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总分:100分 考试时间:100分钟 制卷人:王小鹏

第一部分 选择题部分(60分)

一、听力 (15分)


1. A. B.

2. A. B.

3. A. B.

4. A. B.

5. A. B.

C. C. C. C. C. 第1页(共10页)


6. When is the trip going to start?

A. At 8:10.

B. At 7:50.

C. At 8:30.

7. Why do the students go to the zoo?

A. Because they like playing games in the zoo.

B. Because they want to study and help the animals.

C. Because there aren’t any rare animals in the museum.

8. What can they do to help the animals?

A. They can do a bird count.

B. They can feed the animals.

C. they can donate some money.

9. Does Daniel like to study in the zoo?

A. Yes, he thinks he can learn a lot.

B. No, he likes playing games better.

C. No, but he doesn’t like the park either.

10. What does Millie think of studying animals?

A. She thinks it helpful if she studies animals in the zoo.

B. She thinks playing games in the park is better than studying animals.

C. She thinks it boring to study animals.


11.Where does the old woman live?

A、She lives with Jack in a tall building on Beijing Road.

B、She lives alone in a tall building on Beijing Road.

C、She lives in a house in a middle school.

12.Which floor does she live on?

A、The twelfth floor. B、The tenth floor. C、The second floor.

13.Who has a cat?

A、Jack. B、Kitty. C、Mary.

14.When did the robbery(抢劫)take place?

A、Last Thursday evening. B、Yesterday evening. C、Last Tuesday evening.

15.What happened to the robber(劫匪)at last?

A、He was caught by the police. B、He was caught by Jack.

C、He was caught by the neighbours.


16. If I ____ free next Sunday, I ____ to the farm with you.

A. will be; will go B. am; will go C. am; go D. will be; go

17. ____ else may know it because he always keeps the secret for me.


A. Someone B. No one C. Everyone D. All

18. People shouldn’t keep ____ animals but should do something____ them.

A. protecting, to kill B. killing, protect

C. to kill, to protect D. killing, to protect

19. ____ workers in the factory ____ over two thousand.

A. The number of, is B. The number of, are

C. A number of, is D. A number of, are

20. The teacher is coming. Please stop _____ and keep ____.

A. talking, quiet B. talking, quite C. to talk, quiet D. to talk, quite

21. ____ weather it is!

A. What a fine B. What fine C. How fine D. How a fine

22、This piano is too big. Can you made_______ for it?

A. a space B. some spaces C. some more rooms D. some space

23.The earthquake killed________ people.

A. over nine hundred B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. A and C

24.I think skating is________ diving.

A.as danger as B. more dangerous than

C.more dangerous as D. danger than

25.He tries to spend as much time as he can ____ Chinese well.

A. to study B. studies C. studying D. study

26.I remembered_________ him somewhere, but I forgot his name.

A. to meet B. met C. would meet D. meeting

27.Which of the following words is not correct?

A. unpopular B. uncorrect

C. disagree D. impolite

28.Excuse me, is there _____________ in today’s newspaper?

A. something new B. new anything

C. anything new D. new something

29.If you visit _____, you’ll see the Opera House.

A. Paris B. Sydney C. Washington D. Tokyo

30.Canada is bigger than China, but it has______ people than China.

A. less B. the least C. fewer D. the fewest


Today we can see that many people are cutting down the trees in the forests. A lot of 31 land has become deserts(沙漠). If we 32 newspapers, we’ll learn that the forests on the earth are getting smaller 33 . We are cutting down large numbers of trees 34 we need wood and farmland. Some 35 say that there will not be any great forests 36 20 or 30 years. What will happen 37 the forests disappear? A lot of plants will die and the


animals will 38 their home. In many places the new farmland will soon look 39 the old deserts. Crops will not grow there. There won’t be enough 40, and the weather will get hot and dry. If the climate(气候) of the earth changes, life will be 41 for everyone. Our living environment will become 42 . More and more rich farmland will disappear. We will suffer(遭受) a lot from 43 droughts and floods.

