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场考 号考 名姓 级班 校学2013年乐加乐英语小学英语竞赛AA班选拔


注意事项: 1.考试时间为60分钟 ;




1. 听一种动物的介绍,根据听到的内容填写表格。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(5%)

2. 听句子,选出与句子内容一致的选项。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(5%) 6) A. You look more beautiful when you wear the green dress.

B. You look less beautiful in the green dress.

C. The red dress isn’t as beautiful as the green dress. 7) A. The weather in China is never too hot or too cold.

B. The weather here is a lot different from that in the USA. C. The weather here is either too hot or too cold. 8) A. She likes anything except coffee.

B. She likes coffee best. C. She only likes drinking coffee.

9) A. People in the past didn’t like salt because it was not delicious.

B. The rich people in the past liked salt because it was delicious. C. Only a few people used salt in the past because it was expensive.


10) A. It’s good to give a piece of cake to a sheep in the field.

B. It’s easy to find something to eat for a sheep in the field. C. A sheep can find delicious food to eat in the field.

3. 听十个小对话和一个问题,选择问题的答案。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(10%) 11) A. She won’t need the tape recorder tonight.

B. The man must give the tape recorder back to her tonight.

C. The man can return the tape recorder to her at any time. 12) A. The woman didn’t buy the ticket.

B. The woman used the money she saved before to buy the ticket. C. The woman borrowed some money to buy the ticket. 13) A. He doesn’t want to go to the wedding.

B. He doesn’t want to go shopping. C. He doesn’t like his old suits. 14) A. In the canteen.

B. In the hospital.

C. On the plane. 15) A. Easter. B. Christmas.

C. Halloween.

16) A. They are talking on New Year’s Eve. B. The year of snake is before the year of dragon.

C. They are watching an animal show.

17) A. Apple pies. B. Pumpkin pies.

C. Pumpkins.

18) A. They are catching a bus. B. They are running away from somebody.

C. They are taking part in a race.

19) A. He is a teacher.

B. He didn’t know the national flower of Mexico. C. He thinks the national flower of Egypt is the cactus. 20) A

. He will eat the cake.


B. He doesn’t like the cake.

C. He won’t eat the cake.

4. 听十段小独白,选择问题的答案。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(10%) 21) What can we know about hippy boys? A. They were musicians.

B. The earliest hippy boys were from the US.

C. They did well in all their school subjects.

22) Which of these is true? A. Pick up the napkin before the hostess picks hers up.

B. You can find the soup spoon at the right-hand side of your plate. C. Sally is telling someone about the table manners in western countries. 23) Who is the speaker speaking to?

A. A boy who lives in a different city.

B. A boy who moved to Oxford at the age of seven. C. A boy whose father changed his job years ago. 24) Where did the speaker live before he was eight? A. He lived in Los Angeles. B. He lived in a small farming town.

C. He lived in the middle of wheat fields in New York.

25) What is Amy’s problem? A. She is too fat.

B. She doesn’t have a raincoat and boots.

C. She doesn’t want to walk to school.

26) What does the speaker think of London? A. The government in London works hard. B. The traffic in London is terrible.

C. London is a good place to hold Olympic Games.

27) What is a kilt?

A. A pair of special jeans.


B. Something like a skirt.

C. A pair of strange shoes.

28) What can’t an 18-year-old boy do in America?

A. Drive. B. Vote.

C. Buy a can of beer in a shop. 29) Which of these is not true about koalas? A. They look like bears.

B. They don’t eat anything at night.

C. They sleep for about two thirds of the 24 hours in a day.

30) What is the man doing?

A. He is trying hard to walk. He has trouble standing up because his legs were hurt before. B. He is learning to do roller skating.

C. He is teaching his little baby to walk.

5. 听故事,选择问题的答案。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(8%) Story 1

31) When did it happen?

A. On June 12, 1966.

B. On June 20, 1996

C. On July 12, 1969

32) Usually, how many inches of rain fall in the mountain city in June?

A. 16

B. 17

C. 70

33) Which of these is true? A. 64 people died and more than 25,000 lost their homes. B. 64 people died and more than 2,500 lost their homes.

C. 74 people died and about 25,000 lost their homes.

34) Which of these is true about Peter’s hometown? A. It’s a mountain city.

B. It’s a big city along the river. C. It’s a small city near the sea.


场考 号考 名姓 级班 校学Story 2

35) Why did Susan’s father send for a violin teacher?

