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时间:60分钟 总分:100分

班级___________ 姓名___________ 得分__________


( ) 1. A. subway B. boat C. plane D. science

( ) 2. A. turn left B. turn right C. You are right. D. go straight

( ) 3. A. park B. zoo C. garden D. playground

( ) 4. A. draw pictures B. playing the violin C. colleting stamps

( ) 5. A. Saturday B. today C. Saturday D. Thursday

二、根据上下文写单词(单词的首字母已给出)。(10分) 1. My grandma is ill. She is going to the h .

2. There is a robot show on Sunday. Let’s go to the s m . 3. My home is near the school. I go to school on f . 4. Today is Thursday. Tomorrow is F . 5. Go at the g light. 6. S at the red light. 7. Wait at the y light. 8. I usually go to school by bike. I like r a bike. 9. Go straight f five minutes.

三、选择最佳答案。(10分) ( ) 1. There are always traffic lights in every county. .

A. two B. three C. four ( ) 2. I get home at 4:30 in the afternoon every day.

A. to B. at C. 不填 ( ) 3. You can go to the fast food shop .

A. by the No.12 bus. B. by No.12 bus C. by the no.12 bus ( ) 4.. In England and Australia, drivers drive on the side of

the road.

A. each B. left C. right

( ) 5. What are you going to buy?

A. I’m going to the post office.

B. I’m going to buy a magazine about animals.

C. I’m going this afternoon.

四、请你运用动词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1. I (like) tomatoes and pork. 2. He likes (dive) 3. Uncle Wang can (draw) pictures. 4. Uncle Wang usually (play) the violin on Saturday. 5. I ___________ (take) a trip next weekend.



⑥ A.M. ⑦ USA ⑧ P.M. ⑨ Mon. ⑩ UK

( )音乐电视 ( )中华人民共和国

( )美国 ( )上午

( )英国 ( )中央电视台

( )下午 ( )世贸组织

( )星期一 ( )个人电脑



Lily and Lucy are twins. They come from America. They came to China in 2004 because their parents came to China to work. Their father is an engineer, and their mother is a teacher. Lily and Lucy are 12 years old. They are in Grade 5, but they are in different classes. Lily is in Class 1 and Class 3. They walk to school every day. They have many friends in China. The girls and their friends often play together. They like hiking with their friends in summer and making snowmen with them in winter. They enjoy their life in China.

1. Lily and Lucy are American girls. ( )

2. Their mother is an engineer.( )

3. Lily and Lucy are in the same class.( )

4. Lily and Lucy like hiking and making snowmen in winter.( )

5. They live in China now .( )


In a small village, there is a teacher, a doctor, a driver and a policeman. They are all good friends. What are their names? One is Mike, one is Jack, one is Tom and the other is John. Mike’s, Jack’s and Tom’s children are classmates. John has not any children. He teaches his friends’

children at school. Mike has many hens and he gives the driver and the doctor eggs. Jack’s child goes to school to the doctor’s house. The doctor’s is behind Jack’s.

( )1. The four people live in a small__________.

A. factory B. school C. village D. park

( )2. Are all the four people good friends?

A. Yes, they are B. No, they aren’t. C. No, two of them are.

D. No, three of them are

( )3. John is ____, Mike is _______, and Tom is _______.

A. a doctor, a policeman, a driver.

B. a teacher, a policeman, a doctor.

C. A policeman, a teacher, a driver.

D. a driver, a doctor, a teacher.

( )4. Which is right?______

A. Jack’s house is behind the doctor’s

B. Jack gives his friends eggs.

C. Some of their children are in the same class.

D. John hasn’t any children..

( )5. Jack’s child goes to school to______

A. Mike’s house. B. the teacher’s house.

C. the doctor’s house. D. John’s house


My name is Zhang Yan. I am a girl. I study in No.1 Primary School. My school is near my home. I usually go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bike. I like collecting leaves. They are colourful. I am going to climb mountains on Saturday with my parents. I’m going to buy some books about animals on Sunday. My favourite animal is rabbit.

They are cute.

1. How does Zhan Yan go to school?


2. What’s her hobby?


3. What is Zhan Yan going to do this Saturday?


4. When is Zhang Yan going to buy any books?


5. What’s her favourite animal?



题目: My Family

要求1. 介绍你的家庭成员的职业、上班地点、出行方式和兴趣爱好等等;

2. 字数不少于50个词。


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