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I. 听辨单词(Words) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 听音,从A, B, C, D四个选项中选出你听到的单词。每个单词只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

1. A. bear B. wear C. care D. share

2. A. meet B. seat C. feet D. neat

3. A. eye B. buy C. why D. my

4. A. from B. form C. fall D. four

5. A. heard B. word C. third D. bird

B) 听音,从A, B, C, D四个选项中选出与你所听到的单词相符的图片。每个单词只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)


II. 句子理解(Sentences) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 听音,根据你所听到的句子选出与其相对应的的问句或答句。每个句子只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

11. A. Hello.

B. Nice to meet you.

C. Fine. Thank you.

D. Are you OK?

12. A. She is Susan.

B. Are you Susan?

C. This is Susan.

D. Who is Susan?

13. A. They are kind.

B. They are fine.

C. They are running.

D. They are Lucy and Lily.

14. A. What’s the weather like today?

B. What’s the time?

C. What day is it today?

D. What’s the date today?

15. A. How does Helen go to school?

B. Who is Helen?

C. Which is Helen’s book?

D. What’s Helen?

B) 听音,根据你所听到的句子的意思判断下列图片正(T)误(F)。每个句子只读一遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)


III. 对话理解(Dialogues) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 听音,根据所听对话和问题,选出正确的答案。每个对话读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

21. A. 5:15 B. 5:05 C. 4:45 D. 5:45

22. A. A cup of tea.

B. A cup of water.

C. A cup of coffee.

D. A glass of water.

23. A. Yes, he can.

B. No, he can’t.

C. Yes, he is.

D. No, he isn’t.

24. A. It’s behind the Bank of China.

B. It’s on the left side of the Bank of China.

C. It’s on the right side of the Bank of China.

D. It’s in front of the Bank of China.

25. A. Yes, she does.

B. No, she doesn’t.


C. Yes, she is.

D. No, she isn’t.

B) 听音,选出对话中没有涉及到的一项。每个对话读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)

IV. 短文理解(Passages)(共10小题,计10分)

A) 听短文,根据所听内容按英文字母(A,B,C,D,E)的顺序为下列图片标号。短文读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)


B) 听短文,根据所听内容判断下列图片正(T)误(F)。短文读两遍。(答案涂在答题纸上)


I. 单词和短语(Words and phrases)(共10小题,计10分)

A) 看图,根据已给出的首字母写出恰当的单词,补全句子。(答案写在答题纸上)

1. This is a big b ________ cake.


2. There are some old w ________ under the tree.

3. How h ________ the box is!

4. I r ________ a horse in the park.

5. Mr. Duck is looking at his shopping l ________ . 6

B) 看图,选出能够表示出图意的选项。(答案写在答题纸上)

A. fly a kite B. go shopping C. get up D. make a snowman

E. fall asleep F. No smoking! G. go fishing

II. 句子(Sentences) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空,完成下列各句(注意大小写)。(答案写在答题纸上)

11. ________ (child) Day is on the first of June.

12. Lisa ________ (come) back home at 5:00 p.m. yesterday.

13. There is some ________ (water) in the bottle.

14. My father ________ (have) a car.

15. Mary wants to ________ (go) shopping today.

B) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最恰当的选项。(答案涂在答题纸上)

16. ________ hours are there in a day?

A. How old B. How many C. How much D. How long

17. ________ you like oranges?


A. Have B. Does C. Do D. Has

18. Mike is ________ than Betty.

A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

19. These three ________ are very kind.

A. woman doctor

B. women doctor

C. woman doctors

D. women doctors

20. He is ________ of ________ friend.

A. one, Jane's

B. one, Jane

C. /, Jane

D. /, Jane's

III. 情景会话(Dialogues) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 根据所给情景,完成下列各题。(答案涂在答题纸上)

21. —Merry Christmas!

— ________

A. Happy New Year!

B. Merry Christmas!

C. Fine. Thanks.

D. Have a good time!

22. —Excuse me. Where is the nearest

—Sorry. I don't know.

— ________


A. You're welcome.

B. Thank you all the same.

C. Let's go.

D. Not at all.

23. —Let's go for a walk.

— ________

A. Nice to see you.

B. Here it is.

C. See you.

D. That's a good idea.

24. —Where are you from?

— ________

A. I go to America.

B. I live in Shanghai.

C. I am from America.

D. I like America.

25. — ________

—Yes. Here you are.

—Thank you.

A. May I borrow your ruler?

B. What's this?

C. Which one do you like?

D. Is it a ruler?

B) 看图,从所给的选项中选择恰当的句子补全小故事。(答案写在答题纸上) 9

A. Oh, there is a little mouse in the box.

B. How big the box is! C. What's in the box?

D. Now, there is nothing in the box. E. I want to eat it.

F. Ha-ha, there is a cat in the box. G. A mouse is coming.

H. A cat wants to go out.

IV. 阅读理解(Reading comprehension)(共10小题,计10分)

A) 这是Tommy五月份的计划,请根据日历回答问题。(答案写在答题纸上) 10

31. What does Tommy want to do on May 1st?

32. When is Tommy's mother's birthday?

33. Does Tommy want to play football on May 21st.

34. How many people's birthdays are in May.

35. Where does Tommy want to go on May 16th?

B) 阅读短文回答下列问题。(答案写在答题纸上)

Hello, I am John. I am in Class Two, Grade Five. I am good at English and Chinese, so I like the English and Chinese classes very much. I have two good friends, Kate and David.

