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( )1、This is his photo. Look! is tall. A. He B. She C. He’s ( )

2、He short brown hair. A. have B. has C. there is

( )3、Listen music.

A. to B. of C. for

( )4、She is a girl. Name is Lucy. A. His B. Her C. It’s ( )5、She music.

A. like B. likes C. to like 二、找出与其他单词不同类的一个。(5分) ( )1、A. fish B. long C. short ( )2、A. hot dog B. hamburger

C. hat ( )3、A. kangaroo B. monkey C. key ( )4、A. eraser B. crayon C. light ( )5、A. notebook B. math boo C. sports


1.it is=____________ 2.is not=______ 3.are not=_______ 4.they are=_________ 5.what is=______

一、 选出字母或字母组合,使单词完整。

1. p cil A. er B. en C. ea

2. t cher A. er B. en C. ea

3. fri d A. er B. en C. ea

4. b g A. a B. o C. e

5. st dent A. a B. u C. v


6. Good morning, Chen Jie. clean our classroom.

A. Let’s B. Let C. let’s

7. This my new schoolbag.

A. am B. is C. are

8. Who your friend ?

A. am B. is C. are

9. English books can you see ?

A. How many B. how many C. How much

10. What colour ?

A. is it B. it is C. are it

11. Here are ?

A. you B. your C. Your

12. My friend is strong. He short hair.

A. has B. have C. is

13. Look, this is his photo. tall.

A. He’s B. he’s C. She’s

14. My friend is a girl. thin.

A. am B. is C. are

A. He’s B. he’s C. She’s

15. What’s in the classroom ?

A. on B. in C. near

16. Where’s my seat? It’s the door.

A. on B. in C. near

17. We 6 new lights.

A. has B. are C. have

18. Let clean the window.

A. me B. my C. we


19. “What’s this ?” “ a English book!”

A. is it B. it’s C. they are

20. “May I have a look ?” “ . Here you are.”

A. Sure B. Ok C. Yes

21. “Can you spell these words?” “ , I can.”

A. Sure B. Ok C. Yes

22. “How many story-books have?” “I have 20”

A. can you B. do you C. you can

23. “Who is he ?” “ my new friend.”

A. He’s B. he’s C. She’s

24. “What’s his name?” “ name is Zhang Peng.”

A. He’s B. His C. Her

25. “What’s her name?” “ name is Amy.”

A. She’s B. His C. Her

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