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2010年秋楚天学校七年级英语竞赛试题 时间:100分钟 总分:100分

一.单项选择 从每小题四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳答案,将最佳选项的字母编号填写在题号前括号内。(本大题共10小题,每小题1分,共10分.) ( )1. Linda is my mother’s sister, so she is my ______.

A. sister B. cousin C. aunt D. uncle

( )2. This _____ my room. There _____ a clock and some books in the bookcase.

A. are, is B. is, are C. are, are D. is, is

( )3.--- Does he play sports? --- No, _____. He only watches them______ TV.

A. he does, on B. he does, in C. he doesn’t, on D. he doesn’t, in

( ) 4.--- __________ does Tom have in the morning? --- Math and Chinese.

A. What class B. What’s your favorite subject C. How many class D. What subject

( )5.For dinner, Tom likes ______.

A. hamburgers, salad, and oranges B. chicken, tomatoes, French fries C. eggs, bananas, and apple D. French fries, sofa, vegetable

( )6.--- Draw a map on the blackboard, Tom! --- ________.

A. Yes, please B. That’s all right C. All right D. Thanks

( )7 .September is the ________ month of a year.

A. nine B. nineteen C. nineth D. ninth

( )8.--- How much is this T-shirt? --- Ninety _________.

A. dollar B. yuan C. yuans D. cent(美分) ( )9.There are _________ days in May.

A. twenty-eight B. thirty-one C. twenty-nine D. thirty ( )10.The man doesn’t know how to ________ this word in English.

A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk


Tome is a boy fourteen. He is a middle school student. He very hard . He is a good

that he washes his face, brushes his teeth and then out to do morning exercises. He breakfast at about 7:00 . He goes to school at 7:30 his bike .Classes at 8:00 . They have six classes a day, four in the morning and two in the

afternoon. Classes are over at four. After school he baseball on the playground . At about five he

comes home. He has supper at six. After supper he ( )11. A.at B.of C.for D.in ( )12. A.studies B.study C.learn D.studys ( )13. A.Then B.Usually C.Because D.After ( )14. A.After B.Then C.Before D.At ( )15. A.go B.come C.goes D.going

( )16. A.have B.take C.make D.has ( )17. A.in B.on C.at D.by ( )18. A. are over B.are begin C.begin D. begins ( )19. A.plays the B.has C.makes D. plays

( )20. A.do B.does C.have D. take

三、阅读理解 阅读下列短文,并做每篇短文后的题目。从每小题所给的四个选项中,选出能完成所给句子的最佳答案,将其字母填写在题号前的括号内。(本大题共20小题,每小题2分,共20分。)


My five senses(感觉)

I have the sense of sight. I can see with my eyes. For most people, sight is the most important of the five senses. We use our eyes for nearly everything. We see the cars driving, the birds flying and the flowers blooming.

I have the sense of hearing. I can hear with my ears. We use our ears to hear the world around us. We use our ears to listen to other people, to listen to music and to learn English.

I have the sense of smell. I can smell with my nose. The roses smell good. I like the beautiful flowers. I taste with my tongue. Different parts of the tongue taste different flavors. The front of the tongue tastes sweet things. The back of the tongue tastes bitter things. The sides of the tongue taste salty things. The middle of the tongue tastes sour things. How fun it is!

I have the sense of touch. I can touch and feel with my hands. We feel the world with our skin. When we touch things, we can feel how big they are. We can feel the differences between hard and soft, rough and smooth. We feel pain(疼) if we touch sharp things. Whatever I do, I use my five senses.

( )21.I can see with the sense of _________.

A.taste B.sight C.hearing

( )22.The _______ parts of the tongue taste different tastes.

A.six B.five C.four

( )23.We feel pain if we touch sharp things with our ______.

