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预备年级考前复习 ( 1)

I. Choose the best answer:

( ) 1. It usually takes me _____ hour to go to school.

A. a B. an C. two D. half a

( ) 2. I usually eat plenty of fruit _____ breakfast.

A. with B. by C. of D. for

( ) 3. I’d like to have some nuts because ______

A. it’s tasty B. they’re tasty C. it tastes nice D. they are taste

( ) 4. You should ______ a lot of water every day.

A. drinking B. to drink C. drink D. to drinking II. Choose the proper word:

1. Eggs are good for my _________ (healthy)

2. Did Miss Chen buy any ________ food in the supermarket? (freeze)

3. We must keep ________ in the library. (quietly)

III. Rewrite the following sentences as required:

1. Let’s walk across the road now. (保持原意)

______ ______ walk across the road now?

2. 对划线部分提问) How ________ _____ you stay with your grandma?

3. Mr. Lin didn’t do any exercise. (保持原意)

Mr. Lin ______ ______ exercise.

1-4 BDBC II. Health, frozen, quiet III. Shall we2. Long did 3. Did no

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