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1.下课后____________ 2.跑步比赛_______________

3.这所学校的大门__________________ 4.我妈妈的朋友__________________

5.儿童节_________________ 6.make noise ______________

7.fold it in half _______________ 8.my E-mail address _______________

9.kick the football _____________ 10. the girl in the red hat ____________


1.There ________(be) some water in that bottle.

2.There are 5 basketball ________ (play) in every team.

3.-- ________ (be) you at home last night?

--- Yes, I was.

4. _______ (not speak) to your mother like that.

5. At ________ (one), I didn't know him, but now I do.

6. What time ________ you _______ (get) up every day?

7. Let him ________ (have) a drink of orange, please.

8. When everybody _________ (seat), the meeting began.

9. I ______ (not have) any time to do it.

10. This story _______ (happen) near one year ago.


1. books, they, some, are, reading (.)


2. usually, we, have, 12:30, at, lunch (.)



3. tall, is, man, the, young, English, our, teacher (.)


4. go, school, I, my, car, often, to, father's, in (.)


5. they, room, what, in, doing, are, the (?)



( ) 1. The socks in the school is Kate's. _________________ A B C ( ) 2. Is it he bag? _________________ A B C ( ) 3. Who's jackets are these? _________________ A B C

( the to _________________


( five names the paper. _____________



Dear friend,

My name is Alice Green. I am __1__ American girl. I'm thirteen. I have two brothers. One is Jack, __2__ is Tom. We go __3__ school five days a week. We stay at home __4__ Saturdays and Sundays. We are in __5__ same school.

My father is a worker. My mother is a teacher. Mother often __6__ China is great and Chinese food is good. The Chinese people __7__ very friendly.

I like spring. My brothers like __8__. We __9__ like watching TV. What about you? Let us __10__. Please write to me soon.




( ) 1. A a B an C the D /

( ) 2. A another B other C the other D the others

( ) 3. A a B to C the D to the

( ) 4. A in B on C the D /

( ) 5. A a B an C the D /

( ) 6. A say B says C speak D speaks

( ) 7. A am B is C are D be

( ) 8. A play football B playing football

C play the football D playing the football

( ) 9. A each B every C all D any

( ) 10. A do a friend B be a friend C do friends D be friends


The Smiths like to go out for a trip on Sundays. This Sunday they want to go to the West Hill. Jack and Mike, the sons, get up very early in the morning. Jack puts on a shirt and jeans, and Mike put on a T-shirt and jeans. They put bread, meat, eggs and some fruit in a basket and carry it to the car. M rs Smith also takes four tins of Coke with her. The little dog is running after her. It wants to go with them, too. They are all very happy.

( ) 1. On Sundays the Smiths like ________.

A to stay at home B to watch TV

C to go out for a trip D to do shopping

( ) 2. Jack and Mike wear ________.

A jeans and running shoes B coats and trousers

C some meat and bread D some food and books

( ) 3. They take _______ with them.

A some apples and oranges B some bananas and pears

C some meat and bread D some food and books


( ) 4. They can have _______ each.

A two tins of Coke B a tin of Coke

C four tins of Coke D three tins of Coke

( ) 5. They also take ______ with them.

A the little dog B the little eat

C the bird D the horse


根据要求以My Favourite Season (我最喜欢的季节)为题写一篇小作文。 要求:1.条理清楚,意思连贯,字迹清楚。



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