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( that it’ll get worse later

A. it reports B. it’s reported C. it said D. it supposed

( A. tallest B. shortest C. second tallest D. second shortest

( A. has opened B. has been opened C. has opened D. has been open

( ’s developed more quickly nowadays.

A. so has she B. so she has C. so did she D. so she did

( )5. Did the actor live alone in his house? Yes , He has a wife and two children . But A. none B. all C. both D. No one

( A. used to work B. used to working

C. was used to working D. was used to work

( e sure.

A. at , / B. in, of C. in , about D. at , of

( )8. What do you think of this movie after you saw it ?


A. which , already B. that, never C. which , never D. that ,ever

( )9. You’d better A. not read , How B. not to read , what a

C. not read, What D. not read ,What a


A. clean up B. open up C. turn up D. take up

( )11. His mother kept telling him that he should work harder didn’t help

A. she B. he C. it D. which


A. taken out B. blown out C. put out D. cut out

( has Liu Xiang taken part in world competition?

I've no idea .Let's find it out on the internet.

A. How many times B. How long C. How soon D. How much

( days becouse my right foot hurt


A. usually B. always C. never D. seldom

( )15.What happened to you this morning ?

when I was late again

A. meaning B. idea C. excuse D. answer

( China ? For one year

A. have ,come to B. have ,been to C. have ,been in D. have, gone to

( A. living , alive B. living ,living C. alive ,living D. alive alive

( )18. Why not join us in the game Kitty?

.But I have to do my home work first.

A. Let's go B. I'd like to C. Yes, please D. It's a pleasure


A. told B. was told C. called D. was called

( A. Look out B. What's the matter C. I'm OK D. Follow me

( A. comes in B. comes up C. comes out D. comes about

( A.have B.are offered C.is offered D.has offered

( car as a birthday gift .

A. red new sports B.new red sports

C. red new sport D. new red sport

( )24. What a hot day ! Have you had a drink ?

after class.

A.it B.another C.that D.one

( spending our vacation in a hotel why not try hiking in the country?

A. Instead of B.Because of C. Thanks to D. As for


A.hasn't lived B.didn't live C.doesn't live D.hadn't lived

( A. worse B.better C.the worst D.the best

( to meet our teacher at ten o'clock

A. Oh,please do B.Don't be afraid C.Yes it's too late D.Must you ?It's still early


A. I ,in B.me ,in C.mine ,with D.me ,with

( )30. It's hot here . Would you mind opening the window?

I feel a little hot , too.


A. Yes I do B. No,I don't C. No, I do . D. Yes, I don't

( )31. What about playing football this afternoon Sam?

football It's too hot outside

A.stay , playing B.stay , play C.to stay, to play D.to stay, playing

( )32. Would you mind my Do it as you like . Please

A. to play the piano , good idea B.playing the piano , of course not.

C. playing the piano , of course D.playing the piano , All right

( docr heavily behind her

A.what ,what B. what ,that C.that ,that D.that ,what

( the twins will give a concert in shanghai ? I'm afraid not

A.when B.that C.whether D.how

( students

A.where to B.when to C.that D.which to

( A. enjoyable ,environment B.enjoy, environment

C. enjoyable ,environmental D.enjoyable ,environmentally.

( free

A. would help, would be B.helped , was

C. would help, was D. helped, would be

( )38. What do you think of the songs?

of them sounds beautiful.

A.not all B.no one C.not everyone D.not every one

( )39. I didn't pass the English exam again.

A.you , the B.yourself, the C.yourself, a D.me , a

( A.what's happening with her B.what's wrong with her

C. What the matter is with her D.what her trouble is

( A. being caught stealing B. having caught stealing

C.caught stealing D.be caught stealing

( )42.What do you think of Mr Read’s speech?

’t anything important.

A. spoke , speak B. said , say C. spoke , say D. said speak

( )43. Like many others who travel around , Louis admitted that the worst thing is . she would like


A. as long as B. as far as C. as well as D. as much as

( )44. Sorry , I can’about the news

A. a little B. little C. few D. a few

( of a bright girl .

A. was referring , spoke B. refers , has broken

C. referred , was speaking D. was refering , was speaking

( is not whether you fail or not ,but whether you try or not .

A. minds B. matters C. cares D. considers

( to enjoy the beautiful scenery of our country .

A. other B. others C. the thers D. another


A. has caught B. had caught C.has had D. had had .

( on the shelf

A. a number of , is B. anumber of , are C. plenty of , is D. plenty of ,are

( of my parents enjoys Jay’s popular songs.

A. Both B. All C. Every D. Neither

( )51. He won’t go to bed until his homework

A. will finish B. will be finished C. is finished D. is finishing

( A. to B. as C. for D. from

( )53. Did you see Mr Smith when you were in France?

to China.

