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说明:本试卷满分100分,听力部分50分,笔试部分50分,考试时间为60分钟。 请考生在答题卷上作答,在问卷上作答的答案无效,考试结束由监考老师收回答题卷。

听力部分:50分 (每题读一遍)


二、你将听到一段短文,根据短文的内容,填写正确的答案,并将答案写在答题卷三、 听一个生词和含有这个生词的对话,选择生词的意思,把答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(6%)

11) A.大长今 B.流行 C. 重播 D. 垃圾时段

12) A.道德 B.人道 C.德育 D.道路

13) A.失望 B.生气 C.感谢 D.痛苦

14) A.花生油 B.汽油 C.柴油 D.煤油

15) A.习俗 B.聚会 C.饮食 D.活动


16) A. 商务中心 B. 健身中心 C. 购物中心 D.医疗中心


17 )A. For a moth. B. 9 April. C. 9 March D. 9 May.

18 ) A. She, s going to put the suitcases beside the door.

B. She, s going to put the plane tikets into the handbag.

C. She, s going to leave for Hainan Island.

D. She, s going to pack their clothes.

19 )A. Because she wants to put their luggange in it.

B. Because thereis a trolley over there.

C. Because they look at the sign.

D. Because trolleys are too hesvy.

20)A.Yes,he has B. No,he hasn?t. C. Yes, he does. D. No, he doesn?t.

21)A. She tells the way to the man. B. She doesn?t know the way there.

C.She works in the post office. D. She goes there with the man.

22)A. At the fish stall. B. At the vegetable stall.

C. At the fruit stall. D. At the meat stall.


24)A. Ten minutes. B. Five minutes. C. Fifteen minutes. D.Four minutes.

25)A. A doctor . B. A dentist. C. A secretary. D. A policeman.

26)A. Watching TV. B. Visiting Shanghai Zoo.

C. Having a pinic. D. Going to the cinema.

五、 听短文,根据短文内容选择正确的答案,把答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(10%) Passage 1

27) ?

A. to get some medicine for his wife B. to buy his son some drink

C. to sell his bike D. because his son wanted to go there

28)Mr Hunt didn? ?

A. nobody looked after his wife at home

B. the boy always wanted his father to carry him on his back

C. the town was a little far and the bus left half an hour ago

D. he couldn?t borrow a bike Passage 2

A. a footballer B. a teacher C. a driver D. a businessman


A. his father has a lot of money B. he doesn?t like studying

C. his teachers are not very good D. he has to help his father in the shops Passage3

was the most interesting thing in the world.

A. being very clever

B. working hard to make a lot of money

C. asking someone to do something for him

D. wanting easy work and a lot of money

A. stole(偷) things from the others himself

B.worked very hard and got a lot of money

C.told his friends to steal and and he himself just got money from them

D. played the piano with his sister Passage 4

33)Many people liked to go to Mark Twain?A.they were his friends B. they were from the USA

C. they liked his novel D.they liked his interesting stories

A. to see one of his friends B. because he wanted to do something there for his wring

C. to see some mosquitoes there D.to see one of his re latives Passage 5

A.people drive big cars B. people drive little cars

C. people take a bus to work D.the usual size of cars today is too small


A.there will be fewer cars in the future

B.there will be fewer people in the street

C. no people will drive cars

D. future cars will be much smaller

六、听故事,根据故事内容选择正确答案。把答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(14%) Story 1

37) .

A. in the front of the classroom and draw their dolls on the blackboard

B. in fornt of the classroom and draw their dolls on the blackboard

C. in fornt of blackboard and draw their dolls on it

D.behind the desks and draw their dolls on them

38) They mustn? .


A. keep their eyes closed B. keep their eyes open

C. close their eyes D. shut their eyes


A. a round face B. a nose C. a foot D.a left eye

40) They don?A. a mouth B. a nose C. a bag D. a left eye

41)Which is ture?

A.It is difficult for the children to draw their dolls well.

