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(1) 考试时间60分钟;

(2) 试卷共8页

(3) 录音听一遍

(4) 第1至5小题答案写在答卷上;第6至80小题在答卡上作答。第81至91小题答案


1. 听对话。根据所听到的内容,将表格中标有1)-5)的部分补充完整,并将答案抄写到


2.听单词,选出相应的音标词,在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 (5%)

6)A. B. C. D.

7)A. B. C. D.

8)A. B. C. D.

9)A. B. C. D.

10)A. B. C. D.

3. 听对话问题,选择问题的答案。在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 (10%)

11) A. 87540339 B. 87450393 C. 87450339

12) A. Working at the hospital B. Visiting a friend at the hospital C. The man was feeling better lately (近来)

13) A. She needs more money B. Some money is better than no monney C The boy has bad luck

14) A. It is too large B. It is too full C. It took two hours to pack

15) A. Nothing B. Talking C. Singing

16) A. He will get something to drink and wait for his friends.

B. He will get something to eat.

C. He will just sit there and wait.

17) A. In an old house B. In a little shop C. On a train

18) A. Call her “ Darling ” B.Water and plants C. Talk to her

19) A. The woman and her dog B. The man and the woman’s dog C. The man, the woman , and their dog

20) A. The man’s girl friend B. The man’s mother C. The man’s wife

4. 听段落,根据所听内容选择问题的答案,在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 (8%) Passage 1

21) What is the speaker worried about?

A. His mother B. His job C. The weather

22) What do we know about the speaker’s mother?

A. She died five years ago B. She is her seventies C. She does not like her son Passage 2

23) How long does the speaker work each day?

A. Three hours B. Nine hours C. Twelve hours

24) What is the speaker’s job?

A. A housewife B.A writer C. A bookshop assistant

Passage 3

25)How many eyes does a starfish with five arms have?

A. Two B. Five C. Seven

26) What will happen if you cut a starfish in two?

A. It will die B. It will dry up C. It will become two starfish Passage 4

27) How many eggs did the White House prepare on Easter Monday 2009?

A. 3000 B. 13000 C. 30000

28) What did President Obama do on Easter 2009?

A. Read a book to the children B. picked vegetables in the garden C. Make salad for the visitors

5. 听人物介绍,根据听到的内容判断下列陈述是正确、错误还是未提及。在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。(7%)

29)Daphne will be in a sports competition (比赛) on her birthday.

A. True (正确) B. False (错误) C. No given (未提及)

30)Daphne is better at running than swimming.

A. True B. False C. No given

31) Many 60-year-old people are as good at sports as Daphne.

A. True B. False C. No given

32) Daphne was unhappy with how she looked ten years ago.

A. True B. False C. No given

33) It was easy for Daphne to begin doing sports.

A. True B. False C. No given

34) Daphne is angry with her parents because they stopped her dancing.

A. True B. False C. No given

35) Daphne has got a lot of expensive clothes.

A. True B. False C. No given

6. 听关于汽车的短文,根据短文内容选择问题的答案。在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 (5%)

36) The writer’s grandfather thinks_______

A. cars are like their drivers B. old people don’t drive C. cars are very expensive

37) What car does Mrs Hill drive?

A.A new large car. B. An old small car C. A small fast car

38) What is Mike’s car like?

A. It is has many colors B. It has many pictures on it C. It is black

39) What is NOT true about Uncle Joe?

A. He has a large family B. Mrs Bates C. The grandfather

40) According to (根据) the speaker, who is very rich?

A. Mrs Hill B. Mrs Bates C. The grandfather

7. 听体重器的故事,根据故事内容选择问题的答案。在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。

41) What can the machine (机器) do?

A. Make people laugh B. Teach people languages C. Weigh (称) people and talk to them

42 Where did the man put his first machine?

A. In a station B. In a train C. In a ladies’ room

43) What did the machine told the Indian woman?

A. She was too thin B. She was too heavy C. She should eat more

44) What did the machine tell the Chinese girl?

A. She should eat more B. She should eat less C. She was just right

45) What do we know about the American woman?

A. She was healthy B. She was too heavy C. The machine didn’t like her

8. 听短文,选出问题的答案,在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 (5%)

46)What is jacks?

A. A boy’s name B. A kids’ game C. A baby’s toy

47) What do you need to play Jacks?

