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(时间:60分钟 总分:100分)


I. 听辨单词 (Words) (共10小题,计10分)


1. A. girl B. goat C. note

2. A. run B. jump C. sleep

3. A. apple B. pear C. banana

4. A. short B. good C. tall

5. A. nine B. seven C. two


II.句子理解 (Sentences) (共10小题,计10分)


11. A. Nice to meet you. B. Glad to see you. C. Nice to see you.

12. A. Look! I have a new bag. B. Look! I have a new dog. C. Look! I have a new friend.

13. A. Is China great? B. Is China a great country? C. Is she from China?

14. A. Liu Qiang is my brother. B. Liu Xiang is a famous film star. C. Liu Xiang is a

famous sports star.

15. A. What a big fish! B. How much is the fish? C. How big the fish is!


III.对话理解 (Dialogues) (共10小题,计10分)


听音,根据你所听到的内容按英文字母(A, B, C, D, E)的顺序为下列图片标号。每组对话读两遍。(答案写在答题纸上)

IV.短文理解 (Passages)(共10小题,计10分)


Hello, boys and girls! Do 31 have a brother? I have 32 brothers. One is Peter, the other is Jack. Peter is 33 and short. He likes reading very much. Jack is thin and 34 . He likes singing very much. We often 35 and study together. I love them.


36. Tom is a schoolboy.

37. The teacher wants to know the name of Tom's mother.

38. Tom's mother has five names.

39. Tom's mother is Jane Black.

40. Tom's father is Mr. Black.

笔试部分 (共六大题,计60分)

I. 单词 (Words) (共10小题,计10分)



6. — Good morning.

— G________ morning.

7. — How o________ are you?

— I'm four.

8. — What c________ is it?

— It's blue.

9. — Who is the b________?

— He is my brother.

10. — Is Jack a good boy?

— N________, he isn't.

II.句子 (Sentences) (共10小题,计10分)


11. Look ________ the blackboard, please.

A. up B. on C. at D. over

12. Kate is Mary's ________.

A. daughter B. son C. brother D. father

13. Look! The boys are ________.

A. dance B. dancing C. sing D. sings

14. One and two is ________.

A. four B. two C. one D. three

15. It's a ________ day today. Let's go out for a walk.

A. running B. sunny C. cloud D. winter


16. What's this? (用rabbit回答问题)

17. He goes to bed at 8:30 every night. (把主语换成I改写句子)

18. Do you have a bike? (作否定回答)

19. bees, busy, are, very, the (.) (连词成句,注意单词大小写)

20. The watermelon is big. It's sweet. (用and把两句话连接为一句话,意思不变)

III.情景会话 (Dialogues) (共10小题,计10分)

A)根据所给的情景,从A, B, C, D四个选项中选择正确的一项完成下列各题。(答案涂在答题纸上)

21. A. Yes, I can.

B. No, I'm not.

C. Yes, I do.

D. No, we don't.

22. — Is Peter taller than Amy?

— ________

A. No, I am not.

B. No, he isn't.

C. Yes, I am.

D. Yes, he is.

23. A. I want to go home.

B. I would like a waist


C. I will go home.

D. I would like a jacket.

24. A. She's a nurse.

B. She's a farmer.

C. She's a teacher.

D. She's a cleaner.

25. A. I like jumping.

B. It's sunny today.

C. Yes. I will.

D. I want to go to bed.


Saleswoman: Can I help you?

Bill: 26

Saleswoman: What colour do

you like?

Bill: 27

Saleswoman: How about this


Bill: 28 How much are they?

Saleswoman: 20 yuan.

Bill: 29 Bye-bye.

Saleswoman: 30

IV.阅读理解 (Reading comprehension)(共10小题,计10分)


Mrs. White has a son and a daughter. On Mother's Day her son wants to buy a nice dress for her. But the dress is too expensive. He hasn't got enough money. So he buys some chocolates. Mrs. White's daughter picks some beautiful flowers from the garden for her. They say "Happy Mother's Day!" Mrs. White is very happy.

31. Mrs. White has a ________ and a daughter.

32. The dress is too ________ for the son.

33. Her son buys some ________ for her.

34. Her daughter ________ some beautiful flowers for her.

35. Mrs. White is very happy on ________ Day.


Joe is a student of Class Two, Grade Four. This morning he is late again. He gets to school at 8:20. He says to his teacher,"Sorry, I am late."

"Oh, you are late again," says the teacher.

"It's not my fault(错), Miss Li," says Joe. "My grandma doesn't put books in my bag. There are some apples, bananas and oranges in it. On my way to school, I remembered(想到) this. So I went

back home and get my books."

36. What class is Joe in?

37. Is Joes late this morning?

38. What time does Joe get to school?

39. Who is Joe's teacher?

40. Does Joe's grandma love him?

V.小作文(Composition) (计15分)

提示:以"I Like Every Season"为题写一篇小作文。





VI.智力测试 (IQ test) (共5小题,计5分) (答案涂或写在答题纸上)

42. A, D, H, ________接下来的那个字母是什么?

43. Its head is small, its neck is long and its four legs are short. It can hide(藏) its body in a hard shell(壳). What is it?

44. As we know, black is to white, as cold is to ________.

45. Follow the lines to find out who will eat the ice lolly. (沿着线找出谁会吃冰棍。)

46. Hello, boys and girls! Each symbol represents a different number of minutes. Add them to see which animal wins the race. (同学们,下面的每一个符号都代表不同的分钟数。把它们加起来看看哪个动物会赢得比赛。)

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