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Section B(1a-2c)

1a.Use the description words to talk about the animals.

1. smart 2. friendly 3. beautiful 4. cute 5. lazy 6. scary 7. small 8. shy

Why do you like the animals?

1b.Listen and find out some words to
describe the animals.Fill in the chart.

Animals elephants pandas

Description words interesting, smart, lazy beautiful, shy, cute

Thailand 泰 国
The first flag 旗帜 One of Thailand’s Symbols 象征
A symbol of good luck

Paragraph 1

? What is Paragraph1 talking about?
? What do the students from Thailand want to do?

Paragraph 2

Smart elephants
places地方 They can remember with food and water

They can play Soccer or. music

They neverforget 忘记 and never get lost.迷路

They can draw very well.

Paragraph 3

Why are elephants in great danger?

Paragraph 3

Why are elephants in great danger?(check the right answer)

√ ????1. People cut down(砍倒) many trees.
????2.The elephants are always ill.

√ ????3.People kill(杀死) elephants for their ivory √ ????4.The elephants are losing their homes.
????5.People buy things made of his fur(皮毛).

√ ????6.People buy things made of(由...制成) ivory.

2c.Read the article again and complete the mind map.
1.Importance in Thailand ?first flag had white elephants ??????????? luck good ?symbol of __________ 3.Fact and figures ?people __________ many trees cut down ?people kill them for ?????????? their ivory ?today there about 3,000 elephants are?????????????????? over 100,000 before (????????????????)

Let’s Save the Elephants __________________

2.Abilities soccer or music ?can play ???????????? ?can also _________ draw remember ?can ???????? places with food and water

4.How to save them ?don’t cut down so many ????? trees ?don’t ???? things made of ivory buy ??????????? is Thai Elephant March 13th Day

Panda diplomacy(熊猫外交)
Singapore France Taibei Nanjing

My class flag

It’s a symbol of friendship.

Let’s design our class flag.We need an animal as a symbol of our class.Please give some advice on it.

· do you want to choose? What
· Why do you like it? · Maybe it’s friendly,it can do many things and help people
and so on.

Let’s see which group can be the winner.

? Tell your relatives and your friends to love the animals. ? Stop the people from killing the wild animals.

Loving animals is loving ourselves.

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