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2013-2014学年度六年级第一学期英语知识竞赛题 班级__________ 姓名_____________ 评分___________

一、选择正确的答案,将序号填在题前的括号内。(20分) ﹙ ﹚1. I live on the ________floor.

A. forth B. five C. ninth

﹙ ﹚2. I am going to buy a pair of___________

A. boot B. shoe C. gloves

﹙ ﹚3.That’s a call for_______

A. he B. you C. his

﹙ ﹚4.In Hong Kong, drivers drive on the_______ side of the road.

A. right B. left C. middle

﹙ ﹚5.My school is________

A. far from B. near C. next to

﹙ ﹚6.Turn right_______ the library, then go________.

A. of; straight B. at; straight C. in; straight

﹙ ﹚7.Tom is going to buy______ art books.

A. a B. an C. some

﹙ ﹚8. Is that an ______ car.

A. Chinese B. Australia C. English

﹙ ﹚9.What does your sister do?

A. She likes playing the violin. B. She is a singer. C. She can do the dishes.

﹙ ﹚10.Don’t forget to turn _______ the light before you go to bed.

A. on B. around C. off


1. We must know the traffic rules.(使意思相同)

We _____ _____ know the traffic rules.

2. I ,Where ,is , not , it ,know, do. (连词成句)


3.This is a bus. ( 改为复数句 )


4.What is your best friend’s hobby? ( 按实际情况回答)


5.We are going to the bookstore at . (就划线部分提问) 1

________ __________ _________ going to the bookstore?


﹙ ﹚1.Now let me tell you how come. _______________________


﹙ ﹚2.I want to be a actor. ______________________


﹙ ﹚3.What will you do on weekend? _____________________


﹙ ﹚4.Tom and Amy often go to there by bike. ____________________


﹙ ﹚5.The bird live in the tree. __________________________














Alice: _______________

Betty: I have ever seen you cooking. What are you cooking now?

Alice: Sausages and chicken.______________

Betty: Sausages, please. _____________ Where are your CDs?

Alice: In the cupboard. _____________

Betty: The sausages are on fire!

Alice: ___________________

Betty: Ha-ha…




“Isn’t it lovely weather?” says Tom. “What shall we do?”

“Do you want to go to the cinema?” asks Mike.

“That’s a good idea!”

The boys walk to the cinema. They get two tickets.

The movies are very good. They see a cowboy movie and a movie about a dog. The boys have a good time. They like the cowboy movie. They see it again.

The movie ends. The boys walk fast. A policeman comes over and asks them,“Are you Tom and Mike?”

“Yes”, says Tom.

“Your parents are looking for you and I’m helping them. Do you know it’s eleven o’clock now?”says the policeman.

The policeman takes them home in the car.

﹙ ﹚1. The boys get two tickets for________.

A. a football game B. a cowboy movie

C. movies D. a movie about a dog

﹙ ﹚2. The two boys see ________ that day.

A. movie B. two movies

C. three movies D. four movies

﹙ ﹚3. The boy’ s parents ask a policeman to help look for them because________.

A. it is lunch time B. they are very old

C. it’s late and the boys are not at home D. the boys are ill ﹙ ﹚4. The boys go home very late because________.

A. they talk to a policeman on their way home

B. they look for their parents

C. they don’t want to go home

D. they don’t know their parents are looking for them

﹙ ﹚5. Which sentence is not true(不正确的﹚ about this story?________.

A. The boys are happy B. The weather isn’t lovely

C. The boys go home by car D. Both A and B


People sometimes like to read stories of dogs very much. They think that dogs are much cleverer than cats, sheep, cows or other animals in their homes. One of my close friends, Bob, has a very large police dog named Jack. Every Sunday afternoon, Bob and Jack have a walk in the park nearby. Jack likes these walks very much. One Sunday afternoon, I paid a 3

visit to my friend. I stayed there for a long time and my friend and I had much more talk with each other than ever before. Soon it was time for them to take a walk in the park. We forgot that. Jack became worried about it. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of me and looked at me. But I still paid no attention (注意) to him. I went on talking with my friend. At last, Jack could not wait any longer. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down in front of me again. But this time, he held my hat in his mouth. Suddenly, I understood what Jack meant and so did my friend.

﹙ ﹚1.How many people are there in this story?

A.One B.Two C.Three D.Four

﹙ ﹚2.Jack______.

A.is a close friend of mine

B.enjoys long walks in the park every Sunday afternoon

C.has many close friends

D.enjoys talks in the room

﹙ ﹚3.Jack was worried because______.

A.he wanted to eat something

B.it was Sunday afternoon again

C.he was not feeling well

D.he wanted his master (主人) to take him for a walk

﹙ ﹚4.Jack took my hat in his mouth to show that______.

A.I should leave the house at once

B.he liked my hat very much

C.he was hungry and he tried to eat it

D.he wanted to have a rest

﹙ ﹚5.Which of the following is true?______.

A.When Jack and I were talking, my friend didn’t pay any attention to us

B.When I was talking to my friend, Jack didn’t pay any attention to us

C.When my friend and I were talking, we didn’t pay any attention to Jack

D.When my friend was talking to Jack, I paid attention to them 4

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