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At present only a few students do some

reading after class. Here are several reasons.

Some students say they have too much

homework and they are busy doing it every day. Others don’t have a habit of reading. And they often spend their spare time on TV or the Internet.

However, reading has many advantages.

By reading we can learn more about the world. At the same time, it can help us think better. Reading can also make our life more colorful.

Here is my advice. First, teachers are

supposed to give less homework to us so that we can have more time to read. Second, it’s a good idea to start a reading club, so we can

learn from each other.


you PK中考第八讲书面表达 visited zoos? Have you seen

tigers in the zoos? I think a tiger is one of the most favorite animals in the zoos. But now there are about 3,200 tigers in the world, and the amount of them is reducing. What cause them to reduce? Because many forests are cut down and they have no place to live in. In order to protect them we must build many natural reserve. And we must stop people

from hunting.

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