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( )21. The school trip is _____ February 28th.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

( )22. _____ are the socks? They are $10.

A. How many B. What C. How much D.How

( )23. Come and have a look ! We have T-shirt _____ red and yellow _____ only ¥5.

A. in, in B. in, for C. at, at D. for, for

( )24.---Are those Bob’s shorts? ---___________

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, they’re D. No, they aren’t

( )25. -- ________________. --Yes, please . I want a T-shirt


A . What do you like? B. Do you like a T-shirt?

C. Can I help you? D. Can you help me?

( )26_______________ is on September 10th

A. Women’s Day. B. Children’s Day C. Teachers’ Day D. Christmas Day.

( )27. –Do you want _____ the red hat? --Yes, I do.

A. buy B. buys C. to buy D. take

( )28. They can buy the pens _____ a very good _____.

A. at, price B. in, price C. at, cost D. at, selling

( )29. _____ is your aunt? She’s fifty.

A. How B. How many C.How much D. How old

( )30. -- Gina, happy birthday to you! -- ______

A. Thank you. B. Thank you! And the same to you.

C. The same to you. D. Yes, I’m very happy.

( )31._____ boys, you can buy pants for only $ 7 each !

A. At B. On C.In D.For

( )32. – Thank you. -- ______.

A. Hi B. Thanks C.Nice to meet you. D. You’re welcome

( )33.The green shorts _____ 30 yuan.

A. is on sale B. are on sale C. are on the sale for D. are on sale for

( )34.Kate doesn’t _____ pears.

A. has B. like C.eats D. likes

( )35._____ Peter and Jim _____ hamburgers?

A. Does, like B. Do, like C. Does, likes D. Do, likes


Ann: Hey, Rose! Let’s 36 a movie.

Rose: Hm, I don’t know…

Ann: Well… Let’s go to see The Edge. It’s 37 thriller.

Rose: Un, well, I 38 like thrillers. I don’t want to go, but 39 .

Ann: OK.Where’s James? 40 he want to go?

Rose: I don’t 41 .

Ann: Hi, James. 42 you want to go to a movie? It’s The Edge.

James: Is 43 a comedy? I like comedies 44 action movies.

Ann: 45 , it’s thriller.

James: No, thank you. Let’s go to an action movie.

( )36. A. go to B. go on C. to go to D. to go

( )37. A. a B. an C. the D. to go

( )38. A. not B. don’t C. doesn’t D. am not

( )39. A. thanks B. thanks you C. thank your D. thank ( )40. A. Is B. Are C.Does D. Those

( )41. A. no B. not C. now D. know

( )42. A. Is B. Are C. Do D. Does

( )43. A. it B. its C. it’s D. it is

( )44. A. but B. or C. and D. for

( )45. A. Not B. Doesn’t C. No D. Don’t


Bob and Frank are good friends. They often go to movies together(一起)on weekends. Bob’s favorite actor is Cheng Long. He has an action movie,Who Am I. It’s very exciting. Frank likes the actor Rick Smith. He really likeshis movie.Black September. Frank thinks it’s a very successful thriller.Bob and Frank are Americans(美国人), but they both like Beijing Opera,

they think they can learn about Chinese history from these movies.

( )46. Bob and Frank often_________ together on weekends.

A. go to school(上学) B. go to a movieC. are good friends D. go to see an

action movie

( )47. Bob’s favorite actor is__________.

A. Frank B. Cheng Long C. Beijing D. American

( )48. The film(影片)Black September is_____________.

A. an action movie B. a comedy C. Beijing Opera D. a thriller

( )49. Bob and Frank come from____________.

A. America B. China C. Japan D. England

( )50. Which of following is false(下列那种说法错误)?____________

A. Bob and Frank are good friends. B. Who Am I is an action movie.

C. We can learn about Chinese history from action movies.

D. Bob and Frank like Beijing Opera.

Nancy is an English school girl. She studies in a middle school. She hasa little brother. His name is John. John is only four. Nancy likes him verymuch. Today is Sunday. Nancy wants to do her homework. She takesout her pencil-box and opens it. “Oh, dear!where’s my pen?

“She can’t find her pen. She goes to ask her brother in his bedroom. “John! I can’t find my pen. Can you see. . . Oh, what are youdoing with my pen? ”“I’m writing to my friend, Peter. “ John answers.“But how can you? You don’t know how to write! ”“It doesn’t matter.Peter can’t read. ” John says.

( )51.How old is Nancy’s brother? ___________

A.Five B.Four C.Six D.Three

( )52.________ can’t find her pen.

A.Nancy B.Peter C.John D.Friend

( )53.Where’s John? ___________

A.In the school B.In a shop. C.In his bedroom. D.In her father’s car. ( )54.Which is not right? ____________

A.Nancy finds her pen in John’s room. B.John can’t write.

C.John is writing with her sister’s pen. D.Peter can read. ( )55.John and Peter are ________.

A. friends B. English C. at home D. school girls

My name is Fett. I’m English. But now I live (住) in China. I am a student. This is my classroom. Fifteen small desks and thirty chairs are in the

classroom. They are for (给) classmates (同班同学) and me. A big desk is in the classroom, too. It’s for my teacher. A clock is on the back (后面)wall of the classroom. Next to the clock is a map. It’s a map of China.

My classroom is nice and clean. I like it very much.

( )6. Who is Jeff?

A. A schoolboy. B. A schoolgirl. C. A Chinese student D. American.

( )7. What is Jeff talking about?

A. The family. B. The school. C. The classroom. D. The park.

( )8. What’s on the back wall of the classroom?

A. A clock. B. A map. C. A map and a clock. D. A picture.

( )9. How many desks are there (有) in the classroom?

A. Fifteen. B. Sixteen. C. Thirty. D. Thirty-one.

( )10. What does the underlined (划线) “it” mean (意思) in the passage (文章)?

A. The classroom. B. The map of China. C. The big desk. D. The school

It is Sunday afternoon. Mary goes to do the shopping with her mother. Her mother wants to buy some food for supper(晚餐). Mary wants to buy a new skirt and some school things. They come to a shop.

“What does your shop sell?” Mary asks, “A lot of things.” The girl in the shop says. “You can buy food, drinks, clothes in our shop and school things, too.”

Mary and her mother go in. there are many people in the shop. Mary finds a nice white skirt. “How much is the skirt?” Mary asks the girl in the shop.

“It’s eighty yuan.”

“That’s too dear(贵). Can I find a cheap(便宜) one?”

“What about the green one? It looks nice. And it’s only thirty yuan.” “Ok, thanks a lot.”

“You are welcome.”

After that, Mary buys some school things, too. Her mother buys a lot of food, like bread, cakes, meat and fish. They get home(回家) very late.

( ) 1. Mary wants to buy a new skirt and _________.

A. some food B. some drinks C. come clothes D. some school things

( )2. Mary goes to do the shopping with her mother on ________.

A. Saturday afternoon B. Saturday morning C. Sunday morning D. Sunday afternoon

( ) 3. Mary buys a _________ skirt.

A. white B. green C. red D. dear

( ) 4. The white skirt is __________.

A. ¥30 B. ¥110 C. ¥80 D. ¥100

( ) 5. The green skirt is ___________.

A. nice but dear

not nice or cheap


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. nice and cheap C. not nice but cheap D.

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