’t have much time.Mike went to the kitchen.Mrs Brown was cooking.“I’m hungry,Mom,”said Mike.“Here are some pies.But don’t eat too much.Supper’s ready soon.”Mike ate some pies. Then he did his homework.“How’s school today?”Mrs Brown asked.“Fine,but,I’m busy now.Don’t talk to me.”One hour later,Mike was still studying.“Oh,I forget to play basketball!”said Mike.

( ) 1. Mike went home from school by bike.

( ) 2. Mike had a lot of housework to do.

( ) 3. Mike’s mom was cooking in the kitchen.

( ) 4. Mike ate some pies.

( ) 5. After Mike did his homework,he played basketball.


Last month a teacher was giving a lesson to a class of boys.She told them to write a composition about the last football match. Dick wrote a few words. The teacher asked him.“Why aren’t you

writing?”Dick answered,“I’ve finished.”Then the teacher took his exercise book and read.“Rain.No play.”

1.What was the teacher doing?


2. What did the teacher tell the students to do?


3.Did Dick write many words?


4. What did the teacher ask him?


5. What did Dick write in his exercise book?]


五、智力测试。(共5分) 按要求完成下列各题。

( )1、What number is missing from this series?

5 7 12 ? 31 50

( )2. “An eye for eye”这句话的汉语意思是

( )3、( )4、How can you buy eggs and be certain there are no chickens inside them?

A.Buy three eggs. B.Buy two eggs

C、Buy one egg. D.Buy duck eggs or goose eggs.

( )5、请给画线部分选出正确的意思。


B.取出 C. 跑出去 D.用完

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