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姓名成绩一、 圈出与其它三个不同类的单词.(2×5=10)

1 A. teacher B. father C. brother D. mom

2 A. milk B. water C. soup D. coffee

3 A .kitchen B. bathroom C. classroom D. study

4 A. driver B. doctor C. nurse D. music

5 A. thin B. tall C. eye D. short


1. Welcome to my bedroom .In my b__________(卧室)you can see a chair , a d____(课桌)and a bed.

2. She likes to eat some

and chicken.

3. .He’s very strong.

4. He is Tom


5. Look , there is a pencil—case ,a p____________(铅笔)and a lamp on the desk . In the

pencil—case, there are three__________(钢笔).

6.Welcome to my home. Look, this is my family

photo. This woman is She’s a

. This is my father, he’s a

and pork very much. This is my sister. And this is her English

, she’s good at English. Who’s this

? Oh, it’s me. Let’s make


三. 单项选择,从下列所给的三个选项中选择合适的并将序号填在提前的括号内。(2×5=10)

1. ( ) I like to play ______football.

A)a B)the C)/

2. ( )We often play together _____school.

A) in B)at C)on

3. ( )______some juice please.

A) Have B)Has C)Eat

4. ( ) What’s your new art teacher like?

- 1 -

A. She’s a lady. B. She’s tall and thin. C. She’s strict.

5. ( ) What’s your favorite food?

A.Fish. B.Fishes. C.A fish



A. What color is your bag? B. Where are you from? C. Do you like English?

D. Sure. E. It’s under the desk.

1. A:________________ B: I’m from Canada.

2. A:________________ B: It’s red.

3 .A:________________ B: Yes, I do.

4. A: Where’s my chair? B: ______________

5. A: May I use your pen? B: __________________


A 阅读短文,根据短文内容判断下列句子是否正确。符合的写T,不符合的写F。(2×6=12)

My name is Amy. I’m a thin girl. There are three members in my family: my parents and me. I have a good friend. She is Miss Li, my Chinese teacher. She likes music. She is from China.

1. ( ) Amy is strong.

2. ( ) There are 4 members in Amy’s family.

3. ( ) Miss Li is Amy’s friend.

4. ( ) Miss Li likes painting.

5. ( ) Miss Li is from China.

6. ( ) Miss Li is my English teacher.

B 读一读,选择人物。(2×4=8)


7. She is a Chinese girl. She is tall and thin. She has long hair and big eyes. She likes painting. Who’s she?

She is____________.

8. He is my friend. He is short. He has a big eyes and a big mouth. He likes sports Who’s he? He is


9. She has short hair and a small mouth. She is quiet. Who is she? She is ____________.

10. He is my best friend. He has big eyes and small ears. He likes computer games. Who is he? He is


- 2 -

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