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1. 在下列每小题将听到一个或两个句子并看到供选择的A.B.C.三幅图画.找出与所听到的句子相匹配的图画. 句子读一遍.

Ⅱ在下列每小题内,你将听到一个问句并看到供选择的A.B.C.三个答语.找出能正确回答你所听到的那个问句答案. 每个句子读一遍.

( )5.A Yes I do B I m good at it C. By reading out loud

( ) 6.A Certainly B I can C. That s right

( )7 A. They are ugly B.I need time C. I agree

( )8 A Last week B Next week C. For one week

( )9A Not at all Bit s hard to say C. I agree

( ) 10. A yes I should B.V ery happy C To watch TV

( )11 .A I Like the coat B Thanks a lot C I prefer the cotor

( )12.A.I don t know B Yes you re right C you should practice more

( )13.A That s All right B A pair of shoes please C I can t wait here any more

( )14.A Not really B Awful C That s all right


所给的A D C 三个选项中找出能回答所提问题的最佳选项. 每段对话读两遍.

( ) 15.When Will they have English party?

Aon Wednesday B On Thursday C On Friday

( )16. Why does Carl have so many good friends?

A Because he is able to change himself

B. Because he likes to make friend

C .Because he is nice to his friends

( )17. What is the boy doing now?

A. Waiching TV B .Doing hornewcrk C. D esianing

( )18. According to the woman which is the best way to rove our English?

A Listening to English music

B. Reading English magazines

C. Singing English songs.

( )19. What do you think of the girl?

A. She is tired B. She is shy C. She is outgoing

( )20.What may happen to the girl?

A. She inight have an accident

B. She might hurt herself

C. She might be late for class

( )21. What kind of songs does the man like?

A. The songs that he call dance to

B. .The songs that he can sing along with

C. The songs that have great lyrics

( )22. How many pens does the man want?

A. One B Two C. Three

( )23.Why does the man like Han Hong?

A. Because she writes her own songs

B. Because she is gentle

C. Because she has a good voice

( )24. When will the plane to New York take off?

A. At 8:20 B. At 8:35 C. At 8:05

Ⅳ. 听写下面长对话或独白, 每段长对话或独白后都有几个问题, 从题,中所给的

A B C三个选项中选出最佳选项. 每段对话或独白读两遍.

听不丆面一段材料, 回答第25至27小题.

( )25. What did the girl use to do?

A. Eat candies B. Sing songs C. Chew gum

( )26. How often did the boy use to play sports?

A. Every day B. Once a week C. Twice a week

( )27. What will the boy and the girl do tomorrow morning?

A. Swim B. Play tennis C. Play soccer

听下面一段材料, 回答第28至30小题.

( )28. What s Cindy s favourite subject?

A. English B. Math C. Science

( )29. Is only working hard enough to study English?

A. Yes it is B. No it isn t C. It isn t mentioned

( )30. Which way to learn English isn t mentioned in the conversation?

A. Keeping practicing B. Taking notes well C. Reading English aloud

第二部分: 英语丶知识运用

(共2分: 满分30分)

第一节:单项填空(共15分, 每小题1分)

( )bananas do we heed to make t banche milk sheke? One glass of milk and three bananas

A. How much how few B. How little how many

C. How much how many D. How many how much

( He made us laugh a lot

A. Skate fun B .Camping funy C. To fish funny D. Swam fun

( )3.If tomorrow ome and watch DVDs or play computer gomes all day?

A. snows staying B.rains will stay C. Is fine stayed D. raining will atay


A. were on B. are from C. was about D. is of


A. How far is it fren hereto the ma B. how long it takes from here to the hospira

C.how often does your bratha write to his fiend D.when can I find the bookshop

( her classmates she just wants them?

A. as as B. from of C. as with D. as from

( than Rose bnt Rose is

A. funnier better B. gule the well C. Smater good D. popuiar best

( )8. What did Mr lio say just? He toid on that page.

A. first third B. the two C. fourth one D. eight second

( )9. How did she so to work yesterday by bus or foot? Neither she train.

A. Takes B. tak C. took D. is taking

( )10. I can t find ma elle phone anywhere where is it? I don t know maybe you ll A. that B. it C. one D. ones.

( )11.What do you rhihr of you new neighbours?because they never say Hello and they are always playing loud music.

A.I don f like them at all B.I get on well with them

C. we are good friends D. They often help me ( )

did you first start sing the age of In 1998 in paris

A. How long did your first concern lcst B. when did give your finst conceri

C .Which is you fayourire city D.How often do you to tne concerts

13. Waiterl could you bring me a hamburger?

? Just a cup of coffee without sugar

A. Are you very hungry? B.Can you eat it C.Anything to drink D. How much should I Michael fell off his chair and into the swimming pool he got all wet so he left the party.

A.What happened to him B. Was his girlfriend there

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