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Class_______ Name_________ Mark_________

一、 语音(共30分)

(一)找出划线部分不同发音的单词。(共5分,每小题1分) ( ( ( ( (


6. [i: ] 7. [e ] 8. [i? ] 9. [g ] 10. [d3 ] (三)根据所给的音标写出单词。(共10分,每小题1分) 11. [' petr?l] ____________

12. ['deitaim] _____________

14. [h?ust] _____________

16. [f?n't?stik] ______________ 18. [kri'eit ] _____________

13. [' britit?] _____________ 15. [dΛst] _____________ 17. [w i:l] _____________ 19. ['dist?ns] _____________

20. [ in'vent] _____________

(四)根据所给的单词写出音标。(共10分,每小题1分) 21. anytime [ 23. introduction [ 25. respect [ 27. tour



22. experience [

] ] ] ] ]

] 24. introduce [ ] ]

26. comfortable[ 28. since [

29. develop [

] 30. candle [


二、 词义(共30分)


31. Zhao Lan has already s____________in this school for two years .

exchange visiting e_____________. 32. Have you milked the cow y____________? 33. A gruop of foreign students are visiting China. They are talking about their

34. People used w____________ to make carriages, trains and cars at the same time.

35. People can use mobile phones to talk about each other a_________, anywhere.

36. After the i______________ of the light bulb, our life becomes more convenient

37. Which language is e_________, English, French or Japanese?

38. Mrs Black has got a little worse instead o___________ getting any better.

39.I think the story is not so interesting a_____________ that one.

40. When you come to a new place, it is hard to understand the l______ language.


41.He has over ten years’ _____________ experience. (teach)

42.Eric and sarah have almost ___________ their exchange visit to Xinhua Jnior High School. (finish)

43.Could you tell us the ______________ of this invention in today’s

world?( important)

44. Failure(失败) is the mother of _______.(succeed)

45. If you buy this telephone, you will talk ____________.(happy)

46. Which invention do you like ___________of the three in the passage?(well)

47.It was the ___________interesting story. (little)

48. The teachers have introduced ___________ to Chinese painting as well.(us)

49. After the invention of the wheel, ______________ became faster and more comfortable. (travel)

50. Why were they both so __________at first? (worry)




Hi. I want to share you all. 'If I go to Britain, will I be able to the local people?' This was my thought joined the educational exchange programme. I stayed with a family in London for one year. At first,it was very patient and they helped me learn .

I took many photos of China with me, so that I could show people I gave a talk about China to my classmates, and I even did some simple Chinese cooking.

It was a wonderful year. I learnt about a new culture, and I made a lot of new



( ) 61. All of these ideas about the communication of the future areto

be sure, but many of them are fantasies that are very likely to become realities.

A. 有用

( B. 愉快 C. 美好 D.幻想 ) 62. The old man put on his and began to read.

A. clothes B. glasses C. shoes D. gloves

( ) 63. We were told that ours was the most room in the hotel. That was

why we had to pay so much for it.

A. 宽敞的 B. 狭窄的 C. 槽糕的 D. 肮脏的

( ) 64. Children like suchas dogs and monkeys.

A. trees B.plants C. animals D. poeple

( ) 65. Have you got a piece of bread or something? I am really A. hungry B. full C. sick D. comfortable

( ) 66. He is so

A. beautiful

( B. good-looking C. strange D. ugly ) 67. But sometimes, no rain falls for a long time. Then there is a dry period, or 3

A. 水灾 B. 地震 C. 旱灾 D. 台风

( ) 68. may cause diseases.

A. work too hard B. work a little C. work for a short time D. work at night

( ) 69. Theythe interviewee’s ability so they asked him many difficult questions

A. 过低估计 B. 过高估计 C. 发明 D. 看不起

( ) 70. 5.My parents often send me letters and sometimes aand tea from home.

A. bags


71. 汤姆经常和他的笔友们保持联系。

Tom often ______ _______ _______ _______ his penfriends.

72. 你做事最好要事半功倍。

You had better do _______ _________ things ___________ you _______ with B. cups C. books D. photos less time.

73. 到目前为止,我们学了大约1000个单词。

__________ __________we_________ __________about one thousand words 74. 发明使我们的生活变得快捷舒适。

Inventions make our life become _____ and _____ _____________.

75. 起初他们落后,但最后他们赢了。

___________ __________ they fall behind, but they win _________ _______.


76.countries ,Do, you, to , educational, have ,visits, want ,in ,foreign?


77.bit ,I, myself, a, of, Korean, teach


78.invented ,Biro ,the,“ballpoint” ,pen , in ,the ,1930s, by, himself


79.pen , successful , because ,nice,the ,ballpoint ,was, it ,was ,very nice


80. Alice, than , mark , a , got , Science , worse, in , Eric

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