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第14讲 练习参考答案

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第14讲 练习参考答案

Ex. 14A

1. This house was built

2. English is spoken …

3. He has never been beaten …

4. Milk is used ….

5. My piano is being repaired …

6. My shoes had been cleaned. 7. /

8. … a new system was being started.

9. This dress can’t be washed; it must be dry-cleaned.

10. A different attitude will have to be adopted. 11. /

12. The bag is to be left …

13. He will be sent to school …

14. Bicycles must not be left …

15. These engines used to be started … 16. /

17. The wall is going to be painted green.

18. You will be asked … 19. /

20. He was told never to come …

21. He was proved wrong.

22. Those books should have been taken back.

23. It may have been left … 24. /

25. This letter need not be typed.

26. Mary seems to be liked very much by John.

27. She happened to be met in the street by the boy. 28. / 29. / 30. /

Ex. 14B

1. Who was it written by?

2. Has my parcel been posted?

3. My attention was held by …

4. Your record has never been equalled.

5. Why wasn’t I informed of the change …?

6. A lot of time is wasted …

7. The books had to be taken back; we were not allowed to take …

8. This could be done much more easily by (a) machine.

9. Jack was invited, but Tom wasn’t (invited).

10. Weren’t you told to be ….?

11. You are sure to be asked that question.

12. That he wasn’t present should be borne in mind/ It should be borne in mind that ….

13. The principle known as Boyle’s Law was discovered by …

14. … my car had been towed away. I asked why this had been done and was told that … it had been parked …

15. He must have been terribly disappointed to be told he wasn’t wanted. 1

Ex. 14C

1. This topic has been talked about … 2. It will then be dealt with …

3. The children weren’t properly looked after. 4. Has this matter been looked into?

5. Are you being attended to? 6. Smith’s warehouse was broken into …

7. My application has been turned down. 8. This question will be brought up …

9. The trains were held up by fog. 10. Your argument is not borne out by the facts.

11. Their stories are made up. 12. The application has been filled in incorrectly.

13. The scheme was thought out carefully. 14. The prices were put up.

15. Your photographs will be blown up well. 16. The recorded programmes can be played back.

17. These interruptions were put up with. 18. His retirement is being looked forward to very much.

19. The responsibilities are being faced up to badly. 20. He was looked up to by everyone.

21. This piece of legislation had been done away with reluctantly.

22. They weren’t taken in by her story. 23. I was got through the written papers by special coaching.

24. He will be seen off at the airport by all the ministers.

25. If it rains, the match will have to be put off …

Ex. 14D

1. Your remarks have been taken careful note of / Careful note has been taken of your remarks.

2. His aristocratic connections are made rather too much of / Rather too much is made of his artitocratic connections

3. … the matter was never paid attention to / … attention was never paid to the matter.

4. These prisoners were made an example of (by …) / An example was made of these prisoners (by …).

5. … that she was being made fun of. 6. Special emphasis must be laid on …

7. The plane was lost track of … 8. …. no mention was made of ….

9. The excellent situation … must be taken full advantage of / Full advantage must be taken of …

10. This state of things must be put an end to ...

Ex. 14E

1. being sent /to be sent 2.being educated /to be educated 3.being asked/to be asked

4.to be sent 5.being examined 6.to be promoted 7.to be transferred

8.being asked


9.being consulted 10.to be admitted 11.to be asked 12.being interviewed

13.to be paid 14.being invited 15.to be photographed 16.being punished

17.to be sent 18.to be taught/ being taught 19.being taken /to be taken

20.being left

Ex. 14F

1. I hope to be promoted. 2. I expected all my letters to be typed promptly.

3. I would like to be measured for a suit. 4. I don’t want to be bothered.

5. I expect him to be kept in the picture. 6. I don’t mind being criticized by you.

7. I want to be left alone. 8. She objects to being disturbed when she’s reading.

9. He insists on being shown respect.

10. She doesn’t like to be flattered. 11. I want him to be punished.

12. Will they permit the book to b e taken out of the library?

13. We must not allow the interests of the people to be violated.

14. They decided for the power plant to be built later.

15. I’m worrying about my children being led astray in the forest.


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