It’s our duty 44 the forests well. Everyone should try his best to make a contribution(贡献) to taking 45 of the forests. Stop cutting down the trees and make the world greener.

( )31、A、low B、rich C、lonely D、high ( )32、A、look B、see C、read D、watch ( )33、A、on time B、all the time C、in time D、no time ( )34、A、or B、so C、because D、but

( )35、A、women B、children C、students D、scientists ( )36、A、in B、at C、on D、with ( )37、A、and B、that C、but D、if

( )38、A、find B、build C、lose D、decorate ( )39、A、like B、up C、at D、out

( )40、A、snow B、sunshine C、wind D、rain

( )41、A、easy B、hard C、happy D、interesting ( )42、A、better and better B、worse and worse

C、bigger and biggeer D、more and more

( )43、A、all B、either C、none D、both ( )44、A、to do B、do C、to protect D、protect ( )45、A、care B、careful C、careless D、cares



One morning Mrs. Petty said to her husband, “Jack, there’s a meeting of

our Ladies Club at Mrs. Young’s house at lunchtime today, and I want to go there. I’ll leave you some food for your lunch. Is that all right? ”“Oh, yes.” her husband answered, “That’s quite all right. What are you going to leave for my lunch?”“This tin of fish.” Mrs. Petty said, “And there are some eggs and vegetables and some bread here, too.” “Good.” said Mr. Petty. Then Mrs. Petty went to her meetings. All the ladies had lunch at Mrs. Young’s house and at 3 o’clock Mrs. Petty came home. “Was your fish nice, Jack?” She asked. “Yes, but my feet are hurting(受伤),” he answered.“Why are they hurting?” Mrs. Petty asked. “Well, on the tin was written ---OPEN THE TIN AND STAND IN HOT WATER FOR FIVE MINUTES.”

( )46、Mrs Petty wanted to ________.

A、visit her old friends B、go to Mrs. Young’s house

C、have a dinner in the restaurant D、have lunch by herself

( )47、Mr Petty had to ________ .

A、buy some food himself B、cook dinner for Mrs. Petty


C、have lunch at a restaurant D、have lunch by himself at home

( )48、Mrs Petty had her lunch _________ .

A、at home B、with her husband

C、in Mrs. Young’s house D、in Jack’s house

( )49、Mr Petty’s feet were hurting because ___________.

A、the tin of fish hurt his feet

B、he fell down and hurt his feet

C、he himself stood in hot water for 5 minutes

D、his wife didn’t tell him how to open the tin

( )50、In the last sentence, “STAND” means _________.

A、pull B、push C、send D、put


Computers are useful machines. They can help people a lot in their everyday life. For example, they can help people save much time, and they can help people work out many problems they can’t do easily. Our country asks everyone to learn to use computers except the old people.

Today more and more families own computers. Parents buy computers for their children.They hope computers can help them improve(提高) their studies in school. Yet many of the children use computers to play games, to watch video or to sing Karaoke, instead of studying. So many teachers and parents complain that computers can not help children to study but make them fall behind. So computers are locked by parents in the boxes.

In some other countries, even some scientists hate computers. They say computers let millions of people lost their jobs or bring them a lot of trouble.Will computers really bring trouble to people or can they bring people happiness? It will be decided by people themselves. 51.Why do we say the computer is a useful machine? Because .

A.our country asks us to learn it B.it can help us a lot

C.we can use it to play games D.it can help us to find jobs

52. What do many teachers and parents complain about?

A.All their students and children use computers to play games.

B.Computers let them lost their jobs.

C.Computers make the students and children fall behind.

D.Computers bring people a lot of trouble.

53. In this passage we know computers

A.also bring us trouble B.bring us happiness only

C.are hated by people D.are bad for people’s health

54. Can computers really help children to study?

A. Yes, they can. B. It’s hard to say C. No, they can’t. D. Of course not.


55.How do you understand the last sentence of this passage? I think it means .

