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( )1. The capital of China is _________. a. Beijing b. Jinan c. Shanghai

( )2. Sydney is a city of _________. a. USA b. Australia c. UK

( )3. Yao Ming is playing basketball in _________. a. NHL b. CBA c. NBA

( )4. We say “Trick or Treat” for candies in _________. a. Halloween b. Christmas c. Mother’s Day

( )5. Christmas is on _________.

a. Dec.24th b. Dec.25th c. Dec.26th

( )6. PK means _________.

a. playing ok b. playing in KFC c. player killed

( )7. You are late for school. You should say _________. a. Sorry. b. Thank you. c. Happy birthday!

( )8. What color is the grass? It’s _________. a. blue b. green c. black

( )9. The capital of Britain is on _________. a. Berlin b. Paris c. London

( )10. We usually eat Jiaozi in _________.

a. Spring Festival b. Thanksgiving Day c. Father’s Day

( )11. There are _________ days in a week. a. seven b. six c. five

( )12. There are _________ hours in a day.

a. twenty b. twenty-four c. twenty-five

( )13. There are _________ minutes in a hour. a. forty b. fiftyty c. sixty

( )14. There are _________ seconds in a minute. a. sixty b. seventy c. eighty

( )15. Goats eat _________.

a. flowers b. grass c. meat

( )16. Tigers eat _________.

a. flowers b. grass c. meat

( )17. Rabbits eat _________.

a. carrots b. flowers c. meat

( )18. We can see with our _________.

a. ears b. eyes c. nose

( )19. We often close the door with our _________. a. head b. hair c. hand

( )20. We often cook the meals in the _________. a. living room b. kitchen c. garden

( )21. We often clean the bedroom with a _________. a. broom b. telephone c. light

( )22. We often watch TV in the _________. a. kitchen b. living room c. bathroom

( )23. We often write with a _________.

a. ruler b. fan c. pen

( )24. We sleep in the _________.

a. bedroom b. living room c. bathroom

( )25. We take a bath in the _________.

a. living room b. bathroom c. bedroom

( )26. The Great Wall is in _________.

a. Guangzhou b. Guilin c. Beijing

( )27. We can ______ in the sky.

a. fly b. walk c. swim

( )28. We usually _________ in the music room.

a. have Chinese b. sing songs c. play football

( )29. In the evening sometimes we can see _________ in the sky.

a. eggs b. bread c. stars

( )30. Liu Xiang is a _________ athlete.

a. Japanese b. British c. Chinese


好久不见! Keep it up! 坚持下去! Long time no see! 我明白了。 I made it! 祝你好运! Good luck! 我做到了! I see!

快醒醒! What a pity! 我请客! My treat! 真可惜! Wake up! 不劳无获。 It’s a deal! 一言为定。 No pains, no gains.

爱屋及乌。 Good idea!

一言难尽。 It’s a long story. 好主意! Love me, love my dog.


in on up by to down

1. We go ____ school ____ bike.

2. We go ____ bed _____ foot.

3. -May I come______? -Come _____, please.

4. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh! What fun it is _____ ride ______ a one horse open sleigh.

5. Stand _____, please.

6. Sit ______, please.

7. We sleep ______ bed.

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