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八年级英语 练习

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1. Industry and ______ are the two important sectors of the national economy.(agricultural)

2. Besides______, he does well in physcis.(chemical)

3. _______ are used to keep the insects down.(chemical)

4. Many poets and artists have drawn their inspiration from______(natual)

5. He bought a lot of fruit such as apples and _______(peach)

6. I was _______ when I heard what had happened.(amaze)

7. The two ______ of trees are planted on either side of the river.(variety)

8. Freezing isn’t a bad way of _____food.(preserve)

9. He drinks as ______milk as I do.(many)

10. It is _____ for me to see you.(please)

11. People can watch _____(variety) of programs on TV.

12. The new car goes at an ______(amaze)speed.

13. Nancy is one of ______ girls in her class.(shy)

14. Now more and more people______that it’s important to keep the balance of nature.(real)

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