A. Because he wanted to learn to play the violin. B. Because Susan wanted to learn to play the violin. C. Because he wanted to save some money.

36) How much did Susan’s father pay the teacher for the six weeks?

A. 514 dollars

B. 3,240 dollars

C. 3,084 dollars

37) Could Susan play the violin well after six weeks of learning?

A. Yes, she could play it very well. B. Yes. But she played it in big sound. C. No, she couldn’t.

38) What can we tell from the story? A. Susan’s father loved her very much. B. Susan’s violin teacher taught well.

C. Susan’s father was glad to let her learn the violin.

6. 听长对话,根据对话选择问题的答案。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(6%) Dialogue 1

39) What do we know about Aunt Betty and Uncle Ben?

A. They are brother and sister. B. They were born on the same day. C. They are husband and wife. 40) Where was the birthday party?

A. In a big hotel.

B. On a boat.

C. On the Tower Bridge.

41) Which of these shows the right way of Amy’s trip on the river?

A. Tower Bridge→Thames Barrier→Tower Bridge B. Thames Barrier→Tower Bridge→Thames Barrier

C. Tower Bridge→Sea→Thames Barrier


Dialogue 2

42) Where is Washington Park?

A. It’s on Fifth Avenue. B. It’s on 23rd Street. C. It’s behind the museum.

43) Why can’t the man take the first right after he sees the traffic lights?

A. Because it’s a one-way street. B. Because he will get lost.

C. Because he won’t stop at the front gate. 44) What can we tell about the man?

A. He has a map. B. He walks fast. C. He is driving a car.

7. 听短文,判断下列陈述是正确(right),错误(wrong)还是未提及(not given)。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(6%)

45) The Sahara Festival has a history of less than 10 years.

A. Right

B. Wrong.

C. Not given.

46) The Sahara Festival is in November every year.

A. Right

B. Wrong.

C. Not given.

47 ) After the opening ceremony, the white camels carry their riders across the sands.

A. Right

B. Wrong.

C. Not given.

48) Horsemen, musicians and dancers give their performance in the festival.

A. Right

B. Wrong.

C. Not given.

49) Only women take part in dancing in the festival.

A. Right

B. Wrong.

C. Not given.

50) The camel race is only for men.

A. Right B. Wrong. C. Not given.



8. 根据词的合理使用和韵脚,选择最佳答案。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(5%)

Spring, the 51)_______ spring, is the year's pleasant king, Then blooms each thing, then maids dance in a ring, Cold doth not sting, the pretty birds do 52)________: Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!

The palm and may make country houses gay,

Lambs frisk and play, the shepherds pipe all 53)_______, And we hear aye birds tune this merry lay: Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to-witta-woo!

The fields breathe sweet, the daisies kiss our 54)_______, Young lovers meet, old wives a-sunning sit,

In every 55)________ these tunes our ears do greet: Cuckoo, jug-jug, pu-we, to witta-woo! 51) A. beautiful B. pretty C. sweet D. cute 52) A. song B. sing C. dance D. singing 53) A. day

B. night C. spring D. year 54) A. fingers B. face C. lips D. feet 55) A. road

B. city

C. street

D. village

9. 选择正确的词填空。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(5%)

Penguin, Reindeer and Fox were great friends. One day, Penguin and Reindeer found a load of fruit, and decided to 56)_______ it a secret. On the way, they met Fox, who seeing them so happy, asked them why. They told him they couldn't say, because it was a secret, but Fox asked them to trust him, so they told him about the fruit.

When they arrived at the village, Fox forgot about his promise, and told 57)_______. When


Penguin and Reindeer 58) __________ the place where they had found the fruit, the animals of the village had already been there and eaten it all.

That same day, Penguin and Reindeer found 59)_________ place full of food, and

60)___________ happened again with Fox. Penguin and Reindeer were angry. They decided to teach Fox a lesson.

56) A. tell

B. keep C. say

D. call 57) A. someone B. no one

C. everyone D. anyone 58) A. got

B. returned to C. returned D. back 59) A. some

B. another

C. other

D. others

60) A. something different B. a same thing

C. the same thing

D. a different thing

10. 选择正确的答案填空使短文变完整。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(10%)

Many people 61)_________ chewing gum, but in 1992 Singapore decided to make it 62)_______the law. The government said that people were not careful about throwing away used gum. 63)________, they dropped it on sidewalks and on the street where it made a big mess. Chewing gum also got stuck (粘贴) in the doors of the underground trains so that the doors 64)________ well. This meant the trains did not run 65)________. Singapore said that people had to give up chewing gum or 66)________ a lot of money to the government.

