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Class_______ Name_________ Mark_________ 一、 语音(共30分)

(一)找出划线部分不同发音的单词。(共5分,每小题1分) ( ( ( ( (

C. carry

) 5. A. dig (二)根据划线部分字母选出所给音标发音的单词。(共5分,每词0.5分)




blue prefers means ticks laughs

6. [ u: ] 7. [ ? ] 8. [ s ] 8. [z ] 10. [ ju: ]

(三)根据所给的音标写出单词。(共10分,每小题1分) 11. ['m?um?nt] ____________ 13. [t ? t?] _____________ 15. ['kuk? ] _____________ 17. ['b?t?ri] _____________ 19. [l?k] _____________

12.['taidi] _____________ 14. [fri d3] _____________

16. [r u: l] _______________ 18. ['eniw?n] _____________

20. [ ri'plai] _____________

(四)根据所给的单词写出音标。(共10分,每小题1分) 21. disease [ 23. imagine [


22. hole [

] ] ]

] ]

] 24. major [ ]


25. convenient [ 27. branch [ 29. example [

26. furniture [ 28. pine [

] 30. electricity [


二、 词义(共30分)


31. If you ask someone to wait for a m_________, you will come back in a short time

32. Trees t________ in harmful gases from the air, and release oxygen into the air.

33. You must switch off the electricity w__________ you change the bulb

34.Trees can fight the air pollution. They are c___________ air conditioners.

35. The rainforest is in danger because o_________ the cutting down of trees

36. You must cover the meat and then put it in the f________ to keep fresh.

37. When you i___________ a picture, you have it in your mind

38. Washing machines make our lives more c____________.

39.We should try o__________ best to protect our earth.

40. If the battery runs out of electrical energy. It stops w________.


41.It is Tree Planting Day. Some people are __________near Rebeccas home.

( work )

42. Another worker is planting flowers ____________in the container. ( careful)

43. The two students are digging __________in the ground .(hole)

44. Don’t make the fridge __________than you need to protect the food. (cold)

45. Remember to turn it off half an hour before you ___________.(leave)

46. ___________trees makes our environment better. (plant)

47. He is a smart student, but he works slowly when he is__________. (sleep)

48. With the help of _______, our lives become easier. (they)

49. My father often teaches me ways of ______________ with trouble. (deal)

50. Hey everybody, stop ______________ a rest. We’ve been working so long. (take)

三、 综合运用(共40分)


“Go Green” is a new activity in the UK. Students will (51)g________ enough land and seeds to plant trees.

Farmer David Partridge is very glad when he (52)k________ the plan for 2

planting 1 million trees across the UK. He gives Downham Market High School 4 acres(英亩)to plant trees.

“I(53) a_________ love trees,” says David. “The children will be (54)a_______ to plant a few hundred trees on that land. And there will be more and more

(55)p_________ to help plant trees!” Will Cornwell, a 16-year-old boy,

(56)s________, “We all thank for the (57)h______ of Mr Partridge. When our seeds grow into shoots(幼苗), we (58)h_______ to get to work on the new land.”

Next (59)y______, a new group of students will keep on with the activity. The earth is getting a “fever”. Join (60)i________ the “Go Green” activity to cool it together!


( ) 61. Scientists 7.5 billion people in the world in the

year 2030.

A.研究将来 B.预言 C.研究过去 D.喜欢

( ) 62.John drives too fast,and he often drives in the middle of the street.He

doesn't watch what the other cars are doing..

A.very careful B.very careless C.very harmful D.very harmless

( It is pleasant and warm.There is

usually a light wind to cool the air.

A.不自然的 B.炎热的 C. 不太热也不太冷 D.有雨水的

( ) 64. Children like to play with water.After it rains,they will walk in every

A. rainful B.water sitting in the street C.snow D.a small river

( ) 65. Before you buy something,.For example, if it is

cheap, it might not be good.

A.how good it is B.what the color is C.what the size is D.how big it is

( .There is nothing but milk in the glass.

A.cold B.warm C.white D.100%

( .He is an engineer.But in his free

time he likes to take pictures.

A. as a hobby B.for money C.as a job D.as work

( . 3

A. pigs B.horses C.sheep D.cows

( .

A.用双脚走路 B.飞行 C.坐在椅子里 D.用手和膝盖移动

( we could not breathe.

A.the air around the earth B.the height of the mountains

C.the water in the ocean D. the size of the cities


71. 树木能保护我们,使我们不被太阳晒着。

Trees _________ ___________ ___________ __________the hot sun.

72. 在某种程度上,电像水一样流动。

__________ ___________ _________, electricity ________ like water.

73. 电缆与发电厂相连。

The cables __________ ___________ __________the power ___________. 74. 你能帮我买一盒果汁吗?

Can you ____________ me ____________ _____________ __________ juice? 75. 这座桥是由石头造成的。

The bridge ___________ ___________ ___________ __________.


76. is , important , very, to, electricity, us


77.close, the, when ,the, air, conditioner, the, is, on,we, air ,must ,windows


78. things ,foolish, usually ,a, person , silly, does


79. desk ,is,the, made ,wood, of


80.already, identified, thieves ,have ,10, Police



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