Today is Sunday. The weather is fine. I go to Hong Kong Park with my friends. First we go to the Bird House. The birds sing happily. We can stay in the Bird House, but we mustn't catch the birds. Then we go to the Children's Playground. It is opposite(相对的) a snack bar. Kate and I play on the swings. David doesn't play. He wants to watch us. At noon, we are very hungry and thirsty, so we buy some bread and orange juice from the snack bar for lunch. In the afternoon, we come back home.

We all feel tired and I go to bed early. But it's really a very happy day. I hope I can have more holidays like this.

36. What day is it today?

37. Do John and his friends go to Hong Kong Park?

38. Who goes with John?


39. How many places do they go to play today?

40. What do they have for lunch?

V. 智力测试(IQ test) (共5小题,计5分)


41. Is a whale a mamal (哺乳动物) or a fish?

42. < 这个数学符号是什么意思?

A. More than. B. Greater than. C. Less than. D. Little.

43. What is the meaning (意思) of “twenty-four seven”?

44. There are only one set of letters below can be rearranged into a five-letter word. Can you find and write it down? (下面只有一组字母可以组成一个新单词。你能找到并写出它吗?)

A. adbei B. nodla C. ckoeor D. fienr

VI. 小作文(Composition) (15分)

看图,以The Four Seasons 为题写一篇小作文。


1. 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确,书写清晰、规范;

2. 根据图画写出每个季节的特点,可以适当发挥想象;

3. 不得少于60个单词;

4. 将作文写在答题纸上。



(时间:60分钟 总分:100分)



I. 听辨单词(Words) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 1. wear 2. meet 3. buy 4. four 5. bird

B) 6. train 7. worker 8. Wednesday 9. rainy 10. cake II. 句子理解(Sentences) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 11. How are you?

12. Hello. This is Mr. Green. Who’s that?

13. Who are they?

14. It’s sunny.

15. Helen goes to school by bike.

B) 16. I get up at ten to seven every day.

17. He likes playing volleyball very much.


18. They are watching TV.

19. There are four geese in the river.

20. Let’s go shopping.

III. 对话理解(Dialogues) (共10小题,计10分)

A) 21. —Excuse me. What’s the time, please?

—It’s a quarter to five.

Question: What’s the time now?

22. —What would you like, Kate? A cup of coffee or a glass of water? —A cup of coffee, please.

Question: What does Kate want?

23. —Where can I buy a toy car, Mum?

—You can buy one in a toy store.

Question: Can the boy buy a toy car in a toy store?

24. —Excuse me. Where is the Bank of China?

—It’s over there, on the left side of the school.

Question: Where is the school?

25. —Does Ann often play chess on Sundays?

—No, she doesn’t. She often plays the piano.

Question: Does Ann often play the piano on Sundays?

B) 26. —What’s in your bag?

—There are three pencils, two books and a photo.

27. —How do you go to school?

—I usually go to school by bike or on foot, but sometimes I go by bus.

28. —What do you want to do?

—I want to visit my grandfather, my uncle and my aunt.


29. —What is your favourite food?

—My favourite food are dumplings, porridge and rice.

30. —What do your family members like?

—My father likes reading. My brother likes singing and my sister likes dancing.


I. 听辨单词 (共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 1. B 2. A. 3. B 4. D 5. D

B) 6. B 7. A 8. C 9. B 10. A

II. 句子理解(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 11. C 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. A

B) 16. F 17. F 18. T 19. F 20. F

III. 对话理解(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 21. C 22. C 23. A 24. C 25. A

B) 26. C 27. B 28. D 29. A 30. A

IV. 短文理解(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 31. C 32. B 33. A 34. E 35. D

B) 36. F 37. F 38. T 39. F 40. T

IV. 短文理解(Passages) (共10小题,计10分)

A) Today is Sunday, I get up early. At first, I do my homework, then I go shopping with my friend, Peter. At 1:30 in the afternoon, I come back home and play computer games. At about 5:00, I have some fish for supper. At 9:30 I am very tired, so I go to bed.

B) My father is a teacher. He often goes to work by bus. He works from Monday to Friday. On

Saturdays, he often watches TV at home. On Sundays, he usually takes me to the park near our home, and there we always go to play the swings.


I. 单词和短语(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 1. birthday 2. women 3. heavy 4. ride 5. list


B) 6. F 7. A 8. E 9. D 10. G

II. 句子(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 11. Children's 12. came 13. water 14. has 15. go

B) 16. B. 17. C 18. B 19. D 20. A

III. 情景会话(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

A) 21. B 22. B 23. D 24. C 25. A

B) 26. C 27 E 28. A 29. F 30. D

IV. 短文理解(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

31. He wants to fly a kite on May 1st.

32. Her birthday is on May 5th.

33. Yes, he does.

34. 3 people's birthdays are in May.

35. He wants to go to the cinema.

B) 36. Today is Sunday.

37. Yes, they do.

38. Kate and David.

39. They go to 3 places to play today.

40. They have some bread and orange juice for lunch.

V. 智力测试(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)

41. It is a mammal. 42. C 43. It means all the time. 44. C, cooker 45. D

IV. 小作文(计15分)


The Four Seasons

There are four seasons in a year. Spring is warm. We can see many flowers and butterflies. Summer is hot, so we like swimming in the river. When autumn comes, the weather turns cool, some 16

trees' leaves start to fall. Winter is very cold. We have to put on thicker clothes, but we can make snowmen and play snowballs. So every season is lovely. (64 words)


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