During the time 67)_______ chewing gum, the streets and underground trains of Singapore were clean.

Now the government of Singapore 68)________ the rules a little. Some dentists say that chewing sugarless gum can help take care of people's 69)_________. Now the government says that people will be able to buy special kinds of gum at drugstores for health reasons. Other kinds of gum are 70)_______not allowed. 61) A. enjoyed B. enjoys C. are enjoying D. enjoy 62) A. break B. against

C. with D. out

63) A. Instead

B. However

C. Luckily

D. More importantly


场考 号考 名姓 级班 校学64) A. closed B. didn’t close C. wasn’t close D. don’t close 65) A. at time B. in time C. on time D. to time 66) A. cost B. pay C. paid D. returned 67) A. of

B. with

C. full of

D. without 68) A. changes B. has changed C. changed D. is changing 69) A. head B. stomach C. teeth D. feet 70) A. also

B. still

C. even

D. but

11. 读短文,根据短文选择问题的正确答案。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(7.5%)

On Easter Day, 1722, Dutch explorers (探索者) landed on Easter Island (复活岛). It was the discover(发现)something very strange themselves -that they were on an island with hundreds of

huge stone statues. The Dutch explorers wanted to know where the Islanders had come from and why and how they had built the statues. Now science is telling the truth to us.

The first people to arrive on the island came there around A.D. 700(公元700年). Then they built their homes there and lived on fishing and farming. The population later grew to 12,000. Those hundreds of huge stone statues, also called moai, showed how they lived then. The moai has become the island's trademark (标记).

None of the moai was standing when scientists first arrived. People put them back up later. The question was that how the people at the time of Stone Age made, moved and set them up there? And why?

There are nearly 900 moai on Easter Island, and though we still can’t answer the questions

about them, it is clear that it took years of time to make all those stone figures.

The real killer of the Easter Islanders came from across the ocean. After 1722, it became popular for explorers to visit Easter Island, bringing diseases. The final blow (打击) came in 1862, when slave traders(奴隶贩子) came from Peru and took away 1,500 people, one-third of the



71) Who are “the strangers” in the first paragraph?

A. The Dutch explorers.

B. Easter Islanders.

C. Hundreds of stone statues. D. The moai.

72) When were the moai made?

A. Before 1722. B. After 1862. C. Before A.D. 700.

D. We don’t know.

73) What was the moai made of?

A. Wood.

B. Bamboo.

C. Stone.

D. Gold.

74) How did Easter Islanders live and increase the population on the island?

A. By making the moai. B. By catching fish and growing things. C. By selling slaves.

D. By serving explorers outside.

75) What was the population on Easter Island in 1862 before slave traders arrived?

A. 12,000

B. 1,500

C. 4,500

D. 3,000

12. 读短文,根据短文选择问题的正确答案填空。将答案填写在答题卷相应的位置。(7.5%)

A shark is a large and dangerous fish that eats other fish. What will you do if you meet a shark while you are swimming? Here are some tips to help you swim safely.

Don’t swim in water where there are sharks.But if you do , stay close to the shore(岸). Sharks in deep water are often hungry, and hungry sharks are often dangerous.

If you meet a shark,swim slowly towards the shore. He is one of the fastest fish in the sea.

You can never swim faster than a shark.

If he comes too close,put your head underwater and shout “Go away. Get lost!” He can’t understand what you say,but the underwater sound may make him afraid.

But what should you do if he still keeps coming after you? You should try to hit him on the


nose. If he comes back,do the same thing again.

We can find sharks mostly in the warm water of sea. And there are sharks big enough to ride on in deeper water.But if you want to go for a ride,jump on your bike. It will be much safer! 76) We shouldn’t swim in deep water because _________.

A. there are more sharks there

B. the sharks are more dangerous there

C. the sharks there eat more D. the sharks there are bigger 77) Sharks are_________.

A. the only kind of fish that can swim faster than people B. the fastest fish in the world C. one of the fastest fish in the world D. faster than any other fish

78) If you shout to a shark underwater, it may _________.

A. die

B. not feel hungry

C. feel afraid

D. think you are stronger than him

79) When a shark comes very close to you, you should hit its _______.

A. head

B. nose

C. stomach

D. ear

80) It is most difficult to find a shark _________.

A. in the water near the Antarctic

B. in the warm sea water near America C. in the sea along Africa D. in the sea water near Hawaii



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