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When someone dies, we are very sad. We miss that person and think about him/her. In some countries there are special festivals for all the dead (死的) people. Some of these festivals are to remember people’s ancestors. Ancestors were relatives who lived a long time ago and are now dead. For example, your grandfather’s grandfather is your ancestor.

Festival for the dead can be a lot of fun. Different countries do different things to remember the dead. Some people give their ancestors food and drink. Some people have parties. Every spring there is an important festival for Chinese people. We call it Qingming.

The Day of the Dead is a very special festival in Mexico. It is actually three days, from 31st, October to 2nd, November. On the Day of the Dead, Mexicans think that the ghosts (鬼) of dead people come back to the world. There are parties to welcome the ghosts in all towns and cities of Mexico. The Day of the Dead is not a sad day. People eat and drink and have fun.

Halloween in western countries is another important festival for ghosts. It is on the night of 31st, October. Today people wear special clothes at Halloween. They tell ghost stories and play games. Children go from door to door to say trick or treat and ask for sweets and cakes. It is a lot of fun too.

61) What’s the Chinese word for ancestor?

A. 前辈。 B. 祖先。 C. 先烈。 D. 祖父(母)的祖父(母)

62) Are the activities in the festivals for ancestors in the world the same?

A. Yes, they are all the same.

B. Only what the Mexicans do are different.

C. Only the activities at Halloween are different.

D. No, they aren’t.

63) What is true about the Day of the Dead Festival?

A. It comes from Europe.

B. There are many ghosts in the streets.

C. People in Mexico celebrate it.

D. It is a new festival.

64) What do people do in the three days of the special festival?

A. They have meals for the ghosts.

B. They burn paper clothes and houses for the ghosts.

C. They often have parties to welcome ghosts.

D. They go from door to door to ask for sweets and cakes.

65) What is true about Halloween?

A. Halloween is on the day time of October 31st.

B. People can have a lot fun on Halloween.

C. Ghosts go from door to door to ask for sweets and cakes at Halloween.

D. Americans and Englishmen don’t celebrate Halloween.

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