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100、234、9680、60,947 、5,334,679、 3,573、4,437,894 248,843,687,345


(5) A: What was the population of New Zealand in 1989? B: It’s about 3,366,000.

(6) A: How many pupils are there in your class, Joan?

B: There are thirty- eight.

(8) A: When and where were the first Winter Olympics held? B: They were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

(12) What’s 2,356,893 and 9,784,729?

(14) When it is 1:00a.m in Britain. It is 8:00a.m in China. What time will it be in China when it is 11:00a.m in Britain?

(15) In Ken’s class there are twenty-one boys and twenty-three girls. How many classmates of ken are boys?


(1) A: Excuse me. Do you have any dogs, Miss Wu? B: Yes, I have a black dog.

(2) A: Which house is newer, the big house or the small house?

B: The small house is newer than the big house.

(3) A: How many windows are there in your classroom, Li Bin?

B: There are six big windows in my classroom.

(4) A: How many brothers and sisters do you have, Sue?

B: I have two brothers and a sister.

(5) A: How fast can a cheetah run?

B: It can run 100 kilometers per hour.

(6) A: Look! Bob. Those toys on the table are for you.

B: Oh. There is a toy car, a toy bear, a toy dog, a toy monkey, and a toy plane on the table. Thank you, dad.

(7) A: How big is Canada do you know?

B: It’s 9,976,139 square kilometers.

(8) In 2006, you were 13 years old. How old will you be in 2055?

(9) Elephants live in Asia and Africa. Which are bigger, the elephants in Asia or the ones in Africa?

(10). A: Can I help you, madam?

B: Yes. How much are the tomatoes?

A: 3 dollars a kilo.

B: What about the potatoes.

A: 2 dollars a kilo.

B: I like 2 kilos of tomatoes and 5 kilos of potatoes.

A: All right.

Question: How much should the lady pay of the tomatoes and the potatoes.

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