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一,阅读文章并判断正误,正确的打“√”,错误的打“×”。(10%) Look at the picture! There is a woman in the car. She is my aunt. She is my father’s sister. Her husband(丈夫) is an English teacher. He is tall and strong. My aunt and uncle have two sons and a daughter. Jim and Tom are twins(双胞胎). They are 12. They like science. How old is Ann? She is 9. She likes music. They are happy together.

( ) 1. There are four people in my aunt’s family.

( ) 2. In the picture, my aunt is in the car.

( ) 3. My uncle is a Chinese teacher.

( ) 4. Ann is 12.

( ) 5. Jim and Tom are twins.

二、阅读理解,选择合适的选项,将其编号写在题前括号里。(20%) Hello, my name is Amy, I get up at six forty. I have breakfast at 7:10. And then I go to school. I have four classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. I have lunch in the canteen at school. I go home at four fifty. I have dinner at seven o’ clock. I go to bed at nine thirty.

( ) 1,I get up at ___________. A, 6:40 B,6:30

( ) 2, I have ___________ at 7:10. A , lunch B, breakfast

( ) 3, I have ______ classes all day.(全天,一整天),A, at school B, nine thirty

( ) 4, I go to bed at _____________. A, seven o’clock B, nine thirty

( ) 5, I have lunch ___________. A , at school B , at home

三 、阅读短文,判断句子的正(T)误(F)。(20%)

I'm Alice. This is our school. It is big. This is my classroom. It's big and clean. Look! That is my desk. It is yellow. My teacher is Miss Li. She is in the classroom. She is a good teacher. I like my teacher.

1、 ( ) My name is Alice. 2、 ( ) My school is small.

3、( ) My classroom is dirty( 脏的 ).4、 ( ) My desk is yellow.

5、( ) Miss Li is not in the classroom.


I’m ZhangPeng. It’s 6:40. It’s time to get up. I wear my new T-shirt. It’s yellow. And I wear my green shorts. They’re old. But I like them very much. I have P.E. class today, so I wear my whit shoes. At 7:00,I have some hamburgers and milk for breakfast. Then I go to school at 7:20

( ) 1, I get up at 6:40. ( ) 2,I have a yellow shirt. It’s new.

( ) 3,I like my green shorts. ( ) 4, I wear green shoes today.

( ) 5,I have breakfast at 7:20.



Nancy is reading an e-mail from her American friend Jack. She is very happy to get the e-mail. Jack writes about his school and his weekend. Jack’s school is not very big but it’s beautiful. There are two buildings, two gardens and a playground. Their classrooms are big and clean. Jack likes his school very much.

Jack doesn’t go to school at the weekend. He often gets up at six on Saturday and Sunday. He runs in the park for half an hour. Then he eats his

breakfast. At eight, he begins to do his homework.. He has lunch with his family at home. In the afternoon, he helps his mother do housework. Sometimes he plays computer games with his classmates on the Internet. In the evening, he listens to music or reads books. He really has a good time at the weekend.

( )1.Jack is an American boy.

( ) 2.Jack’s school is big and beautiful.

( ) 3.Jack doesn’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

( ) 4. He does his homework in the evening.

( ) 5. He often plays computer games with his classmates on the Internet. 六,阅读理解: (10%)

Chen Jie and Chen Lin are sisters. Chen Jie is 14. She’s 2 years younger than Chen Lin. But she’s taller than Chen Lin. Chen Jie is 46kg . She’s 1kg

heavier than Chen Lin. Chen Jie likes sports. She does sports every day. So she’s stronger than Chen Lin. Chen Jie has short hair, but Chen Lin has long hair. They often wear the same size shoes. They wear size 36. They love each other. ( )1、Chen Jie has__sister. A: a younger B: an older

( ) 2、Chen Lin is_____kg . A: 45 B: 47

( ) 3、Chen Lin is_____than Chen Jie. A: taller B: shorter

( ) 4、Chen Lin’s hair____-longer than Chen Jie’s .A: is B: isn’t

( ) 5、Chen Jie wear size_____ A: 35 B: 36


Welcome to my school. There are 30 classrooms in my school. Look , this is a big playground. In this building(大楼),you can see the gym , the library and the room are on the first floor . There are many story-books and picture books in the library . You can read books in it. My classroom is on the second floor. It’s big and clean. I like it.

( ) 1, There are ________ classrooms in my school’A, thirty B, thirteen

( ) 2, The playground is ___________. A, small B, big

( ) 3, The library is on the _________ floor. A, first B, second

( ) 4, My classroom is___________ A, clean B, small

( )5, I _______my school. A, don’t like B, like


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