A.hand B.nose C.skin

( )24.We have the senses of touch,hearing,sight,__________. A.tasting and feeling B.smell and look C.taste and smell

( )25.We use our five senses ________. A.all the time B.sometimes C.ususlly (2)


( )26. I want to go swimming on Sunday. Where can I go? ___________

A. Green Trees Gym. B. Red Apples Gym.

C. Both Green Trees Gym and Red Apples Gym. D. You can’t go swimming on Sunday. ( )27 . I want to play basketball on Monday morning. Where can I go? _________

A. Green Trees Gym. B. Red Apples Gym. C. Both Green Trees Gym and Red Apples Gym. D. Green Apples Gym. (

)28 . I play volleyball at 9:00 every morning. Where can you find me? ___________

A. Green Trees Gym. B. Red Apples Gym. C. Both Green Trees Gym and Red Apples Gym. D. At home.

( )29 . I do aerobics every afternoon. So you can call me at 6589417. Do you know where I’m going to

be(将会在)? _________

A. At Green Balls Gym. B. At Red Apples Gym. C. in the school. D. On the playground. ( )30 . Which gym accepts (接受) mail from computer? ___________

A. Green Balls Gym.

B. Red Apples Gym. C. Green Apples Gym. D. Red Trees Gym.


Look at these plants. They have big and rough leaves(树叶). Their leaves are green. They have flowers. Their flowers are yellow. They have many fruits. People call them‘pumpkins’. The pumpkins are big and hard. They are in different shapes and colors. Some are round and some are long. Some are orange. Some are yellow and some are green. They have roots too. Their roots are under the ground. ( )31.These plants have big and rough leaves.

( )32.Their leaves are yellow and their flowers are green.

( )33.They have many fruits and their fruits are pumpkins. ( )34.Their fruits are big and rough.

( )35.Some fruits are long and some are short. Some fruits are red and some are black.


Information (信息)Card



42.2010年世博会在 __________召开,第16届亚运会在____________召开。



45.There are ______ months in a year, and there are ______ minutes in an hour.(用英语写出这两个数字) 五.完成句子(共10分)

46.His father likes white and red best.(同义句)

His father’s ____________ ______________ are white and red. 47.These are orange sweaters.(改为单数句) __________ is ____________ orange sweater. 48.Can I help you?(改为同义句)

__________ can I do ___________ you? 49.你知道他的名字是什么吗?

Do you know __________ his name __________? 50.我有许多衣服,例如,毛衣,衬衫和裤子。

I have many clothes,__________ ____________,sweaters, shirts and pants. 六.请根据句子的意思写出恰当的单词,首字母已给出。(共5分)

51.If you want to get up on time every day, you should have a c___________. 52. National Day is on O_____________ first.

53.Your brother is good at singing, so he can join the m__________ club.

54.You often eat vegetables and fruits and drink milk, everyone thinks you are h___________. 55. When others say “Thank you!”, you should say “You are w__________.” 七。给下列对话排排序。(共10分)

In an English corner(英语角), two boys are talking in English.

A: What's your favorite sport? B: I am thirteen years old. C: Ping-pong.

D: My name is David. How old are you, please? E: Good evening.

F: Yes, I do. Deng Yaping, Liu Guoliang and Kong Linghui.

G: Deng Yaping is very famous. She is well-known all over the world… H: I am twelve. What about you?

I: Ping-pong is good. That's a popular sport. Then do you have your favorite players(运动员)? J: Good evening. My name is Tom. What's your name, please?

56.正确的顺序是:____-_____-_____-_____-_____-_____-_____-_____-_____-____ 八.写作(共10分)

人人都需要朋友。请根据以下提示,以“Let’s be friends”为题,把你的情况作一介绍,以便结交更多的朋友。可适当发挥。

When do you usually go to school? What time does your school start? What are your favorite subjects? Why? Who is your best friend? Are you in a club? Why?

2010年秋楚天学校七年级英语竞赛试题答题卡 时间:100分 满分:100分


1______ 2______ 3______ 4______ 5______ 6______ 7_______ 8______ 9______ 10______ 二.完形填空(共10分)

11______ 12______ 13______ 14______ 15______ 16______ 17______ 18______ 19______ 20______ 三.阅读理解(共40分

21______ 22______ 23______ 24______ 25______ 26______ 27______ 28______ 29______ 30______ 31______ 32______ 33______ 34______ 35______ 36______ 37______ 38______ 39______ 40______ 四.综合知识(共5分)

41._______ _________ 42._______ _________43.__________ 44.__________________ 45._______ __________ 五.完成句子(共10分)

46.________ _________ 47._________ ____________48._________ _________ 49.________ __________ 50.___________ ___________


51.c_________ 52.O__________53.m__________54.h__________55.w__________ 七。给下列对话排排序。(共10分)

56._____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 八.写作(共10分)

Let’s be friend


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