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Stanley Park in Vancouver


First Nations Art: totem poles

?totem poles in stanley park,representing

authentic Nation poles from several different tribal groups,

?this cluster of poles represent a combination of characters from Native mythology and symbols of the clan,or person,responsible for their carving.

?there are nine totem poles.The nine totem poles at Brockton Point are BC's most visited tourist attraction.

The nine totem poles

The only haida family totem pole,also is the only tombs column

The sky emirates totem pole

The only nice card family totem pole,is also the only describe myth story content of the totem pole


Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden ?This collection of plants

came from the Royston

nursery belonging to Ted

and Mary Greig, who

were famous

rhododendron hybridizers.

?In all, about 4,500 plants

are planted around the

Stanley Park .

Rose Garden and floral displays ?The Stanley Park Rose Garden , boasts over

3,500 rose bushes, as

well as a stylish west

coast-inspired arbour

supporting a combination

of climbing roses and


Shakespeare Garden?the Shakespeare Garden pays homage to The Bard.

?The garden includes trees mentioned in his plays and poems.

?There are about 45 trees that form the garden that

accompanies the monument. These Shakespeare trees are integrated throughout the garden for visitors to find as they explore the garden

Wide Forest

douglas fir 花旗松

Red Cedar红杉树Western



Hollow Tree?The Hollow Tree is a Western Red Cedar tree that is between 700 and 800 years old.

?It was damaged by the severe windstorm.However, the Stanley Park Hollow Tree

Conservation Society stabilize the tree in a project funded entirely by private donations.

Prospect Point ?We can find excellent views of the Lions Gate Bridge, mountains, and so on.

Siwash Rock?According to Squamish first nations legend, a

man was transformed into Siwash Rock "as an

indestructible monument to Clean Fatherhood" -a reward for unselfishness.

Lost Lagoon?Lost Lagoon is home to many species of birds. ?This area was once a tidal mud flat. When the Stanley Park causeway was built , the mud flat became a fresh water body.


Miniature train?The Miniature Train

winds along 2 km of track through Stanley Park?Travel over trestles and through tunnels on your journey through the forest.

Horse-drawn carriage and bus tours ?put up your feet and enjoy

a relaxing, peaceful one

hour horse-drawn

carriage ride through the

park's eastern side. You

will get a comprehensive

tour of the park and its


shuttle?the Vancouver Trolley Company offers a daily 45-minute narrated hop-on, hop-off tour of

Stanley Park. It stops at 15 of the Park’s most popular spots. Sometimes the shuttle is free .

golf court

tennise court

swimming pool

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