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white water orange cat crayon eight school brown arm pencil three mouth body bird black two bear nine bag dog ruler ear elephant face duck head milk blue juice book four panda seven nose eye six ten hand eraser pig five monkey cake red yellow leg bread green foot UK Canada USA China she he student pupil teacher father dad man woman mother sister brother grandmother grandma grandfather grandpa thin fat tall short long small big boy and girl new friend today family giraffe so children tail box fox gift


1.Show me your ruler. 2. Close your book.

3.Carry your bag. 4.Touch your head.

5.Clap your hands. 6.Wave you arms.

7.Act like a panda. 8.Have some juice.

9.Show me nine. 10.Drink some milk.

11.Hello! I'm Wu Yi Fan. 12.What's your name ?

13.Good morning! 14. This is Miss Green.

15.Nice to meet you. 16. Let's go to school!

17. How are you? 18. Let's paint!

19. I have a ruler. 20. Here you are.

21. Can I have some water? 22. Let's make a puppet.

23. How old are you? 24. Have some milk

25. Boys and girls, we have two new friend today.

26. Welcome back! 27. I'm from the UK.

28.Where are you from? 29. What about you?

30.This is Amy. She’s a new student.

31. Who's that woman? 32. She's my mother.

33.They are a family. 34. This is my mum.

35. Is she your mother? 36. Yes, she is.

37. No, he isn’t. He is my teacher.

38. Look! This is my grandmother.

39. Look at the elephant. 40. It has a long nose.

41. Look at that monkey. It’s so fat!

42. Don’t feed the animals. 43. Come here, children!

44. It has small eyes and big ears.

45. Big, big, big! Make your eyes big


1.红色的 2.腿 3.猪 4.猫 5.爸爸

6.牛奶 7.手 8.六 9.书包 10.钢笔

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