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Fact Finder

In this matching and speaking activity, students identify sentences about facts and inventions in the present and past passive. Procedure Make one copy of the worksheet for each group of three or four students and cut it up into cards as indicated. Make one copy of the worksheet for each group of three or four students and leave it intact. Explain that you are going to give them 20 sentences, but that each sentence is in two parts. Their task is to find 20 facts by finding the two parts of each sentence which go together correctly. Ask the students to work in groups of three or four and give one set of cards to each group. Tell the students to shuffle their cards and then spread them out, face up, on the table. Tell them that they have got ten minutes to find 20 facts. When they have done that, give one intact copy of the worksheet to each group of students so that they can check their answers. Now tell the students to put the cards into two piles, one with the first halves of the sentences written on them and the other with the place, date or person’s name written on them. They should shuffle each pile of cards and then spread them out separately, face down on the table. Now ask the students to take it in turns to turn over one card from each pile. If the two cards go together to make a correct fact, the student reads it out loud, keeps the two cards and plays again. If they do not go together, the student reads it aloud, but turns it into a negative statement. For example: Paper wasn’t invented by a Spanish instrument maker. They then turn the two cards back over, and another student in the group repeats the procedure. The students continue in this way until all the cards have been used up. The student with the most cards at the end of the activity is the winner.

Written by Frank Davis for Teach-This.com ?2012

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