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26.-When will we meet again?

-It won't be long.I will be back ________ three days.

A.in B.after

C.for D.since

27.-________ my schoolbag?

-Yes, I saw it on your desk a minute ago.

A.Do you see B.Had you seen

C.Would you see D.Have you seen

28.-Is Mrs.Smith in?

-I'm afraid she isn't.Would you like to ________ a message?

A.take B.send

C.keep D.leave

29.―I'm too nervous to give a talk before so many people.

―________, Maria.You can do it.

A.Take care B.Of course

C.Come on D.Help yourself

30.-Shall we go to the Science Museum tomorrow morning? -________.

A.It's a pleasure B.Take it easy

C.Sounds great D.Have fun

31.-This dress is too ________.I'm afraid I can't afford it. -Then how about this one?

A.personal B.special

C.popular D.expensive

32.-Some more coffee?

-No, thanks.I _______ be off for my work.

A.can B.may

C.must D.will

33.-Oh!My watch is ________.

-Don't worry.Let's have a look around.

A.lost B.broken

C.missed D.stopped

34.-Which would you like, apple juice or orange?

-________ is OK.I really don't mind.

A.Both B.Either

C.None D.Neither

35.-Yao Ming is getting a lot better than expected.

-But his doctor ________ he shouldn't be in a hurry to return to training.

A.expects B.hopes

C.wonders D.warns

36.-I hear you have to get home before nine every night.

-Right.It's one of the ________ in my family.

A.plans B.ideas

C.rules D.excuses

37.-Mary, here's a dictionary.I hope it will help you.

-Thanks a lot.It's ________ what I need.

A.just B.nearly

C.even D.almost

38.-How long could I ________ your bike?

-I'm afraid you'll have to return it this afternoon.

A.keep B.borrow

C.take D.drive

39.Something smells ________, you'd better clean your house often.

A.good B.well

C.terrible D.badly

40.-Sandy, can you tell me ________?

-Sorry, I've no idea.

A.how many guests have been here

B.when is the party

C.why did they come

D.where will they leave



On Christmas Eve the Woods, an English couple, received a very unusual telephone call.Although it(41)only twenty seconds, it was from their fifteen-year-old daughter who disappeared six months before.

“I'm phoning to(42)you a happy Christmas,”she said.“I love you.”

The Woods were so happy that they started a(43)telephone service called“Alive and Well”.

The service(44)parents to keep in touch with children who have run away from home.

Young people can phone“Alive and Well”and leave a(45)for their parents.The(46)are answered by answering machines.(47)no one spoke to the child or make them(48)home.Parents of runaway children who are under eighteen can ask the(49)to bring their children home.So children do not want to tell their parents(50)they are.Through“Alive and Well”they can telephone their parents without(51)about letting their parents know their address.

The Woods and their helpers(52)the telephone messages which are recorded by the tape and get in touch with the(53).Many of the 30,000 British children who have left home are(54)in London.For only two pence they can go into a telephone box and(55)their parents.They can dial 756-7556 and stop their parents' worry.Is he dead of alive?

41.A.started B.ended C.sounded D.lasted

42.A.wish B.tell C.expect D.make

43.A.strange B.terrible C.special D.popular

44.A.stops B.imagines C.helps D.hopes

45.A.letter B.message C.number D.surprise

46.A.parents B.machines C.helps D.telephones

47.A.So B.But C.If D.Because

48.A.miss B.leave C.return D.stay

49.A.friends B.police C.grandparents D.teachers

50.A.who B.how C.what D.where

51.A.worrying B.thinking C.caring D.complaining

52.A.give away B.write down C.keep out D.call up

53.A.church B.school C.police station D.address

54.A.always B.also C.never D.probably

55.A.miss B.watch C.call D.kiss




When I was at University I studied very hard.But a lot of my friends did very little work.Some did just enough to pass exams.Others didn't do quite enough.Fred Baines was one of them.He spent more time drinking in the Students' Union than working in the library.

Once at the end of the term, we had to take an important test in chemistry.The test had a hundred in my room the night before the test, Fred was watching TV.Fred usually worried a lot the night before a test.But on that night he looked perfectly calm.Then he told me of his plan.“It's very simple.There are a hundred questions and I have to get fifty correct to pass the test.I'll take a coin into the examination room.I haven't studied a chemistry book for months, so I'll just toss the coin.That way, I'm sure I'll get half the questions right.”

The next day, Fred came happily into the exam room.As he sat tossing a coin for half an hour he marked down his answers.Then he left, half an hour before the rest of us.

The next day, he saw the chemistry professor in the corridor.“Oh, good,”he said,“Have you got the result of the test?”The professor looked at him and smiled,“Ah, it's you, Baines.Just a minute.”Then he reached into his pocket and took out a coin.He threw it into the air, caught it in his hand and looked at it.

“I'm terribly sorry, Banines,”he said,“You failed!”

56.This story mainly wants to tell us ________.

A.chemistry is really hard to learn

B.there were too many questions for students to prepare for

C.good exam results needs hard study

D.tossing a coin can not always decide the result

57.Fred Baines was one of those who ________.

A.did just enough to pass the exam

B.didn't work hard enough for their studies

C.had too much other work for the Students' Union

D.were quite good at passing exams

58.Fred came happily into the exam room because ________.

