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小学现在进行时练习及答案 2

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1. ______you__________(fly) a kite? Yes,_______.

2. ______you___________(sit) in the boat?

3. ______he_____________(talk) with me?

4. We_______________(play) football now.

5. What_________you__________(do)?

6. I_____________(sing) an English song.

7. What________he____________(make)?

8. He______________(drive) a car.

9. These boys _________ (play) tennis on the playground.

10. My mother______________ (cook) in the kitchen.

11. We can’t help you, we ____________ (have )classes.

12. ________ the boy ___________ (write) his homework?

13. Look! These butterflies _________ (fly) in the sky.

14. Listen! The girl ___________ (sing) in the next room.

15. The naughty boy __________ (swim) in the river.


1. Look. Lucy is_____ a new bike today.

A. jumping B. running C. riding D takeing

2. The children _____ football.

A. is playing B. are playing C. play the D. play a

3. They ______TV in the evening. They do their homework.

A. are watching B. can‘t watching C. don’t watch D. don‘t watching

4. Listen! She____ in the classroom.

A. is singing B. sing C .to sing D. is sing

5. ______are you eating? I’m eating ______ meat.

A. What,some B. Which,any C. Where,not D. What,a

6. Is she ____ something?

A. eat B. eating C. eatting D. eats

7. It‘s six in the afternoon. The Greens_______ lunch together.

A. has B. are having C. have had D. had had

8. Jack and Ketty_______ in the lake. Let‘s join them,shall we?

A. swim B. have swum C. swam D. are swimming

9. Look! The children_______ basketball on the playground.

A. plays B. played C. is playing D. are playing

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