B.It is easy for the children to draw their dolls well.

C.Children must draw the dolls?noses out of their faces.

D.Students like play the game and they can draw well.

Story 2

A.jumped into the same car B. stayed outside a car

C. went into the club D. got into another car


A. before he got into the car B. to open the door of the car

C. to make the engine of the car word D. to let the dog out of the car

44)Who was in the wrong car?

A.George B. The dog C. Both of them D. Neither of them

A. the dog can drive a car B. George can?t drive

C. the dog is silly D. the dog?s drive

Story 3

46)How many students in our class play football every day?

A. Everyone. B. Thirty students. C. More than thirty. D. Less than thirty.

47)Which team plays better, the boy?s or girl?s?

A. The boy team. B. The girl team. C. Both play well. D. The story doesn?t tell.

48)What are the student going to watch this Sunday?

A. A pingpong game. B. A football match on TV.

C. A basketball game. D. A football match between two classes.

49)What do you think of the Chinese football team?

A. It?s the best. B. No one likes it.

C. They can be the best in the future. D. It is very good.

50)What does”Some day” mean in this story?

A.有一天 B.一些天 C.将来 D.现在的某一天


七、 根据短文内容选择正确的答案,把答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(10%) 4


Sanlu to Recall Milk Powder

The Sanlu Group, based in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, recalled(召回)about 700 tons of its baby milk food ,as one of the infants(婴儿)diagnosed(诊断)with kidney stones(肾结石)after being fed(喂)the milk powder died in Gansu Province on Thursday.

One of the country?s largest dairy products? makers said its milk food had been contaminated with a chemical(化学物质)material called melamine(三聚氰胺).It is said that about 59 babies have been diagnosed with kidney stone in the province this year. According to the report, many of them had been fed with the same brand(品牌)of milk food. No babies were diagnosed with kidney stone last year or in 2006 in the province. Similar(类似的) cases have been reported from across the country-from the Ningxia ,Gansu and Shanxi to Jiangsu, Shandong, Anhui and Hunan Provinces .But the total number is not know.

51)Where is the Sanlu Group based?

A. In Shanxi Province B. In Anhui Provinces

C.In Hubei Provinces D. In Hebei Provinces

52)What is the reason for the Sanlu Group's recalling its milk food?

A. Because nobody buys its milk food.

B. Because many babies have been fed with its milk food.

C.Because some young people died after buying its milk powder.

D.Because some babies died after drinking its milk powder.

53)How many banies we're diagnose with kidney stone in Gansu Province this year?

A. 700 B. 59 C. 2006 D. 95

54)Why did the babies die after drinking Sanlu milk powder?

A. Because the milk powder has gone bad.

B. Because the milk powder is cheap.

C. Because the milk powder is very dirty.

D. Because the milk powder has melamine.

55)Which is true accrding to the report?

A.Melamine is good for baby 's health.

B.Some babies died because they drank milk poeder.

C.Sanlu milk food had a chemical called melamine.

D.The same thing happened only in Gansu Province.


A man has a small house and tow fig trees. There are lots and lots of figs on his trees, and it is just about time to pick them.

"I would like to cut down some of my figs ,"the man says,"but which tree should I pick 5

from first?The figs on this big tree are best ,but the figs on that little three are not so bad.Should I pick the best figs first or last?"

Two days go by. All the figs are still on the trees, but the man just sits there. At last a child stops,"Why do you look so sad?" he saks.

"I would like to cut down some of my fat figs and put them in sacks and make pots of jam, "the man says," But I don't know which figs to pick first."

"Well, if you ask me ,"the child says,"they all look good, and it is about time to pick them." But the man does not pick his figs.

The sun gets hot and the figs rot(腐烂). But the man just sits and asks,"Which figs 56)The best title for this story is .

A. The Sun and the Figs B. The Man and His Figs

C. The Tree with Figs D. The Figs Rot

57)Why doesn't the man pick the figs off?

