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课堂练习 二

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课堂练习 二


班级:______姓名:_______分数:______ Ⅰ 英译汉(2分一题,24分)

1. many people__________ 2. keep clean __________

3. fresh air ____________ 4. keep away from______________

5.prevent the flu ____________ 6. keep away from ____________

7. take your advice__________ 8. not only```but also ____________

9.take some medicine __________ 10. People’s Hospital ____________

11.throw litter around ___________ 12. tell lies ____________


第一_______; 第二________;第三______;最后,终于______ ; 因特网__________;习惯__________;问题_________; 土豆(复数)__________; 番茄(复数)____________;癌症______;疲劳的_________;必要的___________; 咖啡________;建议____________; 水果________; 蔬菜 _____________

Ⅱ 单项选择。(2分一题,20分)

( )1. —Watching TV too much _______ bad for your eyes.

—I’ll go to bed right away.

A. is B. are C. was

( )2. —I’m fat. What should I do?

—You’d better eat _______ meat and _______ fruits.

A. less; more B. less; less C. more; less

( )3. —I am afraid we will miss the early bus.

—Don’t worry. We have _______ time to do it.

A. few B. enough C. little

( )4. _______ necessary for us _______ English well.

A. This is; to learn B. It’s; to learn C. It’s; learn

( )5. —You’d better not read _______. It’s bad for your eyes.

—You’re right. I won’t do that again.

A. in the sun B. under the sun C. on the sun

( )6. —Humans can’t live _______ air.

—I agree with you.

A. without B. with C. in

( )7. You are weak. _______ important for you _______ every day.

A. They’re; to exercise B. It’s; to exercise

C. They’re; exercising D. It’s; exercising

( )8. —Scientists tell us smoking can cause cancer.


A. OK. B. That’s a good idea.

C. It’s really terrible. D. It doesn’t matter.

D. be D. more; more D. many D. That’s; learn D. above the sun D. for 1

( )9. You had better ask your brother _______ playing computer games. It’s bad for him.

A. to give up B. not to give up C. to give it up D. not give it up

( )10. Sugar tastes sweet. But, _______, it’s bad to eat too much.

A. such as B. for example C. in fact D. though Ⅲ 完形填空。(2分一题,20分)

Maybe you know about Sun Ying on TV. She is a young woman. She was born in Jilin Province. In January 2006, she left her hometown Shenzhen. She found a job in a factory and began to work there. after working for seven months, she went to a mountain shool in Guizhou Province for because she wanted to help the students there. She found that the school had but the old houses without doors. She felt quite got there, she got a warm “Aunt”and the parents food to her. All the people her. She planned to work there all her life. She wanted to bring to the kids there.

( )16. A. 32-years-old B. 32-year-old C. 32 years old D. 32 year old

( )17. A. to B. for C. in D. from

( )18. A. And B. But C. So D. Or

( )19. A. teaching B. living C. farming D. studying

( )20. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

( )21. A. happy B. interested C. sorry D. excited

( )22. A. talk B. medal C. heart D. welcome

( )23. A. bought B. brought C. took D. cooked

( )24. A. loved B. hated(讨厌的) C. laughed D. asked

( )25. A. food B. hope C. books D. money

Ⅳ 把下面这篇英语作文翻译成汉语。(20分)


I am Kangakang. I am glad to talk about health. (3分)

I never go to school without breakfast. I think breakfast can keep us active all day. I always have meals at home and I seldom eat out. I don’t like fast food. Mum says it’s unhealthy. (6分)

I like doing sports. Before breakfast I run for half an hour. I play basketball with my friends after school. Of course I will do some other sports. I exercise at least two hours every day. (6分)

I played computer games a lot before, but now I find myself and I am living a healthy and happy life. What about you?(5分)


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