A. A small ball and some dolls B. A small ball and some building blocks

C. A rubber and some rulers

48) How do you play Jacks?

A. Throw up the ball, pick up a jacks, catch the ball B. Throw up a ball, pick up the jacks, catch the ball

C. Pick up the ball, throw up a jack, catch the jack

49) You lose your turn when you ___________________.

A. pick up a jack B. drop (跌落) a jack from your hand C. throw up the ball too high

50) A good jack player needs to _____________.

A. jump high B. have long arms C. be fast

9. 选出与做给句子意思最接近的句子,在答题卡上将相应的字母编号涂黑。 (5%)

51) The children had a lot of nice and exciting things to do.

A. The children had fun B. The children were very excited

C. The children learned something interesting D. The children were glad to see something

52) The tortoise won the race at last

A. The tortoise won the first game at the race.

B. Finally the tortoise won the first game at the race.

C. It was the first time the tortoise won the race

D. At the race the tortoise won the last gold medal.

53) The child wants to put out the fire.

A. The kid wants to put out the fire B. The kid wants to become a firefighter when he is an adoult

C. After the child grows up, he can be a fireman.

D. The kid became a firefighter when he was an adult

54) My father likes drinking black coffee when he has dinner. So does my mother.

A. My father likes coffee with milk when he has dinner. My mother likes it too.

B. Both my father and mother like milk with sugar when they have supper.

C. Both my parents like coffee without milk or sugar when they have supper.

D. My parents like strong coffee for dinner.

55) If there is no air, people and animals can’t live.

A. Air is very important. Both animals and plants need it.

B. Animals breathe, plants breathe too.

C. Plants and animals in a big bottle would die if we thake the air away from the bottle .

D. Living things can’t live without air.

10. 阅读短文,根据短文内容选择问题的正确答案,把答题卡上相应的编号涂黑。(8%)

My grandpa lived in the countryside. He liked walking after dinner. During a summer weekend I stayed with him, and joined his evening walk. We saw a lot of people and my grandpa waved to them all and smiled at them. He said hello to them too. “Grandpa is so popular,” I said to myself. “Why do you know so many people here, Grandpa?” I asked. “No, I don’t know many of them.” “Why do you wave to them all?” I asked again. “Well, Lucy,” said Grandpa, “When I wave to someone who knows me, he will be happy. If he doesn’t know me, that’s all right. He will say to himself, ‘Who’s that old man? Why did he wave to me and smile at me?’ So he has something to think about on his way and he won’t get tired. He will be happy because I smile at him. He will smile at others too. In this way, we are all happy.” Our teachers told us that good manners make things easier. Maybe Grandpa was right.

56) Where did Lucy’s grandfather live?

A. On a farm. B. In the country. C. In a town. D. In the city.

57) What did Lucy’s grandfather like doing after dinner?

A. He liked doing sports. B. He liked doing homework.

C. He liked to take a walk. D. He liked saying hello to others.

58) What did Lucy’s grandfather do during his evening walk?

A. He talked with the other people. B. He laughed at other people.

C. He helped other people. D. He gave his greetings to others.

59) Who did Lucy’s grandfather say hello to?

A. All the people he knew. B. Only the people he didn’t know.

C. All the people he met on his way. D. Only the people he knew very well.

60) What did Lucy’s grandfather want?

A. He wanted to know more people. B. He wanted to make others happy.

C. He wanted to become popular. D. He wanted more people to know him.

61) Why did Lucy’s grandfather say hello to people who didn’t know him?

A. Because he thought that they would know him from then on.

B. Because he thought that they would make friend with him.

C. Because he thought that they wouldn’t get tired on their way.

D. He thought that they would get home more quickly.

62) What does ‘good manners’ mean in Chinese?

A. 好礼貌 B. 好方法 C. 好人品 D. 相处好

63) What’s the best title for the story?

A. Lucy’s Grandfather

B. Lucy and Her Grandfather

C. Say Hello to the People We know and We don’t Know

D. Good Manners Make Things Easier

11. 阅读短文,根据短文内容选择问题的正确答案,把答题卡上相应的编号涂黑。(7%)

If you visit London, people there will certainly take you to Hyde Park, one of the most famous parks in the world. In the middle of the park, there is a river. People swim in the river in all seasons of the year. In summer the river is full of boats and a lot of people are swimming or sitting on the green grass. In winter, you can also see them swim around in the ice. People will come to the park and play all kinds of ball games too. And sometimes people have music festivals there. When you are in the park, you’ll forget you are right in the middle of London. It is quiet and peaceful.