A.he had got ready for the exam

B.he knew the answers already

C.the other students would be behind him

D.he had his way to finish the exam

59.The chemistry exam in fact ________.

A.was not very hard

B.took the other students an hour to finish

C.had more than one hundred questions

D.needed to be done by tossing a coin

60.The professor tossed the coin to tell Baines that ________.

A.he was satisfied with his way for the exam

B.he wanted to make friends with him

C.his way for the exam would never work

D.the exam result depended on the coin


Today is Tuesday morning.Look at Kate’s diary.

61.Kate writes her diary most probably ________.

A.every day

B.every week

C.on Tuesday morning

D.on Monday night

62.From the reading we know that on Monday Kate ________.

A.didn't visit her mother

B.will call her next week

C.went to buy the tickets for music concert

D.will do shopping

63.The electricity bill has to be paid ________.

A.on Monday

B.before Tuesday

C.next week

D.on Thursday

64.On Friday Kate will ________.

A.meet Alfred in the park

B.pay electricity bill

C.not go to the park

D.visit her mother

65.On Wednesday Kate will ________.

A.leave for the USA

B.stay with her mother

C.do some shopping

D.send a card to her friend


One day, Betty saw an advertisement in a magazine.It offered a packet of 100 mixed stamps for $10.Betty wanted to start a stamp collection so she ordered the packet.One hundred mixed stamps seemed a good way to begin a collection.She sent a packet order to the stamp company, and waited excitedly for the stamps to arrive. Betty checked the mail every day for four weeks but the stamps didn't arrive.So Betty decided to write to the company.

“Dear Sir/Madam,”she wrote,“A month ago, I sent you a postal order for $10 as payment for 100 mixed stamps.They haven't arrived.Please send them by return of mail.”

Another month passed.The stamps still didn't arrive and she didn't receive any reply to her letter.She asked her father for advice.Mr.Wilson said,“You must write a stronger letter.Make the stamp company worry that you will report them to the city government.”

“Dear Sir/Madam,”Betty wrote in her second letter,“I'm writing to complain about your poor service.Two months ago, I sent you a postal order for $10 as payment for 100 mixed stamps.I did not receive the stamps.A month ago, I wrote to letter.If I do not receive the stamps within seven days, I shall report this matter to the city government.”

Two days later Betty received the stamps in the mail.

66.From the reading we learn that ________.

A.Betty's father is a city official

B.Betty wanted to collect stamps

C.the advertisement was not true

D.the stamp company had no mixed stamps at all

67.The underlined word‘

inform’in the reading means ________.

A.warn B.tell

C.introduce D.trouble

68.Betty wrote the second letter because ________.

A.her father told her to do so

B.she wanted her $10 back

C.the company didn't receive her first letter

D.she could get more than one hundred stamps 69.How long did it take Betty to get her stamps?

A.Four weeks. B.Four months.

C.Less than a month. D.More than two months.

70.We can infer that ________.

A.the company wanted to get more money from Betty

B.the company didn't want to get into trouble

C.the company had no people to do the job

D.Betty wrote to the city government

第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 共35分)



London has many beautiful parks and gardens, but Kew Gardens is the most

beautiful(71).It's only twenty minutes(72)from the middle of London and it's open every day.All through the year, you can see(73)flowers, because Kew gets its plants-10,000 different ones from many countries, some plants like weather and they live in a greenhouse.The biggest greenhouse is the Palm House.It's near 150 years old.The idea of the Palm House is to(74)the sun light inside.You can climb stairs up to twenty meters high.It's exciting to(75)from palm trees, oranges, bananas and many other fruits.


先阅读短文,在其后空白处写出各单词的正确形式,单词的第一个字母已给出。 What is library for?Most libraries have books and other things to read.Many of ..Very few people would .

One library in New York City t(79) into a house for 250 people for several days.There were many people near the library.They moved into their library for a Why did the people move into the library? The people moved into the library because the city wanted to close it to s(82)

money.These 250 New Yorkers loved their library..So they moved in.it..



时间:周六上午9点开始 地点:学校会议室。 活动内容:

1.每人带一本自己最喜爱的书,提供给同学选读。 2.每位同学需写出自己的书籍的简介。 3.活动中同学之间可交流读书的感受。 4.如下雪,活动改期。

5.谈一两点对读书活动的看法。 注意:

1.要求包括内容要点,语句通顺、意思连贯; 2.词数60-80。





1.B 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.B 11.B

12.A 13.B 14.C 15.C 16.A 17.B 18.A 19.A 20.B 21.A

22.C 23.A 24.B 25.B


26.A 27.D 28.D 29.C 30.C 31.D 32.C 33.A 34.B 35.D

36.C 37.A 38.A 39.C 40.A


41.D 42.A 43.C 44.C 45.B 46.D 47.A 48.C 49.B 50.D

51.A 52.B 53.D 54.D 55.C


56.C 57.B 58.D 59.B 60.C 61.B 62.A 63.D 64.C 65.B

66.B 67.B 68.A 69.D 70.B


71.of all 72.by bus 73.lots of 74.let in 75.look down


76.listen 77.computers 78.place 79.turned 80.reason 81.floor 82.save

83.lose 84.closed 85.agreed



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