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Uu Pp 3. Ll

T t 5. X x


( ) 1.A.door B. floor C. window D. near ( )2.A. blackboard B. fan C. light D. computer ( )3.A. classroom B. light C.blackboard D. picture ( )4.A on B. in C. teacher’s desk D. near ( )5.A.teacher’s desk B. pupil C. student D. teacher ( )6. A.English book B.kitchen C.maths book D.Chinese book ( )7.A.pencil B.pen C.notebook D.key ( )8.A.toy B.candy C.heavy D.egg ( )9.A.yellow B.blue C.white D.bag ( )10. A.kitchen B.strong C.bathroom D.living room

( )11. A.in B.on C.too D.under

四.判断下列划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的打“∨”不同的"×”。(10分) ( )1. kite big ( ) 2. cute cut ( )3. dog box ( ) 4. pig rice ( )5. nose note ( ) 6. use up

( ) 7. cat bag ( ) 8. dad . hate ( )9..cake B. Kate ( )10.hat B make


( )1.Is this your bedroom ?A. Yes,they are. B. Yes,it isn’t. C.Yes,it is.

( )2.Are the pens on the table? A.No, they aren’t. B.No, they are. C.Yes, they aren’t.

( )3.Where is my bag?

A.It’s in the study. B.It’s an apple. C.It’s black .

( )4.My friend thin and he short hair.

A.is have B. is is C.is has

( )5. Are the keys in the door ? Yes, __________.

A. they aren't B. it isn 't C. they are

( )6. Where is your sister ? She in the study.

A. is B. am C. are

( )7.How many do you have?

A.books B.pencil C.a book

( )8.This is English book.

A.a B.an C.am

( ) 9. _______ the door.

A.Open B. Turn on C. Sit on

( )10.A: Is she in the kitchen? B: No, she ________.

A. is B. isn’t C. aren’t


( )1.What’s her name ? A、Mr Yang. ( )2.What would you like? B、Yes, he is .

( )3.Who’s your teacher? C、Her name is Ann. ( )4.Is this your uncle? D、It’s in the desk. ( )5.Where is my notebook? E、I’d like some water.


1. I have two 2. She (have/ has)short hair.

she in the kitchen?

(are/is) blue.


1. in the she is living room ?

2. classroom your what's in ?

3.on table are they the ?

4.are the where keys?

5.has he glasses blue and are his shoes .

九.阅读短文,判断正“T”误“F”。 (10分)

Amy is my friend. She’s a nice girl. She’s ten. She’s tall and quiet. She has long hair and a small mouth. She has big eyes and a small nose. She likes English, Chinese and maths. She likes books, too. She has fifty story-books. She is a good student. I like her very much.

( )1. Amy is my sister

( )2. Amy is not quiet.

( )3. Amy has 15 story-books.

( )4. Amy likes English and books.

( )

5. Amy has long hair and a small nose.

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