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Unit 5 My new room
Part A read and write


trash bin

end table




let’s chant !
? ? ? ? ? ? The end tables are big . The curtains are blue . The garbage is empty . The closet is full . The mirror is terrific . The air-conditioner is cool .

What ’s in Yumei’s room ? --There is … --There are …

Who? What rooms ? Where ?

rabbit Two bedrooms , a kitchen , a bathroom ,a living room Rabbit’s new room

What’s in it ?

A mirror , a bed , a big closet , green curtains , two end tables , a new airconditioner .


I have a new flat .

The flat is on the third floor.

the third floor the second floor

the first floor


What’s in the rabbits’ new flat ?
What’s in the rabbit’s room ?

Finish the sentences .
1) There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room in the rabbits’ room . 2)What’s in the rabbits’ room ? There is a mirror, a bed and a big closet in his room. And there are two end tables .

Finish the sentences .
We are rabbits. We have a _______ _____. it’s on the

______ ______. There ______ two________, a _____, a_______, and a __________ _______. I’m a baby rabbit. I have my own room now. It’s _______and ____.There _______

a _______ ,a bed and a big _______ . There are green
_______ and two end tables . There is a new air-conditioner . It’s cool . I _______ my new room _____ ________.

Recite “read and write”

Hi, I’m John . My father bought a new flat
yesterday , it’s on the third floor. and I have my own it’s on the third floor room now ! There is a big closet, a computer, a shelf There is a big closet, a computer, a shelf and aadesk. There are two end tables, aabed and aa and desk. There are two end tables, bed and trash bin trash bin . My room is small but nice . I like it very

much .

Questions : Where is the flat ?

what’s in John’s room ?

draw you dream room
What’s your room like ?

? Read “read and write ” three times . ? Recite “read and write ” . ? Copy “read and write ” one time

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