A.computers are used by people B.people can live well without computers

C.one must decide how to use computers D.computers are strange machines


Australia has a lot of lovely animals. You cannot find them anywhere else in the world. The most famous ones are kangaroos and koalas(树袋熊).

The kangaroo is the symbol of Australia. They have large eyes and ears. They don’t walk, they jump. They use their strong back legs. They can jump at up to 74 kilometres per hour. They can go over nine metres in one jump!

Kangaroo mothers have pouches(育儿袋) to carry their babies. The babies stay inside to get milk and keep warm.

Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia. They are on TV, in books and in the shops. The government even wants to put them on passports(护照).

But do you know that millions of kangaroos are killed every year? There are too many of them.

There are about 20 to 25 million kangaroos in Australia. That’s more than the number of people in the country!

Some kangaroos go hungry because there is not enough food to eat. They break into farms for food. Farmers are very angry with them.

The koala is another famous Australian animal. They look like bears, and have small eyes and big noses. They eat leaves from eucalyptus(桉树), where they spend most of their time.

Koalas have a special smell. They use it to mark their home—“This is my place, you can’t come in!”

Like kangaroos, a koala baby lives in its mother’s pouch.

But koalas have fewer places to live in. There are about 100,000 koalas in Australia. There is a law to keep them safe.

56. Kangaroos and koalas are the most famous animals in Australia because _______.

A. there are not many of them

B. they can’t live in other countries

C. we can’t see them in any other country except Australia

D. they are lovely animals

57. Which of the following is WRONG about kangaroos?

A. They can run at up to seventy-eight kilometres per hour.

B. They have large eyes and ears.

C. Kangaroo mothers have pouches to carry their babies.

D. There are many of them in Australia.

58. Why does the Australian government kill some kangaroos each year?

A. They can make more money.

B. Kangaroos break into farms for food.

C. Kangaroos do not have enough food to eat.

D. There are more kangaroos than people.

59. What do koalas use to mark their home?

A Their footprint. B. Their sound.

C. Their fur. D. Their smell.

60. What is the similarity(相同之处)between a kangaroo and a koala?

A. There are too many of them in Australia.

B. They keep their babies in the mother’s pouch.

C. They have a special smell. D. They can jump very high.


第二部分 非选择题(40分)



61. Every year a lot of t_____________ come to visit the Palace Museum to see those

things used in the past.

62. We are ___________(准备) for the next lesson now. Our teacher often tells us

to preview what we are going to learn.

63. Our school library can ____________(提供) many different kinds of books for

both teachers and students.

64. The ____________ will drop to -6℃.

65. Our government will try to do something to give enough food and _________ to the poor people. ( a place to live or stay)


66、It snowed very___________(heavy).

67. He always tells lies to me. I think he is a _____________ boy. (honest)

68.All the drivers have to drive slowly because of the ________ (fog) weather. 69.They are the ___ _(win) of the game.

70.__________,he dropped from the tree.(luck)


71.We won’t go to the park if it ____________ (rain) tomorrow.

72.Yesterday a young boy ________ (fall) from a tree and hurt his legs. 73.Please ____________(not bring) me anything.

74.There _____________ (be )a film this evening, isn’t there?

75.How hard it__________ (snow)!Let’s stay here till it stops.


Do you live in a big city? Do you like the traffic in your city?

There are too m___76___ accidents(事故) in big cities. Accidents often h__77__ when people are not careful, especially when they want to c__78__ the road. Why does it happen sometimes? Let me tell you.

When it rains, people are in a hurry b 79 they don’t want to get w__80__. So they often go across the road q__81__. Often they can’t see c__82_ because they hold umbrellas(伞) in front of them. Then accidents may happen at that time. Everyone knows that cars take longer time to s 83 when it’s raining. So we must be more c__84__ if we want to be safe. Remember everyone has only one l__85__ and we must protect ourselves well.

七.任务型阅读。(5分) Jack and his brother lived in a small village. They were very poor. To help his family, Jack often collected wood from the forest. he also cut down small trees. One morning, a bird flew down from the tree and asked him not to cut down the tree.