A. Because he dosen't want to pick the figs off.

B. Because there are no figs on the fig tree.

C. Because he dosen't know to pick the figs off.

D. Because he dosen't know which trees he should pick from fist.

58)Why aren't any figs on the trees at last(最后)?

A. Because the man picks them off.

B. Because the child picks them off.

C. Because the figs rot one by one.

D. Because there isn't any fig on the tree.

59)What dose in the dust mean in the story?

A. 在树上 B. 在山上 C. 在尘土上 D. 落在地上

60)Which of the following is WRONG?

A.The man has two fig trees and there are a lot of figs on them.

B.The man wonts to pick the figs off.

C.The man wonts to wait for the figs falling off(落下) from the tree.

D.The hot sun makes the figs ripe(成熟) and rot.


Some birds like eating locusts(蝗虫),but birds can?t easily them .Why ?It is because locusts change their colours the change of the colours of crops.When green. But as the harvest time comes,locusts change to the same brown colour have.Some other pests with different colour from found and eaten by others .So they have to hide themselves for living and only at night.


61) A. like B. catch C. hold D. find

62) A. through with B. through by C. together under D. together with

63) A. like B. colour C. look D. find

64) A.crops B. birds C. pests D.clouds

65) A.easily B. hardly C. seldom D. often

66)A.go B.appear C.come D.fly


In the last 500 years, nothing about people—their clothes, idea or languages has changed as much as what they eat.The original chocolate drink was made from the seeds of coco trees by South American Indians. The Spanish introduced it to the rest of the world during the 1500s. And although it was served and became important in meeting place, some still exist today.

The potato is also born in the New World. Around 1600, the Spanish brought it from Peru to Europe, where it soon was widely grown. The potato was the main food at Irish table. Thousands of Irish people starved during the “Potato Famine” of 1845-1846,and thousands more were forced to move top America.

There are many other foods that have travelled from South America to the Old World.But some others went in the opposite direction. Brazil is now the world?s largest grower of coffee, and coffee is an important crop in Colombia and other South American countries. But it is native to Ethiopia. It was first made into a drink by Arabs during the 1400s.

According to an Arabic story, coffee was discovered when a man named Kaldi noticed that his goats were attracted to the red fruits on a coffee bush. He tried one and experienced the “wide-awake”feeling that one-third of the world?s population now struts the day with.

66) has changed the most in the last 500 years.

67) “Some” in the sentence“….some still exist today.”68) 69) 十、 用适当的词填空,使对话完整(首字母已给出),并将完整单词的答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(6%)

Do you remember your dreams?Do people have same dreams? Why do we

? There are many questions dreams.We dream during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep.We have about five periods of REM sleep during the

.The first REM cycle lasts about 10 minutes .As the night goes

,the REM cycle can up to 90 minutes .Usually ,it is in this last 7

REM cycle that we our dreams.P146


Model:/ gri:n / one kind of colour 76) / ?k??g??ru: / an animal, it lives in Australia

77) / r?uz / is the national flower of Italy. R__ __ e

78) / ?:θkweik / happened in Wenchun. e__

79) / ??str?t? / an animal, the biggest bird __ s __ __i__ __

80) A / sled? / is an object used for travelling over snow. e



Last night, my brother out of his room he finished his homework.

82) 时间过得真快啊 !

______ ______ the time passed!

83) 那个报告使每一个听到的人感到振奋。

_______ __________ _________ everybody who listened to it.

84) 我想知道为什么你今天上学又迟到了。

85) 没有你的帮助,我们不能完成这项工作。

We can?t finish the work 86)学生们每周都清洁教室的窗户。

The classroom windows ______ by the students every week.