In the park, there is a very interesting place. It is called Speaker’s Corner. There, people speak in different languages about anything they like.

On Sundays Hyde Park becomes an art gallery too. Many people will come and look at the paintings there. Both the people and the paintings look beautiful in the afternoon sun.

64) Hyde Park is __________.

A. the most famous park in the world B. in the middle of London

C. always noisy D. the biggest park in the world

65) __________ is in middle of the park.

A. A lake B. A pool C. A pound D. A river

66) People swim in the river of Hyde Park __________.

A. all the year round B. in the hottest season

C. in the coldest season D. for ten months of the year

67) People __________ the water in summer.

A. fish in B. ski on C. row the boats on D. sit in

68) In winter we can see __________ the river.

A. fish B. ice C. water plants D. ships

69) People can __________ at the Speaker’s Corner.

A. tell others what they think B. do what they want to do

C. read all kinds of books aloud D. talk about different paintings

70) In the park there are __________.

A. many schools B. important matches

C. art activities D. a lot of parties

12. 阅读故事,选择最佳的词语填空使故事通顺和完整。把答卷题卡上相应的字母编号涂黑。(10%)

A fine Sunday morning Mr. Duck home from the town. On his way he met Mr. Hare. “Good morning, Mr. Duck,” said Mr. Hare. “What ”

“I have a new pot and some salt. I bought them in town,” answered Mr. Duck.

“Be careful,” said Mr. Hare. “Mr. Bull is looking salt.” He took some from Mr. Monkey only half hour ago. He was sitting near your house.”

“Oh, dear,” said Mr. Hare. “I need my salt, but what I do?” Both of them sat down to think about his problem.

“I have an idea!” Mr. Hare said. “Come with me.” They went down to the river. Mr. Hare the pot with water. they couldn’t see the salt. “Let’s go and meet Mr. Bull,” said Mr. Hare. They walked down the road, soon they Mr. Bull.

“Stop!” said Mr. Bull. “I need salt! What do you have in the pot?”

“Only water, ” Mr. Hare answered.

Mr. Bull looked into the pot then said. “Go away. That is no use to me.”

Mr. Bull was far away from them, Mr. Duck asked, “How can we get the salt back again?”

“Come and help me some dry wood (柴). I’ll show you how to find the salt again!” What did Mr. Hare want the dry wood for? Do you know?

(71). A. walk B. will walk C. is waling D. was walking

(72). A. do you carry B. can you carry C. did you carry D. are you carrying

(73). A. at B. in C. for D. with

(74). A. a B. an C. this D. that

(75). A. shall B. do C. would D. have to

(76). A. will fill B. is filling C. was filling D. filled

(77). A. But B. Soon C. Before D. Fast

(78). A. see B. are seeing C. saw D. were seeing

(79). A. During B. Before C. When D. While

(80). A. ge B. is getting C. get D. was getting

13. 阅读短文,用适当的单词或数字填空使短文通顺和完整。答案写在答卷相应的横线上。(10%)

One afternoon some children a lot of noise in class. The teacher was angry. He kept them in the classroom after school. He told them to add (加) all the numbers from 1 to 100 together.

The children out their exercise-books. All of them to write the number

down except (除了) one boy. He was new in the school. He looked out of the window for a minutes. Then he wrote the number in his exercise-book and up his hand.

“May I go home, sir” he asked “I know the answer now.”

The teacher and other children were very “Put it in here,” said the teacher.

The nest morning, the teacher asked the boy, “How did you find the answer so quickly?” “Well, sir,” he said, “I didn’t want to stay here long, so I tried my best to find the answer quickly. Soon I found it. You see, if you add 100 to 1, you get 101, and 99 and 2 is 101, 98 and 3 is 101 too, and when you reach and 50, you have 101 fifty times. That is 5050.”

After this, the teacher gave the class exercises to do, he gave this boy exercises. The boy’s name was Karl F. Gauss. When he up, he became a great scientist.

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