A. had arrived in , had gone B. arrived to , went

C. had got to , had gone D. got to , had gone

( A. cry , to B. to cry , to C. cry , with D. to cry , with

( into one of the largest towns in our country.

A. taken B. made C. built D. developed

( A. me some food B. me for some food

C. some food to me D. some food for me

( )57. It’ A. so B. such C. quite D. rather

( )58. A collection of photographs the museum were all taken twenty years ago.

A. on the display B. is on the display


C. on display D. is on display

( )59. A. who , belong to B. whose , belong to

C. who , be D. whose , belongs to

( A. hit , on his B. hit , in the C. hitted , on his D. hitted ,in the

( ’ll tell you everything as soon as I get there.

A. ring B. present C. hand D. ride

( the map on the blackboard?

We won’t need it .

A. put away B. put off C. put on D. put up

( A. stopped to have B. stopped having C. stop having D. stop to have

( )64. We often see the sign ―in reading rooms.


( ’m free this weekend

A. Saturday B. Sunday C. Neither D. Either

( half an hour

A. at B. before C. in D. for

( )67. I couldn’t A. by the way B. on the way C. out of the way D. in the way

( )68. Are you going to the party ? No, because I A. have asked B. haren’t asked

C. have been asked D. haven’t been asked.

( )69. Excause me , May I use your pencil sharpener , please?


A. Watch out B. Well done C. Go ahead D. Follow me

( )70. Dad , it’s such a long way from our home to the park! You mean it’s to take a taxi.

A. popular B. necessary C. possible D. important

( )71. The teacher asked the boy many questions but he only of them

A. some B. lots C. each D. few.

( )72. You can’t on Children’s Day.

A. how theywere excited B. how excited they were


C. how excited were they D. they were how excited

( )73. it’s difficult for the village children to cross the river for school I think a

A. wa built ,on B. is being built , in

C. has been built , at D. should be built over

( )74. I’m afraid I can’t get there before 9 o’clock . That’s OK, there’

A. no way B. No wonder C. no doubt D. No hurry

( )75.Look : Here comes our school bus . No hurry.

Don’it has stopped.

A. until B. after C. since D. when

( )76. Could you tell me what time the train leaves Hefei for Beijing? I’m afraid

A. look for it B. look at it C. look it up D. look it over

( smooth and soft.

A. felt B. feels C. is felt D. is feeling


A. Yes, I do B. No problem C. Half past twelve D. Certainly I have

( )79. Let’s plan a surprise for our class

What’ A. get on B.keep on C. have on D.put on

( )80. There are so many kinds of computers in the shop . I really don’t know to choose.

A. what B. which C. how D. where

( )81. the students in our class are going to shanghai to see the Expo this vacation

A. third –fifths B. three—fifths C. three-fives D. three-fifth

( A. well , better B. good , well C. well , worse D. good worse

( )83. Do you know David Beckham ? Of course He is a great soccer star.

A. for B. of C. about D. as

( )84. Don’any of the others in your class.

A. as clever a student as B. as a clever students as

C. so clever a students as D. so a clever student like

( mistakes you will make . We know Miss Gao.

A. The more , the more B. The fewer , the more


C. The more , the fewer D. The less , the less

( )86. We were all looking for ward than HK $6500 for the OX fam .

A. raise B. raising C. be raised D. being raised

( A. can be taken B. carry be taken C. must be taken D. might be taken

( )88. I hear Huang Gang made an English speech at the graduation ceremony yesterday A. so did he ,so I did B . so he did , so did I

C. so he was , so was I D. so was he , so I was

( to my party tomorrow?

A. come , has B. comes , will come

C. will come , has D. will come , will have

( )90. Nobody will become a hero without the help of others.


A. One finger can’t lift a small stone B. Practice makes perfect

C. Early birds catch worms D. Where there is a will, there is a way

( A. two-thousand-word B. two-thousands- word

C. two-thousends-words D. two-thousand –words

( A. do nothing but sleep B. do anything but sleep

C. do nothing but to sleep D. do anything but to sleep


A. A number of , woman B. A number of , woman

C. The number of , women D. The number of , woman

( )94. Good morning , Madam , Can I help you ?

Sure ,I’for cooking vegetables.

A. two cups of tea B. three pieces of bread

C. five kilos of oil D. four glasses of water.

( food and tents.

A. regarded , B. offered , for C. divided , into D. provided , with

( )96. Did you see the hit New Year’s movie if You Are The One 《非诚勿扰》last for ten minutes

A. was begin B. had been on C. had started D. began

( in your home town in recent years?

Oh , many tall modern buildings and super markets have been built.


A. take place B. have taken place C. have been taken place

D. have been taking place


A. news B. message C. instructions D.knowledge

( )99. I’ A. it’s very nice of you B. You’d better hurry

C. Say goodbye to them D. Give my best wishes to them

( )100. it’ A. isn’t it B. is it C. aren’t they D. are they?


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