The bird said that its home was in the tree.

Jack left the tree alone. The bird was happy and it asked Jack to bring an empty bag the next morning. Early the next day he went to the tree and waited for the bird.

The bird soon came and asked Jack to follow him. They went to a mountain. Jack saw gold all over the ground. He picked up pieces of gold and put them into his bag. The bird told Jack that he must leave the mountain before the sun came up. Jack quickly filled (装满) his bag and left the mountain to go home.

He now had a lot of money for himself and his brother. Jack told his best friend about the tree, the bird and the gold. His friend wanted some gold, too. He went to the same tree and pretended (假装) he was going to cut it down.

The bird asked him not to do so. The next morning Jack’s friend followed the bird to the mountain of gold, when the sun was going to appear in the east, the bird told him to leave. The boy didn’t want to leave. The sun came up and he was changed into a bird.

86. Where did Jack and his brother live?

87. 将文中画线部分翻译成中文:

88. Who told Jack not to cut down the tree?

89. What did Jack tell his best friend?

90. Why did Jack’s friend change into a bird at last?






总分:100分 考试时间: 100分钟

一.听力(15分) 二.单项选择(15分) 三.完型填空(15分) 四.阅读理解(15分) 五.词汇(15分)




86. _______________________________________________________________

87. _______________________________________________________________

88. _______________________________________________________________

89. _______________________________________________________________

90. ________________________________________________________________











1. M: What is your brother like?

W: He has a square face with two small eyes. He looks smart.

2. M: Millie, what do you think is the most dangerous outdoor activity?

W: I think diving is.

3. M: What’s your father?

W: He’s a painter.

4. M: Which pencil-box is Amy’s, Millie?

W: Let me see. Amy has the most pencils .

5. M: Why is Zhalong a special place?

W: Because it is an ideal Nature Reserve for the red-crowned cranes.


M: Hi, Millie. I hope I’m not late.

W: No, you aren’t. It’s only 8:10. Our trip starts twenty minutes later.

M: Are we going to the museum today?

W: No, we’ll go to the zoo.

M: It’s boring. Why do we have to go there?

W: We need to study the animals. There are many rare animals in the zoo, and we can do

something to help them.

M: How can we help them?

W: We can tell people to understand the importance of protecting animals, and donate some


M: But, Millie, you know ,boys like me don’t like to do these in the zoo. I really want to play

games in the park

W: Come on, Daniel. Studying animals is really interesting and it will help a lot.


Jack is a middle school student. He lives on the twelfth floor in a tall building on Beijing Road. Aunt Mary also lives in the building. She lives two floors below Jack. She is old and she lives alone. She has a very lovely cat named Kitty. Jack often goes to Mary’s flat to do something for her. He loves the cat very much. And the cat loves him, too.

Last Thursday evening, Jack finished his homework and went to bed. Suddenly he heard someone knocking at the door. He opened the door. He was surprised to find a cat at the door. It was the cat Kitty. Jack thought there was something wrong with Mary. He telephoned her, but


no one answered it. Jack ran out with the cat and rushed down the stairs to Mary’s flat. Just before he got to the door, he found a man with a bag running out of Mary’s house. Jim shouted, “Catch the robber! Catch the robber!” Some neighbours woke up and came out. Someone called “110 ”, and the police caught the robber at last.


1-5, A C A A B 6-10 , C B C B A

11-15, A B C A A 16-20, B B D A A

21-25, B D D B C 26-30, D B C B C

31-35, B C B C D 36-40, A D C A D

41-45, B B D C A 46-50, B D C C D

51-55, B C A B C 56-60, B A D D B

61-65 tourists, preparing, provide, temperature,cover 66-70 heavily, dishonest, foggy, winners, Unluckily

71-75 rains, fell, don’t bring, is going to be, is snowing 76-80 many, happen, cross, because, wet

81-85 quickly, clearly, stop, careful,life

86.In a small village.


88. A bird.


89.About the tree, the bird and the gold.

90.Because the sun came up.



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