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(一) 选出下面每组单词中画线字母的读音与其他不同的一项

( )1.A.use B.but C.bus

( ) 2.A.she B.ten C.he

( ) 3.A.live B.like Cnice ( )4.A.home B.some C.go

( ) 5.A.map B.bag C.again


1、come(过去式) 2、buy(过去式)

3、big(比较级) 4、two(同音词)

5、young(比较级) 6、get(过去式)

7、clever(最高级) 8、best(原级)

9、long(反义词) 10、make(过去式)


1、My friend sometimes_______ (watch) TV in the morning.

2、I’m _______ (go) to play the computer games this afternoon.

3、What_______ (be) you going to do?

4、Mary_______ (have)a pen pal.

5、What’s _______ (he) favourite food?


( )1、Tell me something _______ your family.

A.on B. about C. of D. to


( )2、My sister likes _______ pictures.

A.draw B. draws C. drawing D. to draw

( )3、There are many_______ .

A. butterfly B. butterflies C. butterflys D. a butterfly ( )4、 She is an_______ .

A. singer B. doctor C. actor D.actress

( )5、I’m going to buy _______shoes.

A.a B. an C. a pair of D.a pair

( )6、Are you going to Beijing the National Holiday?

A.in B. on C. at D.for

( )7、--- he to work by bus?

---Yes,he does.

A.Does, go B. Does,goes C. Is,going D.Do,goes ( )8、The man teaches English.

A.our B.we C.us D.ours

( )9、Helen’s mother young in the photo.

A.looks B.look C.see D.sees

( )10、hobby is collecting leaves.

A.He B.His C.He’s


1、 at 10 in the evening..(上床睡觉)


3 I like .(骑自行车)

4 They are going to (去旅行) 5 I’m going to this evening.(拉小提琴) 2



1、What are you going to be ? (根据实际情况回答)

2、他在哪儿上班? (汉译英)

3、next, to, it, the, is, post, office (连词成句)

4、I want to be a teacher. (改为一般疑问句)

5、We look the same,but we don’t like the same things. (英译汉)


( )1、Is the hospital far from here? A.I’m going at 2 o’clock

( )2、when are you going? B.No,it’s near.

( )3、what do you do? C.I get there by subway.

( )4、Can I go by bus? D.I’m a doctor.

( )5、How do you get there ? E.Sure.



Hello! I’m Liu Ying. I’m going to have a busy weekend. On Saturday morning,I’m going to the Renmin Park with my sister Liu Hong by bike. In the afternoon, we are going to visit my grandparents. In the evening,I’m going to visit my aunt with my mother. On Sunday morning,I’m going to the bookstore with my good friend Tom. And I’m going to buy some storybooks. After lunch,I’m going to play sports with Amy. In the evening,I’m going to watch TV and clean my room.How happy I am!

( ) 1. Liu Ying is going to the Renmin Park by bus.



( )5、A. in B.at C.on D.behind

( )6、A. name B.friend C.toys D.photos

( )7、A. others B.the other C.other D.the others

( )8、A. They B.These C.Those’ D.That

( )9、A. make B.take C.give D.carry

( )10、A.from B.with C.of D.for



( )1、“Walls have ears”的意思是:

A、墙上有洞 B、隔墙有耳 C、震耳欲聋

( )2. Don’t 请选出划线部分的正确意思

A.不要泄露秘密 B.不要让猫逃跑了 C.不要让猫出来

( )3、What’s the English for“禁止停车”?

A.No smoking B.No parking C.No not pass

( )4、Which table has no legs?

A.Desk B.Timetable C、Table

5、I look like a bear but I’m not a bear.I am smaller than a bear.I look like a cat but I’m not a cat.I am bigger that a cat.I like eating bamboo and I live in the forest.What am I?



题目:My Favourite Season




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