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李梅 1. I think this movie is interesting, ___ my friends don’t like it.

2.We have T-shirts ________ green for only $ 8.

3. He can sing lots of songs ______English.

4.My name is Sandy Jordan. Sandy is my f ___ name.

5.The colors of national flag(国旗)are red and y ___ .

6.Why doesn't she want _________( eat) out to hamburgers?

7.He _________( not do ) his homework at home. 8. Five and ten ___(be) fifteen.

9.My parents would like me _____ (read) English in the morning.


11.I’m 13years old and my sister is 15 years old. So my sister is ____ years than me.


13.May Day表示中国的那个节日:_____

14.Music is very ____ (interest).

15. There are two nice _____(photo).

16.I have two ______ ( tomato ) every day.

17.Your classroom is very t______.

18. Don’t ____(play) football at home.

19. There _________a pen and three knives in the box.

20.How much ________these tomatoes?

1. but 2. in 3. in 4. first 5. yellow 6. to eat 7. doesn’t do 8. is 9. to read 10. six 11. two 12. Nov. 13. 劳动节 14. interesting 15. photos 16. tomatoes 17. tidy 18. play 19. are 20. are



1. Our English teacher has a lot ____ books.

2. Eating fruit ___ (be) healthy.

10.Do you eat eggs ____ dinner.

4.They ask ___ (I) about my habits.

5. My father has a good eating h______.

6. Let’s ask our teacher ___ our books.

7. He ___ (have) ice cream ____ dessert.

8. My father likes ___ (they) a lot.

9. Let ____ (we) play ping-pong.

10. Let’s ____ (watch) it on TV.

11. ___ he ____ (like) English?

12. She ___ ____ (not have) a new bike.

13. He often ____ (watch) sports ____ TV.

14. We can’t find ___ food. Can you help ___ (we).

15. I like sports. I think they are i________.

16. Let ___ (I) help you.

17. Mike ____ (have) a model plane.

18. Hurry up! We are l_____.

19. I want ____ (have) some apples.

20. We have b_______ in the morning.

1.of 2.is 3.for 4.me 5.habit 6.for 7.has for

8.them 9.us 10.watch 11.Does he 12.doesn’t have

13.watches on 14.our us 15.interesting 16.me 17.has

18.late 19. to have 20. breakfast


1. Do you know the woman _________black?

2. -----What _______do you like?


3.In which month(月) do people speak least(说的最少)?________


5.We have T-shirts ________ green for only $ 8.

6.The l________ month is December in a year.

7.Where ________ your new shoes?

8.June 1st is ______Day.

9.Mrs.Green is my a_____.She is my uncle’s wife(妻子)。

11.Nine and eleven is ______.

12.---Where is the tape?

---It’s _____the tape player.

12.---What’s the p_____of your computer?

----300 dollars.

13.August is the e____month of the year .

14.Hey ,Lily!Come and play w___us.

15.Mike is a middle school s______.His English teacher is Mrs.Sun.

16.Sam and Simon are in the same class, they are c_____.

17.---Can I help you?

-----____,______.I just want to have a look.(只是随便看看)

18.The red sweaters are on s_____.

19.I n______your help. 20._______John and Nick like apples.

答案: 1,in 2.fruit 3.February 4. I,a 5.in 6.last


10.twenty-one 8. Children’s 9. aunt

11.in 12.price 13.eighth 14.with

15.student 16. classmates 17. No,thanks. 18 sale

19. need 20.Do

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