87、现在全世界都在倡导“低碳生活”(low-carbon life),即:降低二氧化碳的排放,采取低能量、低消耗、低开支的生活方式。低碳生活对我们大家都有好处,请你写一篇短文向一家英文报社投稿。内容包括:你的具体做法、你的感受以及建议。(不少于七句)

提示词语:be good for, everyone, ride a bike, think, make a difference, environment, suggest, reuse

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8

88、假如你是Mike,今天是母亲节,请给妈妈一封信,信的内容必须包括以下两点:(1)表达对妈妈的祝福和感谢;(2)给出至少两个理由说服妈妈同意你每天踢半小时足球。 (不少于七句)

Dear Mommy:

Today is mother?






M: Hello,Is that white Taxi Service?

W: Yes, who is speeking?

M: This is MR Black. I need a taxi to the airport this afftenoon, please.

W: OK. What time do you a taxi,please?

M: My plane leaves at 5.40 in the afternoon .I have to get there one hour earlier. W: Can you tell me where you live?

M: No.28,Green Road , and it may take me fifty minutes to get there. So I should leave home at 3.40.

W: I see ,thanks.Our taxi will be there at half past three.. Bye.

M: Bye.


Today is Sunday. Our class meet at seven thirty a.m. at the school gate. We take a bus to the Hai,nan Park. The price of the ticket for each adult is eighteen yuan, but for each student it,s half. The park is open from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

First we play games in the park. And then we have lunch at noon. After that we sit snd chat under the tree. At half past three, we go to Swimming Club.We come back home at about six o,clock in the afternoon because it is time for all of ux to have dinner. We are tired but we are very happy.


11) Some of the dramas are being but audiences continue to watch them.

12) morals :13) disappointed: He asks the old woman ,”Hey,where is the nearest restaurant ? ””Sorry, I don?t know, young man.”answers the old woman. The young 15)customs:On New Year?there are a lot of differences from country to country.

16)fitness centers:There are a lot of equipments at fitness centers.The equipments will help exercise your arms, legs, and other parts of your body to make you fit. 10


17.M: I?m going to Xi?an for business.

W: When are you going there?

M:9 April.

W: How long will you stay there?

M: I plan to stay there for a month.

Question: When will the man come back?

18.M: Have you got everything ready? Our plane will leave for Hainan Island early tomorrow morning.

W: Yes. I have packed our suitcases and have put them beside the door.

M: What about our plane tickets?

W: Oh, dear! I haven?t put them into my handbag yet.

Question: Why is the women going to do right now?

19.W: Where are the trolleys?

M: Look at that sign. They ?re over there.

W: Let?s get one. Our luggage is too heavy.

Question: Why does the girl want to get a trolley?

20.W: Hi, Tom. I?ll go to Los Angeles next week.

M: Have you been there before?

W: No.

M: Neither have I. Who will meet you at the airport?

W: My uncle.

M: Have a good trip.

W: Thank you.

Question: Has Tom been to Los Angeles before?

21.M: Can you tell me the way to the post office ,madam?

W: Sorry, I?m new here.

Question: What does the woman mean?

22.M: Shall we buy some tomatoes, Mum?

W: Oh,nice. They are very fresh. Let?s buy some cabbages, too!

Question: Where are they now?

23.W: Look! These flowers are beautiful.

M: Yes, they are. Can I pick one?

W: No, you can?t.We must not pick flowers in the park. That?s the rule.


Question: Which sign are they talking about?

24.M:How do you usually go to school, Mary?

W:On foot. My home is near the school_only five minutes,walk. What about you, Tom? M: My home is far away from school.Sometimes I take a bus to go to school, sometimes I ride my bicycle.

Question:How long does it take Mary to go to school?

25.W: Mr Wang,where do you usually work?

M: I usually work in the streets.

W: What do you usually do?

M: I ofent tryto make our city a safe place.

Question:What job does Mr Wang do?

26. M: It,s hot and sunny today. It,s a good day for our picnic.

W: Yes,Our meat is ready. Do you want some?

M: Thank you. I like meat with honey very mnch..

Question: What are they doing now?

