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I. Choose the best answer: (选择最佳答案)

1. ( ) I haven’t got _______ money ________ buy the coat.

a. a lot of; to b. much; for c. enough; for d. enough; to

2. ( ) This is a photo of Mary's family and ________.

a. she b. her c . hers d. he

3. ( ) We _______ any drinks because there is enough in the fridge.

a. not need b. needn’t c. don’t need d. need not

4. ( ) There is going __________ a meeting tomorrow.

a. be b. to be c. have d. to have

5. ( ) The park is near my home and I often go to the park ______ foot.

a. by b. with c. on d. use

6. ( ) Tom often helps me ______ my English.

a. to b. with c. on d. about

7. ( ) We promise _________ noise in the library.

a. to make b. not to make c. not make d. make

8. ( ) He decided _______ the army when he was 18.

a. to join b. join c. joining d. joins

9. ( ) You must _______ each other in the street.

a. not chasing b. not to chase c. don’t chase d. not chase

10. ( ) Has your sister finished her homework __________?

a. already b. ever c. yet d. just

11. ( ) Please keep the door ________.

a. opening b. open c. to open d. opens

12. ( ) Alice ________ 2 hours reading story books last night.

a. spent b. spends c. took d. takes

13. ( ) Mr Chen _______ English very well.

a. tells b. talks c. says d. speaks

14. ( ) Jay’s songs sound _______.

a. wonder b. wonderfully c. wonderful d. wondering

15. ( ) Tom looked ______ at his report. He failed in the exam again.

a. sad b. sadly c. happy d. happily

16. ( ) You have seen a wonderful movie , ______ you ?

a. have b. do. c. haven’t d. don’t

II. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms: (用所给单词的适当形式填空)

1. I want to buy some __________ (potato) in the supermarket.

2. Jane is working as a ____________ (wait) in a restaurant.

3. There are many _____________ (activity) in our new school.

4. ____________(lucky), Eric lost his key on his way home.

5. Every child likes __________(child) Day very much.

6. Peter has been to the USA __________. (two)

III. Rewrite the following sentences: (按要求改写句子)

1. 划线提问)

________ ________will they visit next Saturday ?

2. 划线提问)

________ ________ ________this book cost you ?

3. Is the film interesting ? Is the film boring ? (合并成一句)

________ the film interesting ________ boring ?

4. 划线提问)

________ _________ will you come back ?

5. Henry spent 40 yuan on this new football.(保持句意不变)

Henry ________ 40 yuan ________ this new football.

Henry ________ 40 yuan ________ this new football.

IV. Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the given verbs. (用所给动词的适当形式填空)

1. The Browns _______________ (be) to France three times.

2. Look ! Linda is _________ (fly) a kite there.

3. I _____________ (visit) my uncle in the countryside next week.

4. Jimmy always ________(do) his homework with the help of his mother.

5. Bob isn't a good student and he _______ (be) often late for school.

6. Shall we go __________(fish) on Sunday ?

7. Gray _____________ (plan) a visit to America now.

8. Teachers always tell us __________ (study) hard.

V. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words: (首字母填空)

(A) What is the best way to study? This is a very important q_________.Some of the Chinese students often study very hard for long hours.This is a good h_________, but it is not a better way to study.I think an efficient student must have enough sleep,enough food and enough r________.Every day you need to go out for a walk.Every week you should v________ some friends or some nice places. It’s good for your study.When you return to your studies,you’ll find yourself stronger than before and you’ll learn m________.

(B) Last Sunday I went s__________ in the car. I got to a supermarket, put my car nearby and went in. When I came out, the car was not there. Maybe s___________ had stolen my car.

I was very s_______. Several days later, a policeman c________ me, “John, we have a__________ found your car. We will send it to your home soon.” I was quite h____________ to hear the news. “Thank you very much.” I a_______________ on the phone. “The c_____________ of your car is green, isn’t it?” the policeman went on. “What?...” my heart went down.

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