五、 听短文,根据短文内容选择正确的答案,把答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(10%) Passage 1

Mrs Hunt was ill that day and she asked her husband to buy some medicine for her in the town. Nick, their son , hoped to go with his father to the town ,too. It is a little far from their village and his father didn?t agree. The boy bangan to cry outside the room. Passage 2

Mr King lives in a city. He has some shops and so he makes a lot of money. His

son ,Mike ,studies in a middle school. The boy likes everything but he doesn?t like studying. He doesn?t listen to his teachers in class and he never finishes his homework on time. He always plays football when he has some time.And he can never pass the exams.


Jim was a very clever man, but he never liked to work hard. He often said to his friends,“If you work hard, you will make a lot of money, but it doesn,t seem good. I want easy work that can make a lot of money. I think that is the most interesting thing in the world.”

So Jim could only be a thief(小偷). But he still thought it was too much work to be a thief, so he only told his friends what they would do and he himself just got money from them.

One day Jim sent one of his friends to go to a very large and beautiful house. He told him to get money from that rich family.

Passage 4

Mark Twain was a great writer. He was from the USA.He was born in 1835.He was 12

also a famous speaker. He was famous for his sense of humour.Many people liked to listen tohistalk because he liked to tell soneinteresting stories to make peoplelaugh all the time.One day Mark Twain was going to a small town because of his writing.After hearrived atthetown,Mark Twain stayed in a small hote near the station.

Passage 5

A kind of little cars may someday take the place of big one.People will like this kind of small cars more and more. The car is as small as bike but can carry two people in it. Everyboby can drive it easily, just like riding a bike. Even children and old people can drive them to schools and parks.If everyone drives such cars in the future, there will be less pollution in the air. There will also be more space for all the cars in cicties, and the streets will have more space for people to walk. There such cars can fit in the space now needed for one car of the usual size.

六、听故事,根据故事内容选择正确答案。把答案写在答题卷相应的位置上。(14%) Story 1

Many children like playing games. Sometimes they play games with their friends in the school,and sometime they play games in class with their teachers. Do you think so?

Many children often play a game in the school like this. A teacher asks two students to come up to the blackbord. Each of them picks up a piece of chalk. The two students stand in the front of the classroom and draw their dolls on the blackboard. They mustn?t look and they must keep their eyes closed. Then the teacher says,”Draw the doll?s face.”They draw tound faces on the blackboard.”A nose, the left eye, the right eye, the mouth, the ears, the boby,…”

Who draws better? Who draws faster? When the two students open their eyes to see what they draw, they may laugh themselves. Maybe their doll?s left eye is out of the face .Their friend keeps his doll?s foot with its arm,..What do you think of this? It?s full of fun…

Story 2

George is a young man. He does not have a wife, but he has a very big dog and a very small car. He likes playing tennis. Last Monday he played tennis for an hour at his club and then he ran out and jumped into a car. His dog came after him, but it did not jump into the same car. It jumped into the next one.

“Come here, silly dog!”George shouted at it, but the dog still stayed in the other car. George put his key into the lock of the car, but the key did not turn. Then he looked at the car again. It was not his! He was in the wrong car! And the dog was in the right one! “He?s sitting and laughing at me!” George said angrily. But then he smiled and got into his car with the dog.

Story 3


Dear friends, do you like playing football? We do. Most of the students in my class like playing football. Do you know our coach? Well, he is our P.E.teacher. He is very good at playing football. And he says he is a very good goal-keeper. He gives us a lot of help when he gives his lessons to us.

There are sixty students in our class. About half of them are boys. Everyone in the class, boy or girl,likes to play it after school or at the weekends. And many of them are good at it. More than half of my class are so interested in it that they play football every day. We have a boy team and a girl team. In P.E.lessons the tow teams have matches. They play well. But they are friendly, too. This Sunday our boy team will play football with Class Two. All the other students are going to watch it. They say,”Some day,Chinese football can be the best. We